6 Types of Modular Kitchens to Give Your Cookhouse an Excellent Makeover

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Looking forward to recreating your abode with absolutely modern and voguish designer facets? Then make sure you do not miss to pay attention to the benefactor of all your heavenly culinary experiences- Your Kitchen. In this fast-paced life, owning your own residence is a luxury, forget assuring your dreamy king-size rooms in the apartment.

But don’t worry. One space in your abode that is assured to get its space dues at your convenience is your kitchen. And the credit for making your dream of working in a luxurious and stylish kitchen come true goes to the contemporary era of ‘Modular Kitchens’.

Modular kitchens are not only extremely customizable to any shape and size but also look incredibly stunning to the eyes. Through a kitchen tailored to your needs, you can assure enough space for the storage aspect, cooking and the indispensable electronic appliances.

A modular kitchen incorporates factory-made cabinet modules composed of different kinds of materials to bid facilitation of the productive use of the kitchen. Multiple modules and a series of pre-constructed cabinets together configure a much suitable layout as per your personal requirement. Therefore, a modular kitchen acts as an ideal solution for a highly functional kitchen layout incorporating elegance and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Just like any other chunk of your furniture, your modular kitchen also is a one-time investment element. Hence, it is a must to take some good time to research before deciding on the type of design for your kitchen that suits best for you and your space.

Below are some of the most popular modular kitchen layouts, along with a few valuable tips that will aid you to opt for the most complimenting design for your house:

  1. Straight

The sink, hob, fridge and other storage cabinets in one line, against a single wall, is a straight kitchen layout. It is best suitable to embrace a small space while maintaining optimum efficiency. You are likely to find such kitchens mostly in a studio or loft apartments. Straight kitchen layouts are also termed as open kitchens, as they make space look more defined and sorted while leaving enough space for the dining or the seating area.

  1. L-Shaped

The L-shaped layout of a kitchen describes a single unit which is spread across 2 adjoining walls while providing ample amount of free space around. Since this layout is discreet and versatile at the same time, it is mostly opted by compact apartments, to maximize functionality.

  1. Parallel

Parallel modular kitchens comprise of two long slabs against two different walls, facing each other. Since this kind of a kitchen layout provides enormous working space for numerous appliances, along with a huge storage space, it is highly recommended by chefs around the world. A Parallel modular kitchen is suitable for all kinds of homes, especially the ones having long narrow kitchen spaces.

  1. Island

The Island modular kitchen layout has an extra counter space which is separated from the main cabinet. This space can be used to place a hub or as a dining-cum-fun space. The Island kitchen layout is the most opted-for layout around the globe for the reason, that it looks highly modern and elegant.

  1. U-Shaped

A U-Shaped modular kitchen layout provides tremendous counter space and numerous floor cabinets at your service. It is accessible from 3 ways and is the most suitable option to satisfy your cookery fondness and utilize your spacious apartment. Although, this layout can burn a little hole in your pocket.

  1. Peninsula

Similar to the Island kitchen layout, a Peninsula modular kitchen also has an extra counter. However, here this counter is attached to the main counter space. Peninsula modular kitchen offers a separate cooking space, well-defined boundaries, and plenty of storage on the dining space. It uses up little floor space and is highly useful for small homes.

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