Popular Home Design Myths You Need To Chuck Out

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It's year 2020 - the right time to debunk popular home design myths and design the home interior the way it best reflects your unique style.

Ages ago, someone somewhere made a wise decision while doing the interiors of their house, and going down the generations, it became the rule… Now today, when we set out on the home design journey, these rules start ruling our minds to the extent that we stop thinking out of the box. Ain’t it time yet to ignore popular home design myths and debunk the home design rules?

The only rule that you should follow while designing the home interiors is something that best reflects your taste. Read along and see what all you need to now see differently if doing up the home interiors:

Obsession with Whites

White ceilings and white wall paint are so last generation - one of the most popular home design myths

White ceiling. White walls. Why? Because everyone says white helps a room appear vast. If this is why you avoid experimenting with colours on the walls, you are in the wrong as this tops the list of popular home design myths. It is mostly the placement of the furniture that decides how large the space may appear. White ceilings too don’t go well with all colour types on the walls. However, whites are also preferred for the chic, clean look they render. Decide on what you desire.

A Trendy Design

Time for functional home decor in 2020.

You can follow Home Decor designs by looking at a couple - or a couple more - bookshelf interior design magazines or from heaps of home decor ideas on Pinterest but something that doesn’t reflect your actual self will soon bore you. What’s in trend today may soon fade away. Look for evergreen trends (or something that you can live with for more than one year) and mix them with the functionality you desire and work that out, especially if you want a look that lasts.

Home Design is Expensive

Home decor in 2020 is no longer expensive. Debunk the home design rules now.

Today, there’s something to suit all tastes and all pocket-sizes, dearies. If you don’t want to go over-the-board by bringing home a pair of recliner chairs, you can throw in some - or a lot of - scatter cushions here and there to create a comfortable and welcoming look in your home. Accessorise using artwork, or create your own (and for God’s sake, place it at eye level), or use mirrors and you won’t necessarily have to rob the bank.

Patterns and Prints Story

Variety of patterns and prints give home a trendy look.

For ages now, we have firmly believed in the idea that asks us to steer clear of mixing too many patterns and prints. Eclectic decor style that’s gaining popularity now goes against the norm. If you’re creative enough, you can as well mix as many patterns, prints, and colours you want. Believe your eye and gut when it comes to choosing colours and patterns, and not necessarily a rule book for home design.

A Set of Furniture

Dining sets limit creativity.

Dining table and matching chairs. Check. Matching sofa, ottoman, and couch. Check. The truth is, it’s a passé. Don’t limit yourself to specific chair sets when you can choose between different styles and types and bring about a contemporary touch. If the furniture sets aren’t matching but still have a unifying element attached to them, it makes the living room look interesting and full of life. Same goes for any additional piece of furniture you wish to place in other rooms of the house.

When we build a house or move into one or wish to change the way our existing home looks, we want to go out of our way to give it a touch that reflects our personal style, without losing out on functionality and comfort. Going by the rule books for home decor ideas in 2020 that were formulated decades ago limits us from experimenting. The end result hence is the same old copy-paste view of the home. Break the rules, experiment, take help and let every corner of your home reflect your individuality. Time to get done with popular Home Design myths!

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