Feng Shui Bedroom Tips: A Design and Layout Guide

A Feng Shui bedroom is a scheme of universal forces. It has an effect on the spatial configuration and agreement of your home goods and interiors. Furthermore, it is effective in terms of Chi ‘Flow of Energy’. If applied correctly, it has the power to energise the passion for tranquillity, and unity for the residents.

Feng Shui professionals also use the five components to work with the Chi of the room. Taoism inspired the five-element scheme. Consider incorporating the Feng Shui Bedroom to make the environment more joyful and pleasant.

In this blog, let us walk you through Feng Shui bedroom tips, favorable colors, and the Dos and Don’ts.

Feng Shui for Bedroom

Placement is essential in the Feng Shui path of your bedroom. In broad, your bed must be positioned so the user can see the gate. It should not, however, be directly in front of the door. Based on the Feng Shui bedroom design, locating the bed in the middle of the room gives a feeling of safety and is the embodiment of tranquillity.

However, make sure that one’s bed is not in the coffin place. If the user’s foot is pointing towards the door while lying down on the bed, your bed is lying in the coffin position. As per Feng Shui, sleeping in this position is unlucky.

10 Tips for Feng Shui Bedroom

The below-mentioned tips will help you create a positive vibration field for your bedroom:

  • The bed should be placed in the centre of the room.
  • For a Feng Shui bedroom, a King-size mattress and beds are perfect investments.
  • Avoid placing mirrors in the bed’s line of vision.
  • To implement the bedroom ceiling, choose light and unbiased colours.
  • Limit the number of electrical devices and appliances.
  • Use only low-wattage bulbs.
  • Whenever not in use, make sure all gates and cabinets are closed.
  • It is not advisable to place bookshelves. You can, however, keep books that you’re currently reading in your bedroom.
  • Choose organic and sustainable environmental pillowcases..
  • Maintain at least one table next to your bed.

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

Feng Shui for the bedroom enables an individual to select the colours as per his/her choice or the most favourable colour for the bedroom. However, make sure that the colour you select to implement on the wall or ceiling of the bedroom should match your objective. So, it assists in connecting with the positive energy you need in your life. Below, some of the suitable colours are mentioned for your welfare. 

1. Teal, Blue and Green

Teal, blue, and green are excellent bedroom colours because they are linked with the wood component in Feng Shui. The mixture of these colours represents development, life, and optimism for the future. Moreover, these colours are relaxing and can be found in nature. Like in the clouds, sea, and forest. However, using them on the ceiling walls can be soothing and also provide a feeling of serenity to the residents.

2. White 

As per Feng Shui, the colour white is considered the most promising. This colour is associated with purity, serenity, and easiness. Moreover, implementing white paint on the wall surfaces of a bedroom is more difficult than it appears. It is because combining white with several other luminous and primary colours, including using too much of it, can have a negative impact on the occupants. Ivory and cream-white can be combined with white to create a much more graceful allure that will provide you with relaxing expertise.

3. Grey

Grey is defined as loud, energetic, and rapid. It is aligned with the commute and supportive people, as per Feng Shui bedroom colour schemes. The grey colour is a mixture of black and white, it provides a feeling of balance and serenity. It is a natural colour that can be used to enhance other shades in your bedroom.

Moreover, grey bedroom concepts are very common, and there is a colour to satisfy every fashion. This modern coloration, undoubtedly the new but everlasting impartial, will add a modern advantage, luxury, and precision to a bedroom.

4. Orange, Brown and Yellow

As per Feng Shui bedroom colours, orange, brown, and yellow are coupled with earth aspects. It also offers support, good nutrition, and the earth. These characteristics make it among the ideal bedroom colours.

5. Peach and Pink

Pink can assist you in reconnecting with your feminine side. It is also recognised for being gentle and fostering. Pink and peach are Feng Shui bedroom colours for romance because they are affiliated with Kun and relationships (Kun is the person’s best path that draws financial well-being). Pink is suggested for people who want to create warmth and light in their current relationship or who want to encourage a companion.

As per Feng Shui bedroom colour combinations for adoration, the peach colour is indeed beneficial in luring a mate.

6. Purple

Purple is accompanied by success in Feng Shui bedroom colours. The colour is a combination of serene blue and vibrant red. Utilising purple in one’s bedroom is among the safest bets because it is a fair colour associated with wealth and abundance. You can also incorporate different colours, such as lavender, to achieve a more stable state in your bedroom.

Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

The below-mentioned suggestions will assist you to get a preferable knowledge of the Feng Shui layout for a bedroom.

1. Eliminate Extra Space

The perfect bedroom must radiate peace and leisure, affection, and rejuvenation. Occasionally less is more; to create your bedroom your desirable happy place, decrease the items/objects which cling to your room decoration. In addition, remove any unnecessary books, newspapers, or photo frames.

2. Mirror Placement

According to the Vastu position mirror, make sure to keep the bedroom free of reflection. It is because unsuitable mirror placement introduces uneasy sleep. So it is recommended to keep mirrors outside the bedroom area or in just one corner of the room. 

3. Uniform Decor

As per Feng Shui, placing things in a joint encourages a sense of harmony and affectionate energy in the bedroom area. Such as entails two identical lamps, two pillow covers, two seats, and much more.

4. Greenery

Making your bedroom eco-friendly and hygienic is a given. Everyone knows that flowers represent love, compassion, and kindness. So, placing flowers in your bedroom might be advantageous and establish a positive atmosphere. Further, the southwest area of your home is thought to be the ideal spot for placing live flowers.

Enclosed plants and fresh flowers in the bedroom are associated with life and development in Feng Shui, so keep them in your bedroom. If you are unable to keep natural plants, in that case, you can opt for silk-based artificial plants. Make sure the flowers and plants are well-cared for to restore the joyful vibe. You should eliminate any dead plants and flowers because they can attract negative energy.

5. Electrical Devices

Remove any electrical devices that may catch your eye, such as radios and televisions. Maintaining such devices around can cause noise disturbance. Furthermore, the position of such appliances generates a void, and according to some Feng Shui concepts, keeping such electronics is like an open offer for a third person in your connection.

6. Strong Headboards 

When you go to bed after a long day at work, your brain actually searches for reasonable back assistance. Based on feng shui, the best bed frame would be made of strong para wood or upholstered.

Do’s and Dont’s for Feng Shui Bedroom

Several factors to evaluate and things to prevent when designing one’s bedroom are listed below:

  • Keep a bedhead in your bedroom to symbolise your strength and stability. Make sure that the bedhead is made entirely of wood, with no gaps or bars.
  • For bedroom Feng Shui, use smooth and impartial illumination. Additionally, try to allow natural light to enter through your window panes.
  • Hang photos and works of art of serene action sequences, motivational quotes, and essence, but ensure the photos and works of art do not include water kind art. 
  • Keep the doors closed in the evening. In addition, when they aren’t in use, they should be near the closet drawers and doors.
  • Don’t keep books in your bedroom because they can turn your leisurely haven into a day-to-day grind.
  • Enormous amounts of plants and flowers are not suggested. Flowers and plants can assist you in developing a relaxing environment in your home and bedroom, but be careful not to overexpose yourself to power. An overabundance of something, whether it’s a power source or folks, is negative, as we all understand.
  • Bring your gadgets into your bedroom. We all know how difficult it is these days to unplug from the virtual environment and reconnect with the real one because the majority of us are glued to our displays. According to Feng Shui for bedrooms, maintaining the electricals in the room has a negative impact on the occupants. Rather than squandering your valuable time on freeing up, attempt to talk, unwind, and spend quality time with the person who truly matters.


The bedroom is the most important part of your home for relaxing and unwinding. It is vital to maintain your bedroom’s atmosphere as positive and alive. Moreover, the colour must be soft and unbiased, evoking a vivid and friendly atmosphere. According to Feng Shui theory, a bedroom is more than a room in which you must utilise decor items. The objects you position in your bedroom must make sense and adhere to Feng Shui principles.

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How should a bedroom be set up for feng shui?

Some of the steps required to set up for feng shui, such as placing your bed in purchasing a king or mega bed and mattress, avoiding having mirrors in your bed’s line of view, and adjustable curtains to increase airflow. Restrict electrical gadgets and computer monitors. Ascertain that your bed has a point of care table on each side.

What feng shui should not be in the bedroom?

According to Feng Shui principles, aligning your bed with the entrance is the worst spot. Feng shui practitioners refer to it as the ‘dead man’s position’ or the ‘coffin position’ because feet or heads towards the door evoke how we bring the dead out of the residence via entryways.

What is the best bed position feng shui?

The best bed position as per feng shui is to put the bed diagonally across from the door.

In which direction should we not sleep?

To sleep, a north-to-south body location is regarded as the worst position.

Should the bed be on the same wall as the door?

Your bed must be situated in the middle of the room, not straight across from the door. The top of the bed ought to be against the wall for consistency, abandoning the other 3 components are free. Nightstands can be placed on either of the beds for symmetrical. Avoid putting items under your bed.

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