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Mahindra Nestalgia Cover Image
Mahindra Nestalgia Master Plan Image
Mahindra Nestalgia Location Image
Mahindra Nestalgia Amenities-Features 1
Mahindra Nestalgia Apartment Interiors 1
Mahindra Nestalgia Apartment Interiors 2
Mahindra Nestalgia Amenities-Features 2
Mahindra Nestalgia Apartment Interiors 3
Mahindra Nestalgia Tower View
Mahindra Nestalgia Amenities-Features 3
Mahindra Nestalgia Amenities-Features 4
Mahindra Nestalgia Amenities-Features 5
Mahindra Nestalgia Amenities-Features 6
Mahindra Nestalgia Amenities-Features 7
Mahindra Nestalgia Floor Plans
Mahindra Nestalgia Amenities-Features 8
Mahindra Nestalgia Greens Image
Mahindra Nestalgia Apartment Interiors 4
Mahindra Nestalgia 1 BHK Layout
Mahindra Nestalgia 2 BHK Layout 1
Mahindra Nestalgia 2 BHK Layout 2
Mahindra Nestalgia 3 BHK Layout 1
Mahindra Nestalgia 3 BHK Layout 2
  • 23 Photos
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  • Mahindra Nestalgia
    Pimpri, Pune

    60.04 Lac to 1.16 Cr i
    The prices displayed are indicative and based on recent updates. Please note that current prices may vary due to market conditions.
    Status: New Launch
    • 498 units
    • 3.82 Acres
    1,2,3 BHK Flat from 452 Sq. Ft. to 877 Sq. Ft. (Carpet)
    Recent Registered Sale
    • May 2024 ₹ 78.92 L 731 Sq.ft
    • May 2024 ₹ 79.42 L 671 Sq.ft
    • May 2024 ₹ 76.95 L 671 Sq.ft
    • Apr 2024 ₹ 1.12 Cr 978 Sq.ft
    • Mar 2024 ₹ 80.93 L 671 Sq.ft
    • Mar 2024 ₹ 78.87 L 731 Sq.ft
    • Mar 2024 ₹ 46.43 L 452 Sq.ft
    • Mar 2024 ₹ 78.70 L 671 Sq.ft
    • Feb 2024 ₹ 75.52 L 671 Sq.ft
    • Feb 2024 ₹ 37.70 L 344 Sq.ft
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    • Sports & Outdoor
    • Green Area
    • Club House
    • Fittings & Furnishing
    • Specifications
    Decision Drivers
    • Connectivity
    • 6.2
    • Livability
    • 7.1
    • Lifestyle
    • 6.4
    • Value for Money
    • 7.2

    Mahindra Nestalgia - Project Info

    Mahindra Nestalgia Crafting Life Tale of a childhood Lost and found A long time ago in the city of Pune greenery flourished and nature was plentiful However as the city grew we gradually lost touch with the beauty of the natural world The green spaces we enjoyed as children are now smaller pockets of the past mere memories and tales for our own kids But enough is enough its time to rethink the way we live I miss the simplicity of the old days when nature played such a vital role in my upbringing The calming rustle of leaves the joyous sound of birds chirping the waves of the nearby beach and the refreshing breeze in my hair these things are what I truly cherish I have come to realize that this innate connection we share with nature is called Biophilia and its time to reintroduce it into our lives Biophiliainspired homes are designed to help us relive the happy memories of our childhood and rekindle our love for nature These homes are crafted using natural elements incorporating textures patterns shapes and materials that mimic the beauty of the natural world But what does this mean for us How do biophilic homes benefit usThese Biophiliainspired homes have incredibly positive effects on our wellbeing Studies have shown that they can improve our cardiac and respiratory functions reduce hypertension enhance eyesight increase attention span promote positive thinking help in managing stress uplift our mood and emotions strengthen interpersonal and emotional connections and even build empathy In short these homes have the power to rejuvenate our lives with nature by our side Given a chance all of us would want to go back to the good old days when open spaces and greenery were not luxuries but essentials in our lives These are the moments that transport us back to our childhood where every step outdoors evokes a familiar and comforting feeling And now imagine being able to relive those precious moments every day right within the confines of our own home Allow me to introduce you to a place that will bring you closer to nature your loved ones and your cherished memories Mahindra Nestalgia Nestled in Pimpri this enchanting project captures the essence of my childhood Punes rich culture and the serenity of nature have profoundly influenced my life and at Mahindra Nestalgia Ive found a place that aims to help me reconnect with that invaluable past and introduce my own children to the joys of a nostalgic childhood At Mahindra Nestalgia my family and I will reminisce about the golden moments of old while creating new ones A childhood surrounded by nature is what makes the home truly exceptional It fosters imagination and curiosity in every corner reminding us that a meaningful childhood is free innocent and nurtured through exploration The sight of playgrounds adorned with rustic play equipment and open grass lawns sparks endless possibilities for reigniting curiosity and a sense of wonder But this is just the beginning Mahindra Nestalgia features a biophiliainspired clubhouse ensuring a seamless blend of greenery and built spaces Its architectural design takes cues from nature making you feel as though you are nestled within a lush cave with sunlight filtering in through surrounding green foliage In the main lobby youll be captivated by the play of lights and shadows inspiring curiosity and leaving you in awe The earthy textures fluid organic shapes and vibrant colors throughout the clubhouse effectively reconnect you with the wonders of nature This project continues to provide endless avenues for the entire family to bond over various biophilic spaces and activities Designed with your utmost comfort in mind the homes at Mahindra Nestalgia are naturally welllit and offer a fresh breeze The wide decks seamlessly integrate nature into your everyday life Additionally the optimized layout ensures that every square foot of space is utilized efficiently while giving you additional areas for storage and wardrobe needs Indulge in the joy of quality time spent with your loved ones in the living and dining areas bathed in ample natural sunlight and allowing fresh air to flow through The bedrooms are designed for privacy and tranquility awaking you with the chirping of birds and captivating views of greenery Some bedrooms even feature cozy bay windows that provide stunning vistas and welcome nature into the very fabric of your home Step out into the balcony which provides a panoramic view of the lush green surroundings Here you can contemplate unwind and be cocooned in the lap of mesmerizing greenery just as our childhood homes once allowed us to do Finally the terrace reminds us of the extensive verandas and rooftops of our childhood homes It is a space where we can reconnect with nature indulge in hobbies such as gardening and host gatherings under the open sky Mahindra Nestalgia is not just about amazing living spaces it offers a vibrant neighborhood and convenient amenities Located in the vicinity of renowned educational institutions and entertainment hubs your familys every need is well catered for Welcome to a place that brings you closer to nature allows you to relive cherished childhood memories and create new ones that will be treasured for a lifetime Mahindra Nestalgia This is not just a home but a narrative that honors the lost and found joys of childhood
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    Mahindra Nestalgia - RERA Details

    P52100048473Mahindra Nestalgia Phase 2
    P52100045784Mahindra Nestalgia
    • Square Yards RERA Reg. A51800000454

    Mahindra Nestalgia - Floor Plans & Layout

    Mahindra Nestalgia, Pimpri Chinchwad PCMC, Pune is a 249-unit luxury apartments complex with 3 acres of lush green landscaping and panoramic views of the Arabian Sea. The apartments come in three variants- 3 BHK, 2 BHK and 1 BHK, with sizes ranging from 452 sqft to 877 sqft. The
    1 BHK
    2 BHK
    3 BHK

    Mahindra Nestalgia - Price List

    Unit Type Area New Home Price*
    1 BHK 452 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    452 Sq. Ft. (Carpet)
    ₹ 60.04 Lac
    2 BHK 655 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    655 Sq. Ft. (Carpet)
    ₹ 87.00 Lac
    2 BHK 674 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    674 Sq. Ft. (Carpet)
    ₹ 89.52 Lac
    3 BHK 873 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    873 Sq. Ft. (Carpet)
    ₹ 1.16 Cr
    3 BHK 877 Sq. Ft. Apartment
    877 Sq. Ft. (Carpet)
    ₹ 1.16 Cr

    Mahindra Nestalgia Video

    Mahindra Nestalgia - Amenities

    Mahindra Nestalgia, Pimpri Chinchwad PCMC, Pune is a beautifully designed project that offers a host of modern amenities that makes it the perfect place to live, work and play. The project features Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Kids Pool, Badminton Court(s), Tennis Court(s), Kids Play Areas / Sand Pits, Yoga Areas, Jogging / Cycle Track, Table Tennis, Power Backup, Solar Heaters, Treated Water Supply, 24 x 7 Security, CCTV / Video Surveillance, Fire Fighting Systems, Intercom Facility, Video Phone, Party Hall, Clubhouse, Rain Water Harvesting, Sewage Treatment Plant, Normal Park / Central Green
    • Gymnasium
    • Swimming Pool
    • Kids' Pool
    • Badminton Court(s)
    • Tennis Court(s)
    • Kids' Play Areas / Sand Pits
    • Yoga Areas
    • Jogging / Cycle Track
    • Table Tennis
    • Power Backup
    • Solar Heaters
    • Treated Water Supply
    • 24*7 Water Supply
    • Lift
    • 24 x 7 Security
    • CCTV / Video Surveillance
    • Fire Fighting Systems
    • Intercom Facility
    • Video Phone
    • Cafe / Coffee Bar
    • Reading Room/Library
    • Party Hall
    • Clubhouse
    • Amphitheater
    • Indoor Games
    • Rain Water Harvesting
    • Sewage Treatment Plant
    • Large Green Area

    Mahindra Nestalgia - Specifications

    Master Bedroom-Walls
    • Acrylic Emulsion
    Master Bedroom-Flooring
    • Vitrified Tiles
    Other Bedrooms-Flooring
    • Vitrified Tiles
    • Acrylic Emulsion
    Living Area-Flooring
    • Vitrified Tiles
    • RCC Frame Structure

    Commute Time from Mahindra Nestalgia

    Mahindra Nestalgia Pune
    Please Select the destination to calculate the travel time.

    Pimpri Pune - Location Map and Landmarks

    Mahindra Nestalgia is located at 98:Old Pune Mumbai Highway--1|106:Wakad Road--3Old Pune Mumbai Highway--1. It is 1|3 km away from the 98:Old Pune Mumbai Highway--1|106:Wakad Road--3Old Pune Mumbai Highway--1. The project enjoys close proximity to several premium residential societies and is just 1|3 km away from the 98:Old Pune Mumbai Highway--1|106:Wakad Road--3Old Pune Mumbai Highway--1. The nearest railway
    • Schools
    • City Connections
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • Shopping Centers
    • Business Hubs

    Mahindra Nestalgia - Connecting Roads

    • Old Pune Mumbai Highway ~ 1 Kms
    • Wakad Road ~ 3 Kms
    Read the reviews about Mahindra Nestalgia located at Pimpri Pune and see what residents and real estate experts have to say about the project.
    10 Ratings
    • 5 Star 7
    • 4 Star 3
    • 3 Star 0
    • 2 Star 0
    • 1 Star 0
    Top Reviews
    Elamathi Agarwal

    Living at Mahindra Nestalgia is an absolute delight. This residential complex provides precisely what I seek � a neat and snug home, verdant spaces for a refreshing breath of air, and the added convenience of being close to both the market and public transport. It embodies simplicity at its finest, making it a genuinely joyful living experience. Mahindra Nestalgia offers not just a residence but a lifestyle that radiates comfort and contentment.� Read More

    Vivikta Dhar

    Mahindra Nestalgia has emerged as the perfect haven for me. The unpretentious yet comfortable apartments create an ideal living environment, and the proximity to grocery stores and schools is a substantial bonus. It stands as a pragmatic choice for anyone seeking a hassle-free and contented living experience. Choosing to relocate to Mahindra Nestalgia has brought me immense happiness, as it boasts all the essential amenities, including a well-maintained gym and a community hall for events. Its strategic location near schools and hospitals checks all the right boxes for my requirements.� Read More

    Nirek Dara

    This cozy residential complex is a perfect blend of comfort and convenience. The homes are designed for easy living, and the neighborhood is safe and friendly. With parks and amenities nearby, it's ideal for families. The apartments offer a simple yet modern lifestyle, ensuring a relaxed atmosphere. The community is welcoming, making it easy to connect with neighbors. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat or a family-friendly environment, this residential space caters to various needs, providing a comfortable and secure place to call home. Read More

    Saatvika Patel

    Mahindra Nestalgia, a true haven, has woven simplicity into the fabric of everyday living. The snug apartments and lush surroundings create an oasis of comfort. Beyond being a residence, it's a sanctuary that values practicality and ease. The thoughtful amenities, from a dedicated playground to nearby conveniences, cater to families seamlessly. Nestled within its uncomplicated design are hidden treasures of coziness and accessibility. Choosing Mahindra Nestalgia is opting for a lifestyle that balances the essentials effortlessly�a place where the joy of living is found in the simple pleasures of home. It stands as a testament to the beauty of uncomplicated, harmonious living.� Read More

    Balamohan Seth

    Mahindra Nestalgia is indeed a great place to live. The straightforward design of the apartments and the proximity to vital services such as hospitals and grocery stores make it a practical and comfortable choice for everyday living. It offers an easy and pleasant living experience that I wholeheartedly appreciate.�The well-maintained greenery enhances the natural beauty, creating a serene ambiance for residents.""Strategic location ensures easy access to public transport, making commuting a breeze." Read More

    Top Real Estate Experts in Mahindra Nestalgia

    Preferred Partner

    Mahindra Lifespaces Developer
    • Total Projects 82
    • Experience 25 Years
    Mahindra Lifespace is one of the Indian real estate giants. The real estate and infrastructure development company was founded in 1994. This company is a part of the Mahindra Group. The company is engaged in carrying residential development all across India under Lifespace and Happiness brands.
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    VTP Realty Developer in Pune
    Experience: 8 Years
    Mantra Properties Developer in Pune
    Experience: 12 Years
    Gera Developer in Pune
    Experience: 49 Years
    43 Projects
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    FAQ for Mahindra Nestalgia
    Most Commonly Asked
    • Q: What is the current price of Mahindra Nestalgia?

      A: The current price of Mahindra Nestalgia is ₹ 60.04 Lac to 1.16 Cr.

    • Q: What is the price of units (1,2,3 BHK) in Mahindra Nestalgia?

      A: In Mahindra Nestalgia, units (1,2,3 BHK) price starts around 60.04 Lac and can go up to 1.16 Cr depending on the features you choose.

    • Q: Is Mahindra Nestalgia Rera approved?

      A: Yes, Mahindra Nestalgia is RERA approved and RERA for Mahindra Nestalgia is P52100045784, P52100048473.

    • Q: What are the Key Features of Mahindra Nestalgia?

      A: Mahindra Nestalgia offers a range of key features including Acrylic Emulsion, Vitrified Tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Acrylic Emulsion, Vitrified Tiles, RCC Frame Structure.

    • Q: Where is Mahindra Nestalgia Located in Pune?

      A: Mahindra Nestalgia is located in Pimpri within the city of Pune.

    • Q: What are the Unit Sizes Available for Sale in Mahindra Nestalgia?

      A: Mahindra Nestalgia offers a variety of unit sizes for sale, including 1 BHK, 2 BHK ranging from 655 Sq. Ft. to 674 Sq. Ft., 3 BHK ranging from 873 Sq. Ft. to 877 Sq. Ft..

    • Q: Are there any sports facilities available in Mahindra Nestalgia?

      A: Certainly, Mahindra Nestalgia provides a range of sports facilities including Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Kids' Pool, Badminton Court(s), Tennis Court(s), Kids' Play Areas / Sand Pits, Yoga Areas, Jogging / Cycle Track, Table Tennis.

    • Q: What are the Stamp Duty Charges / Registration Charges for this Project?

      A: The stamp duty charges and registration charges for Mahindra Nestalgia can vary and are subject to the prevailing government regulations. Please contact our sales team for the most up-to-date information.

    • Q: What is the name of the Real Estate Builder constructing this project?

      A: Mahindra Lifespaces is the renowned builder behind the construction of Mahindra Nestalgia.

    i *Disclaimer

    This website is only for the purpose of providing information regarding real estate projects in different geographies. Any information which is being provided on this website is not an advertisement or a solicitation. The company has not verified the information and the compliances of the projects. Further, the company has not checked the RERA* registration status of the real estate projects listed herein. The company does not make any representation in regards to the compliances done against these projects. Please note that you should make yourself aware about the RERA* registration status of the listed real estate projects.

    *Real Estate (regulation & development) act 2016.
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    Contact our Real Estate Experts
    Contact our Real Estate Experts

    We have sent you message with 4 digit
    verification code (OTP) on

    Did not receive the code? in
    • Zero

      100% Service, 0% Brokerage. We charge our customers nothing. Not today, not ever.

    • Full Service

      Our sales personnel are accountable for every step - site visits, home loans & post-sales.

    • Lowest Price

      Highly unlikely, but if you find a lower price anywhere, tell us and we will match it.

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