Stamp Duty and Property Registration Charges In Delhi


When you purchase a property in the national capital Delhi, it is mandatory for the home purchasers or the buyers to pay the stamp duty and registration charges in Delhi. Although to expand home ownership, the stamp duty in Delhi is kept lesser for the women buyers. 

Unless a property is registered in the name of the purchaser, the ownership of that particular asset is not given to him in the court of law.  But going through the registration process the ownership of the property is transferred from the old owner to the new buyer, the government records. Therefore, The Registration Act of 1908 is set mandatory for the buyer or the purchaser to pay stamp duty charge at the time of property registration. 

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Delhi

In the table below, you can learn the stamp duty and property registration charges in Delhi in 2022.

Category Stamp Duty Rates in Delhi Stamp Duty Charges in NDMC areas Stamp Duty Charges Cantonment Board Area Registration Charges
Male 6 % 5.5 % 3 % 1 %
Female 4 % 3.5 % 3 % 1 %
Joint Ownership 5 % 4.5 % 3 % 1 %

Stamp Duty Rates in Delhi

Please note: Between the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), the stamp duty on property in Delhi is 5.5% and on the other hand for women purchasers or buyers the stamp duty in Delhi is 3.5% of the property value. Property sale stamp duty charge in Delhi Cantonment Board is 3%.    

Stamp Duty Property Registration Charges in Delhi

Gender Registration Charges
Male 1%
Female 1%
Joint 1%

Both men and women regardless of their gender must pay 1% registration charge, with the stamp duty from their property value at the time of the house deed.

In other Cases

So, in case a man is registering a property in Delhi, national capital will have to pay the 7% of the property value.

whereas, a women must pay 5% and if in case the property is bought jointly which means both on the names of women and men, then they will have to pay 6% of the property value at the time of registration. 

How Do You Calculate Stamp Duty in Delhi?

Here is an example to help you understand how to calculate property registration charges in Delhi and the Stamp duty value of the property. You will also learn how the Stamp Duty Calculator in Delhi works.

For Women:

Price of your Property: Rs. 10,00,000

Registration Rates in Delhi: 1% of Rs. 10,00,000 = Rs. 1000

Stamp Duty in Delhi: 4% of Rs. 10,00,000 = Rs. 40,000

For Men:

Price of your Property: Rs. 10,00,000

Registration Rates in Delhi: 1% of Rs. 10,00,000 = Rs. 100

How to Pay Stamp Duty Value of Property in Delhi?

With the introduction of a new e-stamping method in Delhi, the stamp duty in Delhi must now be paid through e-stamping, which means there is no offline method or procedure through which the stamp duty could be paid. From now on the buyers or the purchaser needs to visit the official website of SHCIL Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL) www[dot]shcilstamo[dot]com and make the necessary payment on the website itself, it also has its own permit collection Centre called ACC, which is an intermediary body between the purchaser and the SHCIL. 

In the even of acting through an ACC, you can pay your stamp duty charge in cash, or you may also pay through different mode of payment which are:

  • Demand Draft
  • Cheque
  • Pay Order
  • RTGS- Real Time Gross Settlement
  • NEFT- National Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Account to Account Transfer

After the payment has been made, the purchaser can further book an appointment online under the sub registrar office, by visiting on to srams[dot]delhi[dot]gov[dot]in to start the registration charge process. 

Documents Required for Stamp Duty Registration Charges in Delhi

To enroll yourself to pay the stamp duty registration charges in Delhi the buyer needs the following documents:

  • Address Proof of both the buyer and the seller along with the witnesses.
  • Identity Proof of both the buyer and the seller along with the witnesses.
  • Sale Deed
  • Two passport size photographs for both the buyer and the seller along with two copies of the documents.
  • E-stamp papers with the correct property value of the stamp duty.
  • E-Registration fee or charge receipt of the registration charge along with the undertaking.
  • NOC- No-objection Certificate, in case of buying a land or a plot.
  • Self-Attested copy of PAN card and Form 60.
  • All the original documents with one copy of all the documents.

House Registration Charges in Delhi

According to the property registration charges in Delhi are 1% of the current market value of your property. The property is taxed in the form of house registration fees and GST registration fees in Delhi. The stamp duty fee is the registry charge collected by the Government during the property purchase. These charges are the same as flat registration charges in Delhi and plot registration charges in Delhi.

Gift deed Stamp Duty in Delhi

The rules for gifted property vary in several states. But in Delhi, in the case of the stamp duty, the property transfer by way of gift is the same as 4% for women and 6% for men.

Latest Updates for Stamp Duty on Property in Delhi

There was an expected reduction in the charges of stamp duty and registration fees in Delhi by 1%. The state government of Delhi gave a 20% reduction in the circle rates, which included categories such as Commercial, Industrial, and residential, this was granted and made into practice from February 2021 and is supposed to stretch for six months which is 30th September 2021. 

Stamp Duty Charges in Other States

State Stamp Duty Charges
Jharkhand Stamp Duty in Jharkhand
Gujarat Stamp Duty in Gujarat
Goa Stamp Duty in Goa
West Bengal Stamp Duty in West Bengal
Madhya Pradesh Stamp Duty in Madhya Pradesh
Jammu & Kashmir Stamp Duty in Jammu & Kashmir
Rajasthan Stamp Duty in Rajasthan
Mumbai Stamp Duty in Mumbai
Hyderabad Stamp Duty in Hyderabad
Pune Stamp Duty in Pune

Factors Affecting Stamp Duty Registration Charges in Delhi

Not only in Delhi but there are several factors that influence the property registration as well as stamp duty charges in various places and states. Some of these include the location of the property, type of property, and more. To know more about those factors, have a look at the list compiled by us-

Property Type

As you might know, there are two types of properties- commercial and residential. Commercial properties usually have higher stamp duty charges when compared to residential properties and the flat registration charges in Delhi are different from that of the plot registration charges in Delhi.

Location of the Property

Another most important factor that affects the stamp duty charge on the property is the location where it is situated. If the property is in the Urban area or if it’s located in the mid of the city, the charges will be comparatively higher than charges on properties in rural and semi-urban areas. 

Market Value of the Property

If the market value of the property is higher, the stamp duty charges for that particular property will be higher too. Besides, the total area of the property is also a critical factor in deciding the stamp duty charges on the property. 

Gender & Age of the Owner

Various state governments render added concessions to females, and sometimes, senior citizens buying homes also avail of the same benefit. Usually, the government takes this step to ensure more females come out and own houses independently. The same goes for senior citizens as well. The stamp duty charges and house registration charges in Delhi for them are usually a bit lower when compared to male and young property owners. 

However, in some states, the charges remain the same for every category of home buyers. 

Ready Reckoner Rates for Residential Plots in Delhi     

Category Cost of land Cost of construction
CAT A Rs.7.74 lakh per m2 Rs.21,960 per m2
CAT B Rs.2.46 lakh per m2 Rs.17,400 per m2
CAT C Rs.1.60 lakh per m2 Rs.13,920 per m2
CAT D Rs.1.28 lakh per m2 Rs.11,160 per m2
CAT E Rs.70,080 per m2 Rs.9,360 per m2
CAT F Rs.56,640 per m2 Rs.8,220 per m2
CAT G Rs.46,200 per m2 Rs.6,960 per sq mtr
CAT H Rs.23,280 per m2 Rs.3,480 per m2

Ready Reckoner Rates for Flats in Delhi   

Area DDA, society flats Private builder flats
Multi-story apartments Rs.87.840 Rs.1.10 lakh
Above 100 sq mtr Rs.76,200 Rs.95,250
50 sq mtr to 100 sq mtr Rs.66,240 Rs.79,488
30 sq mtr to 50 sq mtr Rs.54,480 Rs.62,652
Up to 30 sq mtr Rs.50,400 Rs.55,440

Points to Consider Before Paying Stamp Duty in Delhi

You should consider the following points before paying stamp duty and the property registration charges in Delhi.

  • The property registration charges in Delhi are a vital part of the property registration process. Thus, the deposition of the fee is mandatory.
  • Every state government has kept the stamp duty rates slightly lower for female applicants. The action is to encourage women’s property ownership.
  • The property registration and stamp duty charges in Delhi are a one-time fee. But if someone fails to pay the stamp duty charges in Delhi, they have to pay a hefty amount as a form of penalty to the state exchequer.
  • The Stamp duty and registration charges fall under Section 80 C of the income tax. However, the limit is capped at Rs. 1.5 lakh per annum. 
  • In a line, we can say that stamp duty charges in Delhi ensure that the property is registered under the Government records and will not let any legal disputes in the future.

FAQ’s about Stamp Duty in Delhi

Q1. What is the rate of registry in Delhi?

The rate of registry Delhi for property registration in Delhi is as follows: For women, the Stamp duty and transfer duty is 4%, and for men, it is 6%. However, the registration fee is 1% of the total value of the Sale Deed along with Rs. 100 pasting charges.

Q2. How much is the registration fee for a house in Delhi?

The plot registration charges are 1% of the entire value of the Sale Deed and Rs. 100/ as the pasting charge.

Q3. How much is the registration fee for a flat in Delhi?

The registration fee is 1% of the total value of the Sale Deed + Rs. 100/- pasting charge.

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