Webland AP : Guide to View Land Records Online in Andhra Pradesh


Webland : The state government of Andhra Pradesh has launched an online website for land records, marking a significant advancement in the digitalization of land records.

The Revenue Department’s Chief Commissioner of Land Administration launched the Webland AP webpages in 2011.

Webland AP – Meaning 

As one might infer from the name, Webland is a website that deals with land-related concerns, hence the term “Webland”. The official website for digitalizing land records in Andhra Pradesh is Webland AP.

This website assists the state’s Land Revenue Department in maintaining and managing land records online and provides digital access to intricate land records.

The Chief Commissioner of Land Administration, or CCLA, oversees the website and revenue administration.

However, anyone can access and use this website to find out information about their property; it is not just for the state department. 

As the website works like a centralised repository for digitally signed land records, people can access earlier inaccessible land records after logging in using the same website state. 

With that, people can also apply for land mutation and complete the procedure online. 

To learn more about their property, anyone can access and use this website; it is not just for the state department.

After logging in, users of the website can access previously inaccessible land records because it functions as a single repository for digitally signed land records.

Individuals can also submit a land mutation application and complete the process online.

How to Log in to the Webland AP Portal?

To access the land records available on the Webland AP website, state citizens need to register themselves and log in successfully. 

The login process is very simple and easy. To get started with the Webland login follow the below steps,

Step 1. First, visit the Webland official portal, webland.ap.gov.in

Step 2. After landing on the Webland official page, under the section named ‘POLR Login’ enter the username and password

Step 3. After entering the account credentials, a list is shown containing names of the district, and a district name has to be chosen from the list

District List Available on Webland AP Portal

  • Alluri Sitarama Raju
  • Anakapali – Anakapalle Kakinada
  • Annamaya
  • Baptla
  • Chittoor 
  • Dr. BR Ambedkar Konaseema 
  • East Godavari 
  • Eluru
  • Guntur 
  • Krishna 
  • Kurnool
  • Nandyala 
  • Nellore SPSR
  • NTR
  • Palnadu
  • Parvathipuram Manyam
  • Prakasam 
  • Srikakulam
  • Sripotti Sriramulu 
  • Sri Satya Sai 
  • Tirupati 
  • Visakhapatnam
  • Vizianagaram
  • West Godavari
  • YSR Anantapur 

Step 4. After selecting the district, press the ‘Login’ tab

Step 5. Now, after entering all the correct details like username, password and district, the homepage of the Webland AP portal will open, showing all the services that it offers. 

The services that appear on the homepage are as follows,

  • Master Directories
  • Administration
  • Mutations
  • Landholdings
  • Report/Checklist

From the list provided, anyone can choose any preferred service. After successful Webland login, only a person can get access to all the services provided by Webland. 

Services Available on Webland AP Portal

The Webland portal provides several other services besides managing land records online.

It also provides complicated land-related services, such as applications for land mutation and online status checks for land mutation digitally, in addition to maintaining and managing land records online.

Although the Meebhoomi portal offers various land-related services, it differs from the Webland application because it has an intuitive interface.

With online land record management and other services listed above, the Webland portal offers the below services to the public of the state, 

  • Land Distribution Report
  • Webland Purification of Land Records
  • WS Pahani
  • Mutation Application and status checking
  • Land Holdings
  • Detailed Report on Webland SarkarBhumi
  • Mandal Aadhar Statistics
  • District Aadhar Statistics
  • Division-wise Mutation Request Summary
  • Issuance of E – Pattadar Passbook s

These are all the services offered by Webland AP to the ordinary public of the state. 

The Advantages of Using Webland AP Portal

The Webland Portal works as a digital land records keeper and manager and offers various benefits to the government and the citizens. Some of the the significant advantages are as below, 

  • For the state government and particularly the revenue department of Andhra Pradesh, this website works as a digital locker where all the land records can be saved and accessed digitally. 
  • This website helps manage all the land records so that decision-making can be smooth and easy.
  • When it gives access to the land records of the state, it is working to solve the problem of the distribution of land in the state, which is one of the significant issues for the revenue department. 
  • This government knows what sorts of land are under government use and which land is privately owned. They will also know if there is illegal encroachment or not on the government land. 
  • The Webland website works as the demarcation technology that demarks land based on their ownership. 
  • As ordinary people can access the land records to, they will know whether they possess someone else’s land by mistake. This is very helpful in solving the issues that revolve around the ownership of land. 
  • When people, mainly farmers, know the clear boundary of their land, they can demark it properly so that there is no confusion or misunderstanding among the neighbouring farmers for their fields. 
  • What makes the working mechanism of this website effective is its real-time update. Whenever there is a change in the data or land records, the website automatically updates its land records and offers only the updated data to the viewers. 
  • This website is beneficial not only for the government and ordinary people but also for banks that need to provide loans on the lands. Before sanctioning loans to applying farmers, they can check the records’ accuracy to make wise decisions. 

In this way, the Webland website is helping a large section of society, particularly the farmers, to keep and manage their land records.

Downloading Land Distribution Reports from the Webland Portal

If you are a farmer or anyone else who wants to download the report of land distribution from the Webland AP portal then you can do it in a few clicks only. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to download the land distribution report from the portal, 

Step 1. First, go to the official website of Webland AP 

Step 2. After landing on the first-page fill in the following details

  • District Name
  • Mandal name
  • Village name
  • Phase name
  • Survey number

Step 3. After filling all the columns press the ‘Generate’ button; this will save a copy of the land distribution report on the device

Step 4. Now this report can be printed and saved for later use. 

So in four steps anyone can generate and download the land distribution report and use it. 

How Can you Access Pattadar Passbook through Webland AP?

A Pattadar Passbook , also known as a PPB, is a type of book or record that contains all the information on the landowner of a property, also known as the pattadar.

The land ownership information, tenant names, the owner’s picture, any loans, leases, or mortgages against the property, as well as any changes in land ownership, are all included in the passbook.

All of these facts can be found in a Pattadar Passbook .

Anyone with land can apply for and obtain a Pattadar Passbook using the Webland AP website.

If a person is a registered user, they may ask for the PPB and a replacement if it is damaged or lost.

People can easily apply through the internet to generate E-Pattadar Passbooks with new passbook mutations.

The allocated Tahsildar will review the application after submission and, if all is well, can issue the E-Pattadar Passbook using the PPB dashboard.

As a result, the Tahsildar’s work, as well as the applicant’s work, is made straightforward by this website.

Generating Pattadar Passbook  through Webland AP

To get the Pattadar Passbook, applicants must file an application and follow the steps below. 

Step 1. First, fill up the application for the generation of E-Pattadar Passbook  online and submit it on the portal

Step 2. After submission of the application respective Tahsildar will access the Pattadar Passbook  portal and see all the pending applications

Step 3. The Tahsildar will then check all the attached documents and verify all the details one by one

Step 4. After checking all the details and finding everything accurate he will approve the application and sign it digitally

Step 5. After getting signed by the Tahsildar the Pattadar Passbook  will be printed and dispatched to the Tahsildar’s office

Step 6. At Tahsildar’s office, the passbook will be collected for the VRO signature, and after getting signed it can either be collected physically or applicants can download it from the portal. 

Thus whatever service a person requires with the help of this single Webland AP website will be provided to them at their convenience.

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Webland : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the objective of the AP Webland website?

The primary objective that the AP Webland website serves is to take land demarcation to a next level that is digitalized and transparent. Through this website, the government ensures that there is no room for errors in land records and related services.

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