Vastu for Furniture- A Guide to the Vastu Furniture Arrangement in Home


The world we live in is graced with living and non-living beings and both are instrumental in the composition of a harmonious symphony in nature, given their unique definitions of energies. Since the energies have the prime role in factoring the very existence of everything around it, the Vastu Shastra suggests that you let the furniture orientation in your home help induce a positive inflow. This section is all about Vastu Tips for furniture in home after eyeing through which you will be able to mobilize your bright bigg set of furniture into something brighter and more significant than ever. 

Vastu Shastra Tips for Furniture - How to Arrange Furniture According to Vastu

Vastu principles are launched on the palm of ancient times with one ultimate good of all- balance of energies in nature. Given the presence of energy in every single thing that exists out there and around, it is important to look within and across your home to evoke the arrangement into creating a balance in the air. 

The principles of vastu maintain certain standards in order to let the ease wesel in your headspace and allow you to live your life comfortably and happily in your home. It entails that you place the accessories and furniture in your home in a very positive vogue across the positive areas. By succeeding at this, you will be able to treat yourself, your family and your guests to a welcoming and magnificent aura. 

Furniture is one of the important assets to be present in every home that aids comfort for different occasions. Thus, it is a feel-good idea to have a proper orientation of furniture in the house. It is always a good time to create peace and let the flow of energy sprint and play in the homely environment. This is why we are now going to start with your handy guide on how to place furniture according to Vastu Shastra. 

Here we have unfolded the most important Vastu rules for furniture that you must actionize to create a healthy flow of energy at your home.

Vastu for Living Room Furniture


Here are the rules you can indulge in for living room Vastu-

  • As per the Vastu for living room sofa , the lady and the man of the house should go for the seating arrangement accentuated in the South-West corner that faces East. Alternatively, they can also have the arrangement in the North-East direction of the living room. According to this ancient belief, doing this helps you invite stability and let the flow of positive energy roam well. 
  • You should have the North direction as well as the East direction as idle as possible. Focus on making the South and West directions the host to your furniture. 
  • The North-West direction or South-East direction make for the right place to have seating arrangement for guests. If that seems impossible for you, then you can place your furniture in the North-East, making it face South or West or the South-West direction. This will help you have the prowess of control over any situation.
  • Vastu for television suggests you have your TV placed in the North-East direction. You should place it on a lightweight and for the best, a beautiful table. In case you have a TV in all the rooms of your house then perhaps it is time to do some thinking and minus this arrangement as keeping the television set in all the rooms could encourage conflicts among family members. 

Vastu for Bedroom Furniture


Now you may head on to the rules for Bedroom furniture Vastu-

  • Vastu suggests you have your bed placed in the South-West corner of your room.
  • It is best to have your bed embedded with a single mattress, as per the Vastu for bed.
  • Make sure the individual sleeping in the bedroom has a full view to the ceiling. 
  • The Vastu for cupboard in bedroom entails that it is best placed to the South or West wall. When it comes to the door of your bedroom wardrobe, you can have them open towards the North or the East direction. 
  • The beam or loft or any such structure should not be over the person sleeping. 
  • As per what the Vastu for dressing table says, you should have this furniture in the South or West direction with the mirror covered as much as it can be. 
  • The Vastu for AC, room coolers, or any other electronics says that you have these items in the South-East side of the bedroom. 
  • Do not keep television in the bedroom.

Vastu for Kitchen Furniture

Vastu for Kitchen

Vastu experts recommend you to follow these Vastu tips for kitchen furniture-

  • Place the storage of grains, provisions and other such things in the North-West or South-West direction of the kitchen.
  • To implement the Vastu for dining table, keep it in the North-West as it will allow people dining to face the East direction which is considered an auspicious direction for dining table as per Vastu. 
  • For Vastu for modular kitchen and the trolley systems, it is recommended that you have at least five kinds of grains placed in the North-West corner as it will help you make sure that there is abundance of food in the house.
  • The garbage bin should be kept in the North-West corner of the house. If it is kept in the kitchen, place it in the same direction. If that isn't possible, keep the garbage bin in any location other than North-East.

Vastu for Dining Room Furniture


Here are the ideas to arrange furniture in the kitchen as per Vastu-

  • The Vastu kitchen should be situated in the South-East direction. 
  • The best direction for Vastu dining room is North-West.
  • It is not advised to place a dining table near your kitchen that is in the South or the East or South-East. 
  • As per Vastu for dining tables, you should have a rectangular or square table. 
  • It is only for the good that you do not have your dining table in the central stance of your house or the kitchen. 
  • Do not sit under the loft or a beam while eating. 
  • Do not place a television in a way that it faces the dining table. 

Vastu for Study Room and Study Table


Now we have a few tips to share on Vastu for office table and your study room- 

  • You should have your study room in the North-West, the West or the West or South-West corner of your house. 
  • Allow your study table some open space in front as it will sharpen your concentration.
  • If you have a study table placed attached to the wall, it is time to wake up as this placement is more of a red flag. Avoid the involvement of walls in the placement of the study table. 
  • Orient your Vastu study room furniture in a way that the person who sits there faces the East or North direction. 

The Vastu Science and Furniture- Final Note

The main idea behind Vastu for furniture in the home is to create a balance the good energies cannot resist. Your homely aura should be so disguised in comfy snuggles that positive does not leave your place and when you come back home, you have something to dive into for good. These were the most important and basic Vastu rules for furniture placement in the house. If you may, you can reach out to a trusted Vastu Shastra expert for a dig-deep knowledge on how you should arrange your furniture according to Vastu. And here wrap this section up to be back with more of such ideas to your table. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In which direction we should keep sofa?

As per Vastu, one should have their sofa in the South-West corner that faces the East direction.

In which direction we should keep wardrobe?

The wardrobe is best suited to the South or the West wall of the room. According to the Vastu Shastra experts, the ideal direction for a bedroom wardrobe door to open is North.

Can we keep almirah facing west ?

As per what Vastu for bedroom says, you can place cupboards and almirahs in the South, West or South-West direction. It is best that they open to East or North.