Housing Board Haryana

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Housing Board Haryana

This article deals with Housing Board Haryana and its various aspects such as the online status, eligibility criteria, refund policy, payment methods and the online submission of application forms for the year 2020.


Housing Board Haryana has been into existence since 1971 after the Haryana Housing Board Act of 1971 was passed. Under the regulations and policies stated, the Housing Board is to elect a Board of Members who will participate in the decision making for the welfare of the state. There are various categories of developmental projects with which the Board is associated with.

Besides the construction of houses, Housing Board Haryana is also associated with construction programs of properties in the public as well as the commercial domain. Constructions in the public domain constitute a development of infrastructural needs like transport, communication, power supply, water harvesting, and sewage treatment and so on.

The commercial domain comprises of constructions of shops, kiosks, community centres, flats, etc. that could be rented out for earning a surplus to the Board itself. The profits earned from renting properties are thus, put to use in providing various other necessities for the state.

Moreover, the Housing Board Haryana has also collaborated with the Central Government Policy of providing “Housing for All” which means that construction of houses and allotment of these properties to the EWS will be carried out under the norms of the PMAY. You can easily register yourself as a beneficiary in this scheme, provided you meet the necessary criteria mentioned in the policies of the Scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

For enrolling yourself as a beneficiary in the Housing Board Scheme of the State Government of Haryana, you must meet the following criteria as stated in the Housing Board Haryana Result 2019:

  • You should be a permanent resident in the Indian State of Haryana.
  • You or any of your family members should not own land or property in the state or elsewhere.
  • If you are applying for the subsidy then make sure that you belong to the economically weaker section.
  • You must hold a BPL (Below Poverty Line) Ration Card.
  • Your entire family’s income would be taken into account and therefore, the annual income of your family should not exceed Rs. 3 lakhs.

Online Registration and Payment Details

For the candidates who wish to enrol themselves as beneficiaries in the Housing Board Haryana Panchkula to gain subsidies from the government, they must make sure that they have undergone the registration process with the Haryana Housing Board. Registering for subsides is now easier as it can be done online at their official website. The Housing Board Haryana refund status can also be checked here. The registration process is simple and easy to follow up as you can fill up the details once you meet the eligibility criteria stated above.

For registration, you have to sign up at the official website of the HBH. After which you can fill up the details with your phone number, email id, name, surname, address, etc. on the Housing Board Haryana Online Form. Documents like Aadhar Card, Address Proof, Bank Account Passbook, Domicile Certificate and Income Certificate are required for the registration process. These could be scanned and uploaded online at a cybercafé by the help of the person in charge if you are not so well-acquainted with the filling up of details and uploading of scanned copies of the necessary documents.

The payment procedure can also be carried out online by the help of the Housing Board Haryana Online Payment portal. Housing Board Haryana Gurgaon Online Form 2020 has been released for your perusal. Even though you get a subsidy on the total cost of the housing and the interests charged on it, yet you have to pay the total amount to the builder for owning a house. The loan taken against buying of houses will help you to make the payments in various steps such as while filling the application form, during the draw result, at the possession and in some cases in instalment after being allotted with the housing unit by the Housing Board Haryana Gurgaon.


Q1. What is the aim of the Housing Board Haryana?

Ans. Housing Board Haryana aims to provide urban housing units to with better infrastructural amenities to the people belonging to the economically weaker section of the society.

Q2. What is the payment procedure allotted to the people belonging to the BPL?

Ans. The payment procedure for owning a house under the EWS scheme is as follows:

  • 10% of the total amount is to be paid while filling in the application form.
  • 10% of the remaining amount is to be paid after the results are drawn.
  • 30% of the remaining sum is to be handed over during possession
  • The remaining 50% can be either paid in a lump sum within 60 days since the allotment letter is issued, or,
  • You could also pay in monthly instalments over 156 months. However, you will be charged with a certain interest rate if you opt for the EMI method of payment.

Q3. What is the payment procedure for the EWS applicants? 

Ans. The EWS applicants are required to pay their accommodation cost in three steps:

  • 10% of the total at the time of filling the application form.
  • 20% of the remaining sum after the draw results.

70% payment is to be cleared during the time of possession of the housing unit.