Hyderabad real estate markets continue witnessing steady growth

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The real estate market in Hyderabad is continuing to thrive in the run-up to the polls and investors remain confident about the prospects of the property market with experts forecasting future stability and good returns on real estate investments. The property sector in Hyderabad is doing well and continuing to thrive over the last few months in spite of the rise in prices on the back of skyrocketing demand. Investors are confident about Hyderabad retaining its political stability after the polls and are hopeful of earning good returns from their investments in real estate according to experts.

Buyers and sellers are hugely active in the Hyderabad real estate market with bookings and transactions growing almost similar to the scenario two years earlier. Investors are still buying villas and apartments in sizable numbers in spite of prices going up over the last couple of years. Apartment prices in Hyderabad usually range between Rs. 4-10, 000 per sq. ft. Prices of land have already increased in Hyderabad and this has led to higher prices for villas and apartments. Material and labour costs have also gone up as a result. Hyderabad, for several investors, is still the best place to invest in real estate since properties are more affordable as compared to Mumbai or Bangalore. The market in Hyderabad is also not saturated and there are good prospects of future returns.

Most people are also investing in apartments or land in Hyderabad as compared to investing in bank deposits and other financial instruments. Hyderabad is also the only major Indian city to have witnessed growth over the last 4 years in comparison to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata and Chennai. Several premium real estate projects have changed the housing landscape of Hyderabad. Some of these include K Raheja Corp Quiescent Heights, Lodha Casa Paradiso and K Raheja Corp Vistas to name a few.

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