The ASHB – Assam State Housing Board Act, 1972

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In this article, you will come across certain terminologies under the Act such as betterment charges and board premises. You will also know about various provisions of the Act and who are its beneficiaries.

About ASHB Assam (Assam State Housing Board)

ASHB Assam (Assam State Housing Board) is an undertaking under the State Urban Development Department, Dispur, Assam. It’s an autonomous body. It has been re-established in the year 1974. The purpose was to establish it as a social development department.

The following were the objectives of the establishment of ASHB Act 1972:

  • The state government shall establish a Board by official notification for this Act. It will be named as Assam State Housing Board
  • According to the Act, the Board is a body corporate having its succession plan that is perpetual in nature. It functions under a common seal and it can sue and be sued. It will be lawful for it to acquire and hold both movable and immovable property and to do all those things which are deemed necessary.
  • The Board is a local authority for the Act and the Land Acquisition Act of 1894.

Objectives of ASHB Assam (Assam State Housing Board)

  • Carrying out integrated planning and physical development of declared urban areas.
  • To formulate and submit plans of development
  • Undertaking the execution of development projects and schemes.
  • One of its objectives was to formulate urban land use policy
  • Development of environmental standards for the improvement of the environment in the urban areas
  • It’s one of the important objectives is to provide technical planning service
  • There are provisions for the implementation of regional plans, master plans, township plan, etc.
  • It also encourages research and development in the areas of finding new techniques in city planning, urban development and construction of houses
  • One of its prime objectives is to promote better planning and development of urban areas

To achieve its objectives, it focuses on:

  • Building affordable housing with building materials that are environment-friendly and technologies that are cost-effective.
  • Building residential complexes in the form of Integrated Township
  • To promote projects with emphasis on promoting urban development, development of commercial complexes and creating modern infrastructure
  • Proper use of vacant government land to generate additional revenue for the government. This fund is used for financing city development and development of infrastructure in the city

You should understand the significance of the following terms used in the Act: 


  1. What is Betterment charge?

Ans. This is a charge payable under section 42 of the Act. It is payable in respect of the increase in the value of land caused by the housing schemes developed by the state government. If in the opinion of the government the value of the land of a particular area under the scheme has increased, the Board may declare that the betterment charges shall be payable by the owner of the land. Such charges shall be levied on the land adjacent to the land under the development scheme. This said land may not be under the scheme but the Board shall levy betterment charges all the same because the landowner will be benefited by the enhancement in the price of his land.

  1. What is meant by the Board under the Act?

Ans. By board, the Assam State Housing Board under section 3 of the ASHB Act is understood. According to the Act, the State Government by notification in the official gazette establish a Board which shall be known as Assam State Housing Board

  1. What is a Board Premise?

Ans. It means a premise that belongs to the Board or has been taken on lease by the Board or is under the control and supervision of the Board for this Act

  1. What is the definition of Building Materials under the Act?

Ans. It means such commodities or articles as specified as building materials and it shall be notified by this Act by the state government.

  1. What is the definition of Housing Scheme under the Act?

Ans. A housing scheme that has been made under this Act

  1. What the definition of Premises under the Act?

Ans. It is any land or building and includes:

  1. The garden, grounds and outhouses concerning such building
  2. Any fittings that are part of this building or part of a building for the benefit of the owner.
  3. What is the meaning of Tribunal under the Act?

Ans. “Tribunal” means the Tribunal constituted under Section 48;

Constitution of ASHB Assam (Assam State Housing Board)

  • The Board consists of a Chairman who is appointed by the government
  • Secretary of town planning
  • Secretary of finance
  • Chief Engineer of Public Works Department
  • Chief Public Health Engineer
  • Town Planner
  • Director of Panchayat and Municipal corporation
  • Three elected members from Assam Legislature Assembly


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