Gujarat Housing Board

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Gujarat Housing Board

This article mainly concerns the Gujarat Housing Board projects for the well-being of its people and the welfare of the state. We will also provide a brief history of the housing board commission. 

A Brief Analysis of the Gujarat Housing Board

Before the establishment of the GHB, the development and welfare programs of the State of Gujarat were managed by the neighbouring commission of the Bombay Housing Board, which is under the State of Maharashtra. However, the year 1960 saw the split of the province of Bombay and as a result, the Gujarat Housing Board was established as an independent governing body to look after the needs and means of the people of Gujarat. 

Since then, the Gujarat Housing Board has engaged in various developmental programs concerned with the welfare of the state. Moreover, it has participated and implemented several construction projects for both residential and commercial setups. Residential up-gradation was brought about for the people living in the slums and under unhygienic conditions, whereas the commercial sector boomed with investors and foreign marketers after the establishment of multi-storeyed structures as offices and shops. 

Being recognized as one of the most developed and vibrant states of the recent era, the Gujarat Housing Board Ahmedabad has joined hands with the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) Scheme for developing housing facilities and infrastructural amenities for the people belonging to the economically weaker sections, LIG and MIG category. The main office of the Board is said to be located in Ahmedabad where you can visit and approach for the beneficiary scheme. However, you can also contact the Board through the online portal, that is, at their official website at

Achievements of the Gujarat Housing Board

  • The Housing Commission was established after Gujarat was declared as an independent state and was demarcated from the province of Maharashtra. 
  • One of the common aims of the newly-formed Board was to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of the state and provide them with affordable houses. 
  • The Board also aimed to stabilize the economic condition of the state by constructing and renting properties as well as putting them on sale. 
  • Present-day urban settlements like Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Rajkot, Surat, Bhavnagar and more are the result of developments and improvements in infrastructure and amenities brought about by the Gujarat Housing Board. 
  • About 1,76,830 houses and plots were delivered by the Board on lands owned by the Government. 
  • With the launch of effective schemes like the PMAY and the Mukh Mantri GruhYojna, various banks now offer loans and schemes, which thus helps in uplifting the financial stature of the Gujarat Housing Board. 
  • Besides providing housing supplies to the low-income groups and EWS, the Gujarat Housing BoardBhavnagar Tarsamiya is also associated in improving infrastructural amenities like the development of roads, increasing water and power supply, construction of hospitals and education centres, recreational zones like parks, shops, and so on. 
  • Having achieved great heights, the need of consulting brokers and agents for housing supplies have now been eliminated by GHB in its province. Thus, applicants can now acquire houses both on rent as well as on ownership basis without having to pay extra brokerage charges. 
  • Lastly, the GHB is seen working profusely to provide a helping hand to the PMAY Scheme of “Housing for All” that is proposed to be completed by the year 2022.  

Projects by the Gujarat Housing Board

  • The Gujarat Housing Board Ahmedabad New Scheme 2019 is concerned with the construction of residential properties at various areas of Ahmedabad. For example, Virasat Palm Glory III located at Chandkeda, Abhay Ratna Shine at Gota, Royal Parisar at Zundal, Godrej Garden City at Jagatpur and so on. Among these projects, the upcoming Gujarat Housing Board Ahmedabad Gota Scheme is said to be one of the biggest investments in residential undertakings of the Board till date. 
  • Gujarat Housing Board Rajkot is the newly developed branch office of the GHB which is build to supervise the construction programs being carried out at the Rajkot area. Having completed 522 housing unit for the low-income groups at Bhuj, the Board now focuses on the opposite side of the Rann of Kutch, that is, at Rajkot to develop more of these residential plots and properties for the LIG, MIG and EWS people. 
  • Some of the other regions where the GHB has been engaged in setting up residential and commercial properties along with serving public interests include areas under the jurisdiction and office of Gujarat Housing Board Surat.


Q1. When was the draw conducted by the Gujarat Housing Board in 2019?

Ans. The Gujarat Housing Board Draw Date 2019 was announced to be 6 March where applicants were selected through a draw so that they could be allotted with residential units for dwelling in. 

Q2. Name some of the projects of the Gujarat Housing Board in Ahmedabad.

Ans. Some of the GHB Projects Ahmedabad is:

  • Virasat Palm Glory III, Chandkheda.
  • Dev Home Town 4, Chandkheda.
  • Siddhivinayak Omkar Lotus, Chandkheda.
  • Eminence Pinnacle, Shradhapark Society.
  • Royal Parisar, Zundal.
  • Abhay Ratna Shine, Gota.  

Q3. Name some of the most popular undertakings of the Gujarat Housing Board.

Ans. Following are some of the most popular residential projects of the GHB:

  • Godrej Garden City.
  • Anmol Ambience.
  • Shrikunj Icon.
  • SaraswatiSwanik Arcade.
  • BV Diva Heights. 

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