Puducherry Housing Board

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Puducherry Housing Board

The schemes of the housing board are usually promoted with finance from financial institution like HUDCO.  Occasionally these schemes are also supported by the funds of the Board. There is Puducherry Planning Authority Rules and Puducherry Planning Authority Bye-Laws to govern various Government-regulated housing schemes for the needy and homeless.

Puducherry Housing Board (PHB)

The Puducherry Housing Board was formed under a special Act i.e., the Pondicherry Housing Board Act, 1973 (No.7 of 1974) with the consent of the President of India. This was done to solve housing shortage problem by promoting housing and other connected schemes. There is an official website that provides additional information.

Puducherry Housing Board is a premier housing agency in the Puducherry Union Territory. It was formed to provide a house to the homeless poor. It also builds houses for middle income and high-income categories. The Puducherry Housing Board has so far constructed4971 houses. Out of this, 830 are for EWS of the Society.   In addition to the construction of houses, the Board has developed320 plots and sold them.

The schemes are usually supported with financial help from financial institution like HUDCO.  At times the schemes are implemented using funds of the Board. 


What is Government Housing Board?

The housing industry of India is one of the fastest-growing sectors. Ever increasing population base, income levels rising and fast urbanization has lead to expansion in this segment. Within the Federal structure of India, the matters relating to Housing & Urban Development are on the State lists and the Union government becomes responsible for formulating and implementing social housing schemes. The part on housing explains different government housing schemes and initiatives, implemented for both rural and urban as well as EWS of the society.

What is the role of Puducherry Urban Development Agency (PUDA)?

Puducherry Urban Development Agency is a Society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 – vide Registration No.240 of 1998 after getting the approval of Government, vide G.O.Ms.No.63/98-99/LAS, dt.07-08-1998 of the Local Administration Secretariat, Puducherry.

What is Puducherry Planning Authority?

Puducherry Planning Authority is a body under the government that regulates the planning and infrastructure development of the areas under the municipal region of Puducherry.

What is Puducherry Housing Board Application Procedure?

As the scheme has been recently launched by the state government of Puducherry, the application process is yet to be launched. As and when the application forms will be issued the applicants eligible under the scheme will be able to apply either online or down load the application form to apply.

What is The Pondicherry Town and Country Planning Act, 1969?

The Pondicherry Town and Country Planning Act, 1969

The act was brought into force on 15.09.1972, to exercise proper development control and to provide for planning and development and use of urban and rural lands in the Union Territory of Pondicherry and the reason associated with it. Puducherry Planning Authority was formed under the statute for applying development control on the notified areas for planning.

Who is responsible for Puducherry Planning Authority Master Plan?


Name of the Department -Town and Country Planning Department

Functions of the Town and Country Planning Department

  • In charge towards the planned expansion of the Urban and Rural Areas within the Union Territory of Puducherry, by preparing and enforcing development plans as per the provisions of “The Puducherry Town and Country Planning Act, 1969”.
  • Advise the Government departments and different Quasi-Government agencies decide on the important locations for developing within the Union Territory of Puducherry.

What are the functions of PUDA?


The State Urban Poverty Programme and policy development, within the overall State Urban Development strategy.

Monitor the programme and assess it (MIS).

Planning, coordinating and monitoring of the State Training Plan.

Mobilize resources and decide allotment based on the requirement and performance.

Programme implementation guidance and supervision.

Report monthly programme status or as required to the Department of MoH & UPA.

What are the highlights of Puducherry Housing Scheme?

Puducherry Housing Scheme

The Government of Puducherry has initiated a housing scheme for providing houses for people of the economically weaker section and those deprived of the basic housing facilities there. The Puducherry Department of Housing Board is accountable for allocating the beneficiaries individual flats. In this article, we look at this housing scheme in detail.

Highlights of the Scheme

The following are the highlights of the housing scheme:

  • 172 crore sanctioned by the Central Government for the scheme’s implementation.
  • The beneficiary can benefit from the scheme without paying any amount towards the house under the scheme.
  • This scheme aims to improve the society’s weaker sections in Puducherry

What are the Scheme Details?

The Government of the Puducherry declared this scheme for the poor people of this union territory. Being a scheme with one of the largest housing budget the department of housing board give financial help to beneficiaries under the scheme.

What are the Eligibility Criteria?

For applying under this housing scheme the eligibility criteria are listed below:

The applicant needs to be a permanent resident of Puducherry.

Those people living Below Poverty Line (BPL) are qualified to apply.

Documents required while applying for the benefits under the scheme are:

  • Residential certificate.
  • Income certificate.
  • Aadhar card.
  • Ration card.

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