Vastu Tips for Wealth and Happiness: All that you need to know

Vastu Tips for Wealth and Happiness

We need to be aware of the various Vastu tips for wealth and happiness since one of the key elements of well-being is financial prosperity. And what better way to start than at home? Rearranging your home or decorating a new one, according to Vastu, has a lot of benefits, the results of which has been experienced by many. Vastu or Vastu Shastra is an age-old Indian system and method of architecture. It defines the various laws of laying out of and arranging of a place so that it is alignment with the different forces of nature and brings about an all-over positive effect. 

Let’s take a look at some of the Vastu tips for wealth and happiness that might work out well for your home: 

  • Well, when it comes to the north zone of the house, to attract wealth, you can always go with a potted money plant. If you do not want to keep a money plant, then you can instead keep or hang a picture of a forest or lush green fields, since it is a signifier of ushering in better career growth opportunities and as a result, more financial prosperity. 
  • You need to pay attention to the entrance of the house. It should be arranged beautifully and well-kept at all times so that it brings out a feeling of positivity. It acts as a marker of beautiful and prosperous things surrounding you. An un-kept entrance, however, marks the fact that you will be surrounded by trouble and unpleasant things. Hence, taking particular care of the entrance of the house according to Vastu tips for wealth and happiness is of immense necessity. 

Realize the Importance of Directions in Vastu:

  • You need to pay particular attention to the north-east corner of your house. That is the direction of Lord Kuber, who is the God of wealth in the Indian pantheon. It is important to have this corner and part of your house free of any form of clutter to let the positive energy flow in from this direction. If you want you can also place a mirror in the northeast corner, to attract economic prosperity. 
  • We all have safes and lockers in our houses, right? So, according to Vastu tips for wealth, you should make sure that these items, and all valuable items, are kept in the south-west corner of the house. However, take note of the direction of the door of the locker or the safe. Does it open in the south or west corner? Then, it might incur a lot of expense. The doors should be facing the north-east direction. 
  • The focus, as you can see when it comes to Vastu tips for wealth and happiness is always on the north-east corner of the house. To welcome wealth into your household, you might also want to place water objects in the north-east corner. For example, you can keep an aquarium or if you have space, install a small water fountain. This helps with the flow of positive energy which in turn brings wealth. 
  • The fact that water is one of our most treasured wealth is reiterated by the Vastu Shastra. It says that the moment you see that there is water leakage or damage of sorts, you should immediately get it repaired since it might be a sign for wealth leaking away!
  • When you are building a new home, make it a point, the toilet is not in the southwest corner. It might lead to heavy financial loss and even disturbed sleep. 
  • Keep the clocks ticking! Yes, that’s right. A clock in the house which does not work signifies a stagnation in your financial growth and hence according to Vastu tips for wealth and happiness, you need to make sure that all the clocks in your house are up and working. 

The Role of a Vastu Consultant Cannot be Undermined

Now, that you have 8 basic tips that will help you to make your house more Vastu compliant in terms of ushering in monetary wealth, go ahead and start making the required changes with the help of a knowledgeable Vastu Consultant. Each house is unique because of its surroundings and thus a knowledgeable Vastu Consultant will be able to best guide you regarding any remedial measures to be taken. Always remember to keep positive and well-balanced energy at home, which in turn will ensure both financial prosperity and happiness. 

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How can I attract wealth at home?

Vaastu tips to attract wealth to your home:

  • · Keep your place organized
  • · Put plants for prosperity
  • · Save water
  • · Save money
  • · Allow ample amount of sunlight
  • · Don’t keep food in bags
  • · Don’t keep medicines at home
  • · Use signboards
  • · Beautify the entrance

How to attract good luck and wealth as per Vaastu?

Vastu tips for good luck and wealth:

  • · Keep the main doors free of repairs.
  • · Water small aquariums and fountains in the north-east direction
  • · Main safe and lockers to be placed in the south-west direction
  • · Keep the home free of clutter
  • · Place a Kuber Yantra in the east, north & north-east direction of the house.

How to attract Money?

Vaastu tips to attract money

  • Reward yourself
  • Be a minimalist
  • Study your wealth
  • Think different ways of adding value, not just time
  • Share what you have with others
  • Stop worrying
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Having a productive money mindset
  • Be grateful for what you have
  • Stop worrying
  • Visualize money
  • Prioritize self-improvement.

How can I get happiness at home as per Vaastu?

  • · Make your bed
  • · Display sentimental stuff around your home
  • · Set an intent for the day once you wake up
  • · Do favors for your housemates, expect nothing in return
  • · Call at least one family member or friend every day

How can I increase my luck for money?

  • · Incoming fortune: Keep up the optimism, but some delusion is good.
  • · Switch your luck: Start looking at the bigger picture, don’t dwell on the bad luck.
  • · Keep trying new things to maximize opportunities.
  • · Trust your intuition: Especially if it’s under an area of your expertise.

Which ritual is good for attracting wealth?

The answer is Lakshmi Pooja. Goddess Lakshmi is known as a significant form of power & wealth. Doing this pooja brings in wealth, good fortune & happiness in family life.

How can I remove Vaastu dosh at home?

Vaastu Dosh remedies by Vaastu Shastra experts:

  • · Placing a picture on the front wall.
  • · Adding crystal balls.
  • · Putting wind chimes inside the home
  • · Using sea salt to cut negativity
  • · Placing horseshoe at the entrance
  • · Placing a mirror in the right direction
  • · Using Camphor crystals

In which direction should we keep the money?

Place all your cash in the North direction. This is because it’s the direction of Lord Kuber, the God of Wealth.

Where should one keep a broom in the house?

The broom must be kept in the southwest direction only. Also, it should not be left on the roof or terrace of your house as this might lead to a loss of money.

In which direction couples should sleep?

Couples are required to keep their heads towards the southern direction or Southeast / Southwest. It should be ensured that the head isn’t kept towards the north as it can make you stressed and exhausted.

What should not be placed in front of the main door?

You must avoid keeping broken furniture, dustbin near the main door of the house. A clean entrance welcomes positive energy.

How can I bring happiness to my family?

Tips to bring happiness to your family:

  • · Discipline
  • · Quality time
  • · Joint decisions
  • · Be flexible
  • · Comfort others
  • · Take care of yourself
  • · Communicate
  • · Spend quality time with family members