Noida International Airport in Jewar : Know all the Details

Jewar Airport

Master Plan for Noida International Airport at Jewar

The NIA or the Noida International which is also well known as the Jewar Airport is a site that is currently under construction which needs to be built near a town in Jewar which is located in Gautam Buddh Nagar in UP. The YEIDA which is the ‘Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority’ will be executing these agencies rather than the govt. of UP. This airport is to be established by a public-private partnership. The thought behind the building of this airport is to construct a 2 runway airport by the end of 2024, going forward the proposal is to extend the airport into 7,200 acres for a six runway. According to the plan, the airport will be able to incorporate 5million individuals in the start and as soon as the acres get extended then the airport will be able to incorporate 60 to 120 Million People, wherein the expansion will take about 30 years. 

The acquisition of the 2nd phase of the land that is upcoming for the Jewar Airport is ready to start, which has brought Delhi NCR closer to incorporating another airport

Things to know about the Jewar airport which may become Asia’s largest

Below are some points that will give a closer dig about the Noida International Airport: Know all the Details:

  1. The proposal for the airport was first noted in 2001 in the Jewar town which was initiated by the Home Minister i.e, Rajnath Singh along with the Chief Minister in the same state UP. The successor of The Chief Minister Shrimati Mayawati was also an important member of the plan who engaged more than two thousand acres for the same purpose. The UP govt. After this established a group wherein all the ministers sat and discussed the same issue, as it is a policy that there can be no other runway airport within 150km of range in accordance to the already existing airports.  
  2. This plan was initiated as it was read by the stats that the airport in Delhi will be achieving 100million individuals between the years 2021 & 2023 which is considered as the saturation point, and due to the same saturation point, they initiated this Jewar Airport Plan.
  3. After Indira Gandhi International Airport followed by Ghaziabad’s Hindon Airport, this airport is considered to be the third airport in the area of Delhi NCR.
  4. The first part of the phase is to be completed by 2023 and the cost for the same would be somewhere around INR 4,588 crore- this statement is stated by the officials.
  5. The Airport is panned to cover about 5,000 hectares, wherein 1,334 hectares have already been engaged
  6. After the construction of the entire airport, the airport is said to have about 6-8 runways which is the highest number of runways in India.
  7. Outbidding the opponents such as Adani Enterprises or the DIAL & the Anchorage Infrastructure Investments the Swiss Fir- Zurich International Airport came out to be as the top bidder for the project of Jewar Airport.
  8. The cost of this Noida Airport is approximated to cost about INR 30,000 crore.
  9. According to one of the statements by the Chief Minister- Yogi- Adityanath of Uttar Pradesh, he said that Jewar International Airport will be the largest airport in Asia, after the completion process of the airport.
  10. From the location perspective, the airport stands advantages like it is located at a distance of just 130km from Agra followed by 72km Delhi, 28km- Greater Noida & somewhere around 40km distance from Noida.
  11. The connectivity of the metro between the Indira Gandhi International Airport is also the point of discussion. 

Features of Noida International Airport

According to the TOI, the state government has also shared the official logo of Noida International Airport, which is a symbol depicting a Sarus Crane, the state bird of Uttar Pradesh, flying in the air.

The key features for this Noida International Airport are as follows:

  • The Passenger Capacity
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Area Covered
  • Runways
  • Logo

According to a statement made by the government of the state, the logo of the airport restates the Noida Airport’s vision in order to be the finest airport in India taking into consideration the following:

  • Technology
  • Efficiency 
  • Quality
  • Ideal Infrastructure
  • Operations

All the above in order to provide a great experience to its customers.

Phases of Jewar Airport

This Noida Airport is to be constructed in the upcoming four years of phase, which according to the reports will have about twelve million individuals each year in the start. To start with the Airport will incorporate 2 runways but as time passes there will 3 more added runways, but all of this is for a later phase to cover after the development. The state government has allotted Rs 30,000 crore in order to build the Noida International Airport. 

Noida International Airport’s Architecture

Jewar Airport has been developed by the Swiss firm ZIA or Zurich International Airport which is considered to be the country’s largest billed completion with costing of about INR29,560 crores.  To design the terminal for the passenger which has been divided into 3 phases i.e., from between June to August 2020, the developer for the same purposes have selected the group of people that consists of:

  • Nordic
  • Haptic
  • Grimshaw
  • STUP

These architects were selected initially in December. 

In an interview the Chief Minister Adityanath mentioned that he wants the airport to reflect the country’s heritage at the terminal of the main building, further he added that its best that the architects decide the implementation of the same as the main entrance of the terminal should sound attractive but at the same time the roots need to be connected to the Indian Heritage.

While the design of the same presentation was made the Chief Minister was surprised by the key feature of the Noida International Airport that was holding a big food court that was as big as the size of a football ground, which is supposed to be placed between by the zone of the arrival and the departure of the passengers. 

Further, there would be another terminal that will act as a mirror image of the previous building, but as for now, the work is underway for the first phase in 1,334 area hectares, with building two runways that have already been planned. Apart from these, the Noida Airport will also provide cargo services. 

Benefits of Jewar Airport

The vice-chairman (Santhosh Kumar) of Uttar Pradesh in an interview added that as soon as the construction of the Noida International Airport gets completed it will help get a lot of benefits with itself to bring ease to Delhi citizens, few of which includes:

  • Ease of Traffic at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. 
  • Multiple Job Indications
  • Provide steam to the property market of Noida along with Greater Noida & Yamuna Expressway 
  • For the past few years, these three property markets have been facing a lot of pressure and according to the same deed, the Noida Airport will help in providing this market some ease and help in overcoming such a slump.  

Jewar Airport Distance from Delhi

Distance between Noida International Airport or Jewar Greater Noida & New Delhi is 40kilometeres.

Starting Point: New Delhi Airport

Destination: Jewar Greater Noida

Distance for Driving: 40 kms

Time for Driving: 48 mins

Jewar International Airport Connectivity

The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (Yeida) along with central government and RITES have recommended multiple modes of transportation which include:

  • Chopper Services
  • Rapid Rail
  • Metro
  • Road Transport such as cars, cabs, buses, etc.   

Noida International Airport Impact on Real Estate

The price of land close to Jewar Airport in UP, whose first phase is expected to be established by 2021, surged by 100% by an increase in the residential estate to 50% over the next 5-7 years, because of the connectivity of the area that acts as the key feature of the infrastructure project. 

The western area of Noida in UP, where Jewar Airport is supposedly located, has come out to be the real hotspot area with all the essentials for economical housing and for the better living state that gives the commercial & infrastructural stimulation to the NCR or the National Capital Region. 

An increase in the price of land by 50-100% around the area of the airport. Further, the residential prices will increase from 40-50% in the next five to seven years. 

It has also helped in growing and developing the western part of Noida because of the International Airport located in Jewar- which will also help the real estate in fetching investments in the near future. 

It will help in raising long-delayed programs and help develop the area around it. 

The project will also help the real estate inventors and investors to emerge with new projects in that area with the help of proposed infrastructure initiatives and abundant land accessibility. 

The avg. land price that the Jewar Airport at the moment initiates is INR1,000 to INR2,500 per square feet which is dependent on the accessibility of the Noida International Airport. 

Whereas the price of land in Greater Noida ranges from INR2,000 to INR5,000 per square foot.

But, depending upon the location and all the facilities provided, there are chances for it to cross INR5,000 per square foot. 

What is the current status of Jewar airport?

The process for the land acquisition is on and the UP government has also started the process of keeping aside the money for the same project. The Noida International Airport or Jewar International Airport is expected to be operational from 2024.

Who is the architect of Jewar airport?

In order to design the terminal of Noida International Airport by three-phase between the period of June & August 2020, the following architects have been appointed in the early December. Haptic Grimshaw STUP Nordic

Does Noida have an airport?

Noida does not consist of any airport but the closest airport to Noida is the Indira Gandhi International Airport which is located in New Delhi.

Which is the biggest airport in India?

The biggest airport situated in India at present is the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

What is the name of Noida airport?

Noida International Airport