How to check land records online for Karnataka

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Bhoomi Karnataka

Bhoomi Karnataka RTC exists for making life easier for land buyers and owners in the State. You can easily view land record details online while also enjoying a more transparent and hassle-free process.

Bhoomi Karnataka RTC is a revolutionary initiative offering a glimpse into land record Karnataka information online. Bhoomi is a project that was started by the Karnataka State Government for the management of land records. It was ushered in the year 2000 and makes use of highly advanced digital technologies for managing land and digitized RTCs or Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop Information. RTC ownership can be obtained via the multiple Bhoomi offices spread throughout the State. They are present in more than 175 Taluks, 6, 000 Gram Panchayats and other locations in Karnataka.

Bhoomi RTC Karnataka 2020

Farmers and citizens can readily visit these offices and apply for Bhoomi RTC Karnataka 2020 or Bhoomi RTC Karnataka 2019 Pahani depending on the category. Individuals have to provide the documents needed for the completion of the procedure while they will also be able to check the status of the application at these centres through the usage of the acknowledgment number. Apart from Karnataka online land records Bhoomi convenience, citizens can also avail of various other services online. These include the i-RTC (i-Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops), Kodagu Disaster Rescue, Tippan, Mutation Register, Revenue Maps, RTC Information, Mutation Extract, Mutation Status, Citizen Registration, Register of Dispute Cases, Citizen Login, XML verification for RTC and new Taluk Lists.

Bhoomi online Karnataka registration process

Bhoomi RTC online Pahani Karnataka registration can be done with the following procedure:

  • Visit the official login page and click on the icon for Create Account.
  • Upon being redirected to the page for signing up, enter all necessary information along with the text for the captcha code.
  • Click Submit/Sign Up for registration on the official portal.

Viewing land records on web Karnataka

If you wish to view Bhoomi land records Karnataka 2019 or for any other year, you can follow the below-mentioned process.

  • Login to the official website.
  • Choose View RTC and MR as your option.
  • This will redirect you to a new online page where you will be requested to fill up all necessary details.
  • After filling up all the fields, click Fetch Details.
  • All land information will now be displayed for your perusal.

Process of registration of land in Karnataka

Along with viewing land records online Karnataka at the Bhoomi portal, you can also get land registered with ease. Here is the procedure to be kept in mind.

  • A person should first buy stamp paper and keep all documents in hand.
  • These documents have to be submitted to the Sub-Registrar holding authority for a specific jurisdiction.
  • Post document validation, the individual is required to pay a fee for land registration.
  • A receipt will then be received and a photograph of the individual will be clicked accordingly.
  • Verbal consent will be needed between the seller and buyer along with witness.
  • Registration will now be complete for the document and a unique registration number allotted likewise.
  • Post completion of the registration process, information on rural land sale will be given to the Patwari for addition of entries into the Jamabandi register which is also called as the Record of Rights.

Getting RTC Form 16 Online

At the Bhoomi website, you have to login first and then key in information like Hobli, Taluk, Village, District and Survey Number. Click Fetch Details for getting the RTC Form 16. The revenue map can also be accessed easily on the website once you enter some basic details about a particular property. You can then download the PDF attachment for the village where you wish to view any property and its revenue map.

Mutation Report

  • Go to the homepage and click View RTC and MR.
  • Choose MR and key in all information including the Taluk, district name, Hobli, survey number, Hissa number, village, Surnoc number and likewise.
  • Then click on Fetch Details.
  • Mutation data will be shown online as per the details entered.

Checking Status of Mutation Report

  • Go to the homepage of the Bhoomi portal and click View RTC and MR.
  • Click Mutation Status on the top for getting redirected to the Bhoomi Online Mutation Status web page.
  • Input all necessary details like the Hobli, District, Taluk, Surnoc Number and Survey Number along with the Hissa Number, before clicking on Fetch Details.

All necessary information pertaining to the application status for mutation will thereafter be displayed on the screen.