How to check land records online for Punjab

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land record Punjab

Land Record Punjab details can be readily accessed online through the official State website for land records and this makes the whole property purchase/verification procedure more transparent.

You can easily view land record Punjab details online through the official website that has its foundations in the Punjab Land Records Society and its initiatives towards this effect. The society has not only made available all Punjab land record online but has also maintained these details along with overseeing and tracking the implementation of land record digitization and related documents in the State. Services are provided via Sukhmani Centres throughout Punjab and this is basically a state organization established for management of records in all dimensions while tracking the policy blueprint and systems of the PSEGS (Punjab State E-Governance Society).

Online Jamabandi Punjab- What else should you know?

Before delving deeper into Jamabandi Punjab, you should know what it actually is. This talks about record of land rights and the term is used more commonly in Northern India, spanning Punjab, Rajasthan and Haryana along with States like Himachal Pradesh and Bihar as well.

Here’s how you can access your Jamabandi record Punjab:

  • Visit and then click Fard.
  • Post clicking on Punjab Fard, click on Jamabandi and then choose any one option from Khewat No. Wise, Owner Name Wise, Khatauni No. Wise and Khasra No. Wise.
  • Enter the details/name and the Jamabandi information will be shown on the screen likewise. This copy will also contain information about any pending court cases.

This is the process of computer Jamabandi Punjab that you should know more about.

Some other details worth noting

If you wish to check on the basis of the mutation number, you can visit the official website, choose the Tehsil, district, year and village. Then choose the Nakal type and this will be Mutation in this context. Then choose Mutation No. Wise and choose the respective mutation number thereafter. You can also check by the Rapat Number, Vaseeka Number and Transaction Number.

You can also get your land records easily corrected online in the State of Punjab through the official portal without any hassles whatsoever. You can search Fard or land records via multiple Nakal types including Mutation, Jamabandi, Roznamcha, Mutation after Registry and Integrated Property.