Built up & Super built up area

Carpet area

Technically speaking, it means the net usable floor area within a building excluding the area that is covered by the walls or any other areas specifically exempted from floor space index computation.

In simple terms, this is the area inside the apartment where a carpet can be laid and is measured wall to wall. It is essentially the total floor area inside the flat which is available for use, excluding the walls and utility ducts. This covers all the rooms in the house including kitchen, living room, bed rooms, bathroom and utility. Some builders tend to add the balcony as part of the carpet area while others do not. Hence, it should be confirm with the builder.


carpet area


Calculating the carpet area of an apartment

If the property is a 2 BHK apartment with 2 balconies and 2 bathrooms with the following dimensions:

Room 114’ × 12’168 sq ft
Room 212’ × 12’144 sq ft
Kitchen13’ × 11’133 sq ft
Dining Space10’ × 10’100 sq ft
Living Room11’ × 11’121 sq ft
Bathroom 19’ × 5’45 sq ft
Bathroom 29’ × 5’45 sq ft
Balcony8’ × 4’32 sq ft
TOTAL      —827 sq ft

Then the total carpet area is 827 sq. ft. (usually 75% of the super built up area)

Calculating the carpet area of an apartment is useful for:

  1. Finding out how efficient the ratio is between the carpet area and super built up area.
  2. Comparing the cost of two apartments. After finding out the carpet area of each apartment, do the comparison on the rate per square feet of carpet area.

Built-up area/Plinth area

Built-up area or the plinth area is the total size of the apartment unit including walls, sit-out, balcony, terrace and utility. That is to say, it is the area covered by a building on all floors including any cantilevered portion. As a thumb rule, this is usually 10 per cent higher than the carpet area. This term may not be used as often as super built-area, yet, may be often confused with the latter.


Built-up area = Carpet area + walls + utility + balcony
built - up area


Super Built-up area/Saleable area

This is one of the most commonly used term by the builder while describing the size of an apartment. Also called as saleable area, the super built-up area is the size of the apartment plus the common areas proportioned to the unit. These common areas may include swimming pool, community center, gymnasium, clubhouse, lobby, staircase and lift. Open areas such as gardens, parks, play areas and terrace are also included in this. Hence,

Super built-up area: Carpet area + terrace + balconies + areas occupied by walls + area occupied by common/shared construction (e.g. lift, stairs, club house, etc.).

carpet area 3

Generally builders use loading factor on carpet area to arrive at super built up area. For example, if carpet area is 500, and loading factor is 1.3, then super built up area is 500 x 1.5 = 750.

 Loading factor or loading or load: Loading factor is a number used for purpose of arriving at saleable area. It is used to add constructed space not exclusively allocated to the buyer. Such area generally includes shared areas such as lift/elevator area, staircases, clubhouse, gymnasium, amenities area, etc. Loading factor 1.25 indicates that developer/builder is applying 25% on the carpet area. Some builders, in addition to carpet area, include terrace and balcony areas while applying the loading factor. If the project does not have lot of amenities, the loading factor should be small. In most cases loading factor of 1.3 is more than sufficient. Loading factor also includes parking space (irrespective of it is covered, open, stilt, sold separately or not).

How to find carpet area by applying loading factor on the sale-able area.
Sale-able Area: 1200 sq. ft.
Loading Factor: 25% (or 1.25)

Find carpet area first by measuring actual dimensions, and then apply loading factor
Sale-able area = 900 sq. ft. + 900 x 25% = 1125 sq. ft.

Option (Reverse Loading)
Carpet Area: 1200 x (100-25) % = 1200 x 75% = 900 sq. ft.
If 1.25 or 25% loading is applied, sale-able area should be 900 sq. ft. + 900 x 25% = 1125 sq. ft.
As seen under this method builder is charging for 1200 – 1125 = 75 sq. ft. more