Chandigarh Housing Board Scheme in 2020

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Chandigarh Housing Board Scheme in 2020

This blog talks about the Chandigarh Housing Board, the projects by CHD and the charges levied by it, the various activities as well as the Notifications of CHD and also news regarding CHD.

The Chandigarh Housing Board is a Chandigarh administration undertaking. It was established in the year 1976. The objective of the board is to provide affordable and quality houses to the homeless. All along, the focus of the board has been to provide houses to the people who are downtrodden and underprivileged. The functioning of the Board is as per the CHD Housing Board (Allotment, Management & Sale of Tenements) Regulations, 1979. The land for construction of houses is allotted to the Board. It is allotted by the Chandigarh Administration. Housing schemes are floated by the Board and applications are invited from the citizens including various Reserved Categories.


  1. What are the changes at CHD Housing Board?

Need-Based Changes Chandigarh Housing Board

  • Waiving of fee of Standard Designs of Need-Based Changes No.1319-21 dt.19.09.2019
  • List of Registered Structural Engineer of Chandigarh Administration
  • Performa for Certificate of Structural stability for CHB dwelling units
  • Performa for submission of Building plans under Self Certification
  • List published regarding Empanelled Private Architects by Chandigarh Administration for being engaged under Self-Certification norm
  • Changes that are Need-Based are published in Office Order No.59 dated 15.02.2019
  • Office Order No.193.dated 19.07.2019
  • Standard Procedure regarding approval /regularization of construction in addition to the pre-approved plan through submission of Form-A, Form-B along with a Request Letter notified.
  1. What are the projects and activities of the Chandigarh Housing Board?

Besides the main contribution of CHD Housing Board in allotting affordable housing to the Chandigarh residents, CHD Housing Board has discharged a crucial responsibility in executing the different objectives/schemes of Chandigarh Administration; amongst them is the ambitious Slum Rehabilitation project.

CHB has contributed to the development of the City Beautiful by executing the following:-

Site & Services, EWS & LIG

49909 Units


11923 Units


5933 Units


67765 Units

  • Commercial Units
  • Total No: of Shops 4387, shops’ plinth, Booths etc.
  • Top of Form
  • Bottom of Form 
  1. What is the Chandigarh Housing Board notification? 
  • Model Tenancy Act of 2015
  • HB(S)/EAI/2010/4190 dt. 17.3.2010
  • Notification Regu. 16 Transfer of Registration / Property (D.Q.)
  • 9/8/1-1H(1)-2009/9894/9894 dt.21.5.2009
  • Notification Regarding Fees under the RTI Act
  • HB(S)/EAI/2K8/3193 dt.25.2.2008 & No. HB(S)/EAI/2K8/4429 dt.17.3.2008
  • Notification reg. Amendment of Regulation 6(1) in Chandigarh Housing Board (Allotment, Management & Sale of Tenements) (Amendment) Regulations, 2008
  1. What is Chandigarh Housing Board New Scheme 2020?

Chandigarh Housing Board Scheme in 2020

The CHB has already started the housing schemes sometime during October 2019 and is now inviting applications of the candidates eligible for allotment of 492 flats to be constructed in Sector 53. The final date to register under this scheme has announced to be November 30. If you cannot apply this year, you need not worry for there is the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana floated by CHB this year i.e., 2020.

As per the latest news, the CHB, in its new schemes for 2020 will construct more than 600 flats, so that majority of the eligible applicants will stand a chance of being allotted one flat. So watch out for more news regarding the 2020 Chandigarh Housing Board Scheme.

  1. What is Chandigarh Housing Board Latest news?

Chandigarh: 10 violators were issued notices by the CHB. They had started new construction on land belonging to the government in sectors 44 and 45. It was illegal in the light of the CORONA lockdown. The enforcement wing of the CHB has demolished many illegal constructions.

  1. What is Chandigarh Housing Board Ground rent online payment?

Chandigarh Housing Board has introduced the system of online payment of all types due to Residential Flats. Instalment can be paid, you can pay ground rent, penalty or property transfer fee. The allottees entitled to flats having small area at various locations like Maloya-I, Dhanas, Ramdarbar, Maulijagran, Sector-49, Sector-38 (West), Sector-56 and at Industrial Area Phase-I can pay their monthly rent online. The online payments can be made through either of the following modes:

  • Net Banking
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  1. What is the news about Chandigarh Housing Board Flats?

The Chandigarh Housing Board has revised the brochure of the new housing scheme at Sector 53. It has priced its three BHK flat Rs 1.80 crore. The new brochure will be put up for approval by the Chandigarh Housing Board in its meeting scheduled this month.

As per a senior official of the board in the revised brochure, the approximate cost of a two BHK flat will be Rs 1.47 crore and a 01-bedroom flat will cost a huge sum of Rs 95 lakh. The cost for a EWS flat has been pegged at Rs 50 lakh.

  1. Where Chandigarh Housing Board Flats for Sale is available?

These are available in Chandigarh, Mohali and many other important places. They are also known as CHD Affordable Housing.

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