Wall Clock as Per Vastu : Right Position & Direction to bring Happy Vibes at Home

Wall Clock as per Vastu

The element that you will find in every Indian household is a wall clock. Although, the question that strikes everyone’s mind is what is the ideal direction to place a wall clock as per vastu.  Did we fathom it right? Speculate no more! We are here to put an end to that debate by guiding you through the right clock position as per Vastu guidelines.

What is the Importance of Wall Clock Direction as per Vastu?

wall-clock-direction-as per-vastu

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science dealing with the positioning of elements in architecture. A wall clock is one such element of the house that can affect the overall vibe of the abode and its inhabitants. Thus, this one is considered to be highly important in Vastu Shastra. The energy of the house can be highly affected by the wrong clock placement. Hence, it is crucial to place your wall clock in the right direction and at the ideal spot of your house.

Choosing the Right wall clock vastu direction as Per Vastu

Vastu Shastra states that the right direction of the wall clock attracts positive energies, and we are here to tell you all about it. Have a look!

North ⬆

North direction is said to be ruled by the God of prosperity which is Lord Kuber and is hence considered as an ideal direction for placing a wall clock. Placing the wall clock in this direction will make you financially secure.

East ➡

If you can’t place the wall clock in the north direction, then you can place it in the east direction. Since the east is known to be the direction of the King of Heaven and Gods. It will surely bring prosperity and happiness to your home.

West ⬅

You can place the wall clock in the west direction, in case you do not find the right place in the east or north direction of the house. West is known to be the direction of Varun; the God of rains, and it is significant for bringing stability in the house.

South ⬇

Wall clock as Per Vastu, one should not place the wall clock in the south direction because it is known to attract negativity and affect the finances of the family members. This direction is considered to be inauspicious as it is the one ruled by Yama who is the God of Death.

Bedroom wall clock vastu Position

Wall clock vastu

There are certain things that one should keep in mind while putting a wall clock in the bedroom. The direction of the wall clock should be east and alternatively in the north direction of the bedroom. If you sleep in the south direction, then make sure that east and north are the only two directions in which you are placing the wall clock. In case your wall clock has reflective glass, then do not place it in front of the door or bed. 

Clock Position as per Vastu for Living Room


In Vastu Shastra, it is emphasized that the elements in the living room should be placed in the right position. And the ideal direction for placing a wall clock in a living room is north. Alternatively, you can choose the northeast or east direction too.

The Type of Wall Clocks and their Significance as per Vastu

It is preferred that you go with a simplistic design while choosing the wall clock for your house. Here are a few types of wall clocks and their symbolism to help you pick the right one for the dwelling:

  1. Pendulum or Antique wall clocks – These clocks have a distinct appeal to them since as per Vastu the oscillation is symbolic of good energy flow.
  2. Circular wall clocks – These are easy to fetch and serve as a perfect minimalistic décor for your house. It is known for surrounding your home with positive energies.
  3. Metallic wall clocks – It is advised that you keep the metallic wall clock in the north direction if they have grey or white hues in them.
  4. Wooden wall clocks – The east wall of the room or area is well-suited for placing a wooden wall clock.

Is Pendulum Clock a Good Option as per Vastu?


Opting for a pendulum as a wall clock is an ideal way to surround your abode with positive energy and for creating a peaceful environment. And the best area for its placement is the living room, but the clock should be of a fixed and regular shape like square, oval, or rectangular.

Best Colors for Wall Clock as per Vastu Shastra

  • The choice of wall clock should be dependent on the direction of its placement.
  • It is advised to not go with dark hues for wall clocks, rather go with lighter hues like cream, white, sky blue, etc.
  • If you are choosing the north wall for your clock, then go with grey, white, or metallic wall clocks.
  • If you choose the east wall for your clock, go with wooden clocks or clocks in the shade of green or brown.

Some Tips for Wall Clock Position as per Vastu

  • You should not choose the southwest or southeast direction for your wall clock.
  • Make sure that the wall clock is in proper condition and shows the right time.
  • It is good to have a clock that gives out some mild and sweet music because it encourages the flow of positive energy.
  • Your wall clock should not have any cracks or broken pieces and make sure that there are no cobwebs on the clock. If your clock has stopped working, get it repaired immediately. 
  • The wall clock should never be placed outside the home or on the main gate. Also, keep a check that the wall clock does not face any door of the house.
  • The placement of the wall clock should be such that it does not seem low and is kept at a height.
  • Never keep a watch beneath your cushion or pillow as it is considered inauspicious as per Vastu.
  • Always choose the color of the wall clock based on the direction in which you are placing it.
  • If a wall clock reminds you of bad memory or poverty, discard it.

Ideal Direction of Placement

For your office, the ideal direction for placing a wall clock is either the east or north direction. Since the north symbolizes wealth and career, placing a clock in this direction will help in bringing more prosperity. Whereas, east represents work and family, which infers that placing a clock in this direction will lead to better work quality.

Why Should You Not Place a Wall Clock in the South Direction?

Vastu Shastra does not recommend placing a wall clock in the south direction because this direction represents stagnation, which is not good for the family. Placing a clock in this direction leads to health problems for the inhabitants and causes obstruction in businesses. Everyone wants their personal and professional life to be full of prosperity, but some tiny elements like the wrong placement of the wall clock can obstruct the flow. Now that you have all the information regarding the wall clock position as per Vastu guidelines, you can easily decide the right placement and direction of the clock. 

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Which is the best direction for placing a wall clock?

North and east are considered to be ideal directions for placing a wall clock.

Can you place a wall clock vastu in the south?

No, it is considered inauspicious as per Vastu Shastra.

Can I gift a wall clock?

You should not gift a wall clock to a person older than you.

Which room has the best wall clock location as per Vastu?

Although Vastu Shastra doesn’t prohibit the use of wall clocks in any specific room, it recommends placing them in the living room and bedroom.

Which direction of the clock according to Vastu is most suitable?

Placing the wall clock in the South direction is considered unfavorable according to Vastu Shastra as it’s associated with the God of Death – Yama Devata. Hence, it’s advised to avoid this position.

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