6 Decoration Ideas for your living room, you can’t go wrong with

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Your Living Room: the most functional and comfortable space in your house that harbors your sprawled body and soul after a long tiring day. At the same time, you also make sure that it looks presentable enough to bring your guests home and caste a fair impression.

Hence it is elementary that your living room must possess attributes matching to your personality and aura. After all, ‘Homecoming’ must have a meaning to it!

So here we present to you some terrifically ingenious and prolific ideas to give your living room a ‘your’ kind of makeover.

  • Classic never goes out of style. So how about embellishing your living room with shades of black and white, paired with geometric lamps, and patterned rugs? The combination of white walls, a glazed couch with a black glass table, is surely a recipe for twinkling eyes and turning heads.
  • Love the farmhouse style of living? Frame your mantel with pine, and throw up some decorative wooden blocks and cane fruit baskets to your shelves to restore the organic feels. Windsor chairs, tea oil lamps, along with a couple of ornamental plants around, shall just upturn the rural charm even more.
  • Are you someone who has a tough time saying goodbye to the vacation beach-house? No worries! You can now bring it home. After all, backsplashes are not meant just for the kitchens! Tile up your fireplace with blue and white and add shades of tropical turquoise to your cushions and floor rugs. Don’t worry about it appearing monochromatic. In fact, intrigue your space with a few touches of green, keep the furniture simple wood brown and walls raw and poplar for fisherman’s shack feels, and you’re good to go!
  • There is nothing like light and high-ceilings diverging with dark beams in the room, to awaken the archaic platina with a touch of extravagance and luxury. Hooking on a gothic-inspired candle chandelier, along with putting up a velvet couch and faux fur mats, is surely going to do the drill!
  • Do fringes, patch-works, and denim define your style? Then my friend you need to jazz up this Bohemian formula to your living room. Just plaster your wall with a bold wallpaper, add a lot of colorfully patterned cushions to your couch, throw up a parchment rug beneath your booties, and there you go with the most gypsy, in vogue and festive living room ever!
  • And how about hanging out on a light bright day? Well, let us then make your living room sunny 24*7. No matter what the weather outside is, having a yellow couch with the rest of the room light and breezy will add a tinge of a tasteful French Summer Cottage to your living room. Pay special attention to a beautifully printed tablecloth along with cane blinds, and you’ll be feeling fresh as the morning, round the clock and calendar.

So, these were a few fashionable ideas that can immediately turn up your housing style game, like no other. So, get off your couch, get set to add a contemporary smack to your house, and make a statement through your living room!

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