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Bhulekh Odisha Land Record

The bhulekh Odisha Naksha is a new trend in Odisha under the central government’s initiative of giving access to land-related information to people. Valuation of land also is possible under bhulekh Odisha land valuation system. Now land record search of Odisha is a reality gaining popularity among people.

Bhulekh Odisha Land Record

There is a new trend of land records under a new system in India. Like every state of India, the government Odisha has taken the initiative to begin the land records system for the benefit of the public. You should know the significant information regarding Bhulekh land records. It will give the people of Odisha information on Bhulekh lands in Odisha. You should also know about the online facility provided by the government to check the land records from the comforts of your home.

You will get the following information:

  • Bhulekh Odisha Land Map record
  • Online ROR documents
  • Application fee
  • Statistics of Bhulekh in Odisha
  • The documents you need to produce to get the information
  • What the application process is for the ROR
  • Knowledge of checking ROR documents
  • Getting the Bhunaksha Map
  • Record Keeping of important lands
  • How to get Tehsil information
  • Procedure to download Odisha Bhulekh Map

There is a Bhulekh portal that was launched by the government for the facility of the citizens of the state. It will help them check the lands in the state of Odisha. Before this system took place, citizens had to visit the offices of the concerned authorities. They had to wait in the long queues. Through online checking of land records, the citizens now can check the ROR documents.

Online ROR Documents

These documents are the ones that bear the owner’s name of a piece of land. The document is a must for the sell and purchase of land in Odisha. It’s important in all the other states of India too. This document is in the custody of the Revenue and Disaster Management, Government of Odisha. It contains the name of the owner, land history, cost of land and so on. This document also contains whether this is agricultural land or not.

Important Information


Bhulekh Portal

Launched by

Government of Odisha state


Residents of Odisha state


Providing online land records

Official website




Government fees and User costs


Service Charges of the kiosk Operator


Printing Charges


Scanning Charges


Certificate Output Charges


DEGs charges


Bhulekh Odisha State Statistics



No. of Districts


No. of Tehsil


No. of RI circles


Total No. of villages


No. of Khatiyans


No. of Plots 


No. of Tenants 


Documents Required

The following documents are required for applying for ROR:

  • Voter ID
  • Ration Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Ownership document
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Taxation of land
  • Income certificate

Application Procedure:

The steps are given below:

  • District Revenue Office visit
  • An application taken from office
  • Filling in the form
  • Relevant documents
  • Submission of form
  • Receipt
  • Verification
  • The ROR certified copy

How to check ROR document

If one wants to check their documents then follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the Website
  • Select ROR location
  • Select District, Tehsil, Village, etc.
  • Click on Khatiyan
  • Select Khatiyan on the dropdown list
  • Select plot number
  • Select the plot option
  • Select plot number from dropdown
  • Click on “tenant”
  • Select the name of the tenant
  • ROR front- and back-page as your option will appear
  • Choose and click
  • Printout the ROR

To check the Map, one needs to follow simple steps below:-

How to get the Odisha Bhu Naksha or Map?

  • Visit the following

Bhulekh Odisha Land Record1

  • Click on “Map View”.
  • The Map page is displayed.
  • Select your district

Bhulekh Odisha Land Record2

  • Click on the submit 
  • Select Plot number

Bhulekh Odisha Land Record3

Importance of keeping land records:

  • It is possible to keep land records
  • It helps in opening a Bank account for the loan
  • Land records are needed for sale or partition of land
  • To keep a personal record of land
  • This record will be useful at the court of law during disputes
  • Used for any legal litigation
  • For the sale of land or purchase of land 

Getting Tehsil Information

  • Visit the Bhulekh Odisha website
  • You click on Tehsil  link
  • Follow the link to another website
  • You can select district and tehsil
  • Click on “go”.

How to install Odisha Bhulekh App?

  • You have to go to Google Play Store
  • You should enter Odisha Bhulekh option
  • Look at the list that appears
  • Now click on top result
  • Click install
  • Now, the App will be installed 

Odisha went digital in 2008 regarding land records and the name of an online portal is Odisha Bhulekh Land Portal or in short “Bhulekh”. It can be accessed online through Bhulekh Odisha. This portal provides ROR details apart from info on Tehsil and maps.

Bhulekh gives you every single and minor detail of the lands in Odisha. You get all land-related details in this portal. Before 2008, all was managed manually and people had to visit various offices for land-related matters. It was quite time-consuming and painstaking. So, the Odisha government went digital for convenience. It all happened under the auspices of the National Land Records Modernization Programme. Now, the state of Odisha manages all land work digitally. Now it is trouble-free.

The services provided are:

  • Record of Rights access
  • Access to maps
  • State Statistics
  •  Tehsil information.

There are the following benefits.

  • Transparency in the management of land
  • Conversion from digital to manual.
  • 24 hours of access to records of land.

How one can Online check Bhulekh Orissa Land Records?

Checking Bhulekh Land records:

Now you can check land records quicker. It’s online, so it’s fast.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Now choose the details given below

  • Tehsil
  • District
  • Circle Village

Step 3: Do the verification of land record

  • Plot
  • Khatiya
  • Tenant
  • Step 4: A drop-down menu is shown
  • Step 5: Provide the value
  • Step 6: Click on the desired ROR

Records of Odisha Bhulekh Land have to be downloaded. For that, you have to have access to land records. You can follow the steps as mentioned above.

On Bhulekh Odisha you can view the maps also. Follow the following steps:

Visit the website, click on the map view, click on the option or link, and you will be directed to your destination. You can select the District from the given options. Now click on “submit”.

You can also select Tehsil, Village and Sheet Number to see map of a specific place. You have to type in the plot number.

You can view Tehsil in the following steps:

  • Click on Tehsil info.
  • Go to the page ‘Tehsil Web Information’.
  • Now select the District and input Tehsil.
  • Click on ‘Go’
  • Collect RoR application form.
  • Fill in the form
  • Get the acknowledgement slip.
  • A RoR copy will be issued

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How one can check their land record in Odisha?

One can check the land records by these steps.
- Go to the website
- Provide the details
- Select Khatiyan and Plot
- Provide accurate value
- Click on “ROR”

Where’s the land map of Odisha?

An Odisha Land map can be easily found on the Bhulekh portal. You have to visit the website and go to ‘map view.’ You will be directed to the next page. There, you can enter the valid details.

What is Bhunaksha?

It’s the land map of Odisha and it can be accessed through its online portal. You can see the Naksha entering the correct info.

How to receive ROR in Odisha?

You should visit the Tehsils or Revenue Office. You can get the application forms there. You should fill in the same and submit it.

What are the fees for land registration in Odisha?

It is 5% of Market Price.