The Rise of Digital House Hunt

Increasingly internet is playing crucial role in house search. In the new evolving digital media landscape, the traditional medium of marketing are losing its dominance. Although traditional media tools such as, print ads & hoardings still features in the overall media campaigns; real estate developers & marketers are increasingly understanding, how crucial alternate platforms are becoming to promote real estate properties.

The new real estate marketing campaigns increasingly revolve around multiple new platforms such as banner ads, google ads, search & discovery portals, social media contents, online PR, email campaigns & much more. The powerful influence of digital media is not just limited to the search & discovery process but is also making strong inroads in the transaction space. The new age payment gateways, real time transaction engine & digital walkthroughs are enabling discerning buyers to identify & purchase real estate projects on the web itself- without any requirement for any iterative rounds of physical visit.

The rise of significance of digital media is propelled with the help of unprecedented rise in internet penetration & its prevalence across various strata of the society. The emergence of smart phones & tablets has further added vigor to the internet consumption. The rise of internet & its gradual transformation into one of the integral parts of life is making marketers, understand its power in influencing the decision making.

Benefits of Digital Media

Digital media has numerous benefits, that is making it a favorite amongst the real estate developer & marketer fraternity as a preferred tool for real estate marketing. Real estate offers discerning buyers an exciting platform full of various forms of media ranging from plan text to highly engaging images & videos. The digital media also brings a high degree of transparency into the system through real time transaction, in an industry; that is not generally known to be very transparent.

Analytics is another major area that is transforming the art & science of real estate purchase. The usage of latest analytics in conjunction with elegant user interfaces are helping developers not just attract new buyers but also understand their user behavior more precisely. The new powerful algorithms & user analytics, are helping property buyers through various usable decision drivers such as Lifestyle, Livability, Connectivity, Readiness, and Value for Money indices. Similarly, city level heat maps are being rolled out in exploring the city and identifying the best-fit locations based on array of factors like price, connectivity, livability, project status, project class etc.

Information rich project & unit pages are being developed to help in evaluating the projects and units through rich and structured information like carpet area as percentage of total area, key distances from important places like nearest connecting roads etc. Need based recommendations are developed an automated engine that provides scored and sorted projects and units based on user needs and unbiased algorithms.


In the times to come, digital media will continue to play a crucial role in the overall real estate transaction cycle ranging from search & discovery to the final transaction process. This will entice large numbers of developers & marketers  to spend more on digital marketing & technological innovations oriented solutions. Strong emphasis will be given to various marketing platforms such as SEO, display ads, powerful content rich websites, social media contents & advertisements, digital walkthroughs & much more.