Goa Housing Board

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Goa Housing Board

In this article, we will take a glance at the projects undertaken by the Goa Housing Board 2020. We will also acquaint you on the lines of conditions of eligibility and reservations of plots and units under the housing board schemes.

Overview on the Goa Housing Board

The Goa Housing Board was formed to set up housing units in the province of Goa for the people belonging to it. Over the years, it has engaged in huge projects for the development of houses for not only the lower-income groups but also for the people belonging to the middle-income and high -income groups. Examples of the projects undertaken by the Goa Housing Committee are witnessed not only in the residential sector of the real estate economy but also in its commercial zone and public properties.

In the commercial sector, the housing board has emerged with effective construction of shops and offices in multi-storey structures that are leased out as well as sold out on ownership basis to gain a profit for the organization. Concerning the public properties, the Goa Housing Board has been effective enough to construct better roads and improve the town’s infrastructure by its sincere supervision.

Recently, after the announcement of the PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana) Scheme stating “Housing for All”, the Goa Housing Board has adapted to an affordable housing scheme for the low-income and economically weaker sections belonging to the province of Goa. However, to receive these benefits, one has to be eligible as well as he or she should be well-acquainted with the conditions of applying to own an affordable housing unit under the scheme proposed by the Goa Housing Board.

Eligibility Criteria to be met 

Listed below are some of the conditions which you as an applicant for retaining a housing unit in Goa under the Goa Housing Scheme need to keep in mind. When you stand firm on these grounds, only then you will be eligible for proposing a request to the housing committee of Goa.

  • Must be an innate resident of Goa or must have stayed in its province for a period which should not be less than ten years.
  • Any plot or estate within the premises of Goa.
  • Applicants should be aware of the condition that they will be given only a single opportunity to file in the application form. None other family members could apply for the same.
  • The application will be accepted only once by an applicant, therefore, make sure you apply to the correct segment of the class or category which you belong to.
  • Annual Income of the entire household of the applicant should not be less than Rs. 12,600 and should not be more than Rs. 2,00,000 for successful registration.
  • Note that the applicants will only be given a single chance to be allotted with a residential unit. The Board does not provide for the same applicant on any further occasions.

Conditions for the Reserved Categories

The Goa Housing Board Office Margao is one of the main branches of the organization. Even though you can contact the housing committee online

Having said that, it is important that you should also be aware of the special conditions that the Housing Board of Goa has reserved in its interests solely. For example, besides providing an affordable housing scheme and various projects concerning the lower-income and economically weaker sections of Goa, the housing board has reserved the power to retain a certain number of houses for the people it sees fit. Reservations of housing units are made for different categories of people and at different rates such as:

  • 2% reservation for the people belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
  • 5% reservation on housing supplies for people of Other Backward Classes.
  • Freedom Fighters or Soldiers get 1% reservation in housing units in Goa.
  • 2% is reserved for ex-servicemen, paramilitary personnel, defence personnel, etc.
  • 3% reservation is made for the physically challenged people.
  • 25% of the total units are to be sold out via an open sale counter or by holding auctions.

Note that if there are no applicants from any particular reserved category of people then the percentage allotted to the reserved category will be added to the general category applicants. In cases where the number of applicants exceeds the number of residential units or plots, the Board decides to conduct a draw and derive a list of candidates who will be allotted with those houses.


Q1. How does the Goa Housing Board Advertise its notices?

Ans. Release of Application forms for registration is circulated in both ways that are the online media. Offline mode comprises a widescale spread of the notice via newspapers whereas; online media directly advertises the release of application forms on the official website of the Goa Housing Board.

Q2. What is the penalty for causing a breach in the operations of the Goa Housing Board?

Ans. If any member is found violating the terms and conditions stated by the Goa Housing Board. The Board will cancel their application and seize their deposits made against the application form. Their appeal will be rejected and they could also be sued by the authority.

Q3. What are the privileges shared by the Housing Board Goa?

Ans. The Goa Housing Board has reserved the following privileges in their court:

– Power to relax and amend provisions stated in the regulations of the schemes.

– Right to impose any terms and conditions concerning the enforcement of the schemes.

– Power to allot plots to government officials, employees or members of the Board or any journalist the Board deems fit.