Mee Bhoomi Online Registration

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Mee Bhoomi Online Registration

You can do Mee Bhoomi online registration and generate Mee Bhoomi passbook also provided you follow the steps. You can check the AP land record i.e., Mee Bhoomi Adangal (Pahani), Mee Bhoomi ROR 1B reports, and other details.

Mee Bhoomi FMB

The FMB or Field Measurement Book is a compilation of map data. It is stored in various volumes by the government. You can find them at the Tehsildar office of the relevant village. If you want the individual survey number sketches, they can be found to the scale of 1:1000 or 1:1200. The survey numbers are divided into sub-divisions.

Mee Bhoomi Village Map

The Indian government has implemented the centrally-sponsored scheme in the National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP). Two existing centrally sponsored schemes for land records computerization have been merged. This strengthens the revenue administration and updates land records. It is in the department of land resources and the ministry is the ministry of rural development. The integrated programme modernizes management of land records, minimizes the scope of land disputes, enhances transparency in the land records maintenance system, and facilitates moving towards guaranteed conclusive titles to immovable properties in the country. The computerization of all land records and integration of textual and spatial records and mutations are the major components and so are updating of all survey and settlement records including the creation of original cadastral records. It is done wherever necessary. Computerization of registration, development of core GIS and capacity building etc. are also incorporated. There is an outlining of detailed requirements for cadastral records wherever necessary.

Mee Bhoomi Adangal

There is no one type of website; rather there are different types. These are launched by the Andhra Pradesh government for the benefit of people who will have no difficulty to review their land records in AP. In Mee Bhoomi Adanga, all the important aspects of AP land records portal will be shared. In this article, you will have to follow the steps of the procedure that you should follow to check the certificates and information concerning your land from the comforts of your home.

Mee Bhoomi EC (Encumbrance Certificate)

Encumbrance Certificate is a legal document providing assurance that the property is free of any dispute or does not have any monetary or legal liability like unpaid loan or a mortgage. 

Mee Bhoomi 22A

The state government has included section 22-A which prohibits the sale of land which has been notified as barren land or assigned, vested, poramboke land. 

Mee Bhoomi ROR

The ROR or record of rights is a document of property ownership in Telangana. It has all the details of ownership details of land and property. It is kept in the Tehsil.

Mee Bhoomi Passbook

During the online application for land registration in the AP, you can get Mee Bhoomi Passbook after you provide Aadhar Card and other documents.


  1. What is the Meebhoomi land record of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans. Government of Andhra Pradesh started the Meebhoomi portal. It is a digital land records depository, to maintain online records on plot details and provide access the public.

At present, the Meebhoomi portal offers the following details:

  • Landowner details
  • Area, assessment
  • Water source, soil type
  • Nature of possession of the land
  • Liabilities
  • Tenancy
  • Crop details
  1. How can I as the Land Owner download information on my land and ROR?

Ans. Landowners can download information on land and Record of Rights (ROR) from the portal. Locally, these are known as Adangal and 1-B.

  1. What is Adangal?

Ans. To maintain detailed land records for land, the land type, nature of land, the liabilities and different official information, Adangal is maintained by the village administration

  1. What is a 1-B document?

Ans. 1-B document is also known as ROR which is an extract of records of land. It is kept by the revenue department. A register used to be maintained by the department when there was no digitisation. Today, it can be downloaded online.

  1. How to view mutation details on Meebhoomi

Ans. You can view Mee Bhoomi Portal to see mutation records of any land in Andhra Pradesh. The procedure is as follows:

  • Visit the Mee Bhoomi Portal and click on ‘1-B’ from the top menu and choose 1-B from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on ‘Mutation Information By Date Wise’.

Meebhoomi portal is provided by the government of Andhra Pradesh to facilitate access to and download 1B documents online. It is known as your land in English. Through this portal, one can view the details of the Village Adangal and land records online from your home.

Meebhoomi portal provides the following details:

  • Downloading and printing 1B details or land records
  • Andhra Pradesh Adangal
  • Survey Number
  • Patta Names
  • Passbook
  • AP FMB
  • Correction in land records
  • Aadhar card linking with survey number online
  • View the latest transactions that are updated on the portal

Login to Mee Bhoomi website

  • Go to homepage
  • Click on 1B and Village 1B
  • Click on the choices like Survey Number, Account Number, Aadhar Number, Pattadhari Name or Holder Name, Automation Number
  • Enter Captcha Code
  • Click on Submit button
  • Now Download and Print Document
  1. How do I download Passbook?


  • Click on the official website for Mee Bhoomi Andhra Pradesh
  • Click on the Menu Bar>Go to “Electronic Passbook”>click on it
  • Go to Account Number>Click A/c Number or Aadhar No.
  • Enter District, Village and Mandal Name as Shown in the registration page
  • Enter the Account or Aadhar Number as selected by you of your choice
  • Enter Your Mobile Number of the applicant
  • Enter the Captcha Code as shown in the registration page
  • Click Submit and You can now download the Electronic Passbook.

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