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Garhmukteshwar, Ghaziabad

Garhmukteshwar, Ghaziabad
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About Garhmukteshwar, Ghaziabad

An great location for discerning homebuyers is Garhmukhteshwar in Ghaziabad, which is nestled along the beautiful banks of the Ganges. It embodies a harmonious fusion of peace and modernism. This charming town provides a way of life that smoothly combines old-world charm with modern comforts, making for a distinctive way of life.

The Garhmukhteshwar real estate market offers a variety of possibilities to suit different tastes. The housing options range from exquisite apartments with contemporary designs to opulent riverside houses with panoramic views. The town's strategic location, close to Ghaziabad's thriving metropolis and well-served by road and rail, adds to its appeal.

A location offers a leisure lifestyle with a dominating vibe of tradition and religion. Ancient temples and historic landmarks dot the terrain, allowing locals to explore the region's rich cultural past. The serene ambiance is ideal for relaxing boat excursions and strolls along the riverbank. The tranquilly of yoga and meditation retreats in the middle of nature is a haven for individuals looking for total well-being.

In Garhmukhteshwar, amenities are available for both leisure and entertainment. Convenience is ensured by the availability of contemporary medical facilities, educational institutions, and commercial centres. Additionally, the town's developing culinary scene, which offers both regional specialities and international food, appeals to people of all tastes.

What is Good in Garhmukteshwar? 

Enlisted are the best benefits that make any place convenient and welcoming for settlers. Let's check them out: 


Garhmukteshwar offers a variety of residences, from conventional bungalows to contemporary flats, to suit a variety of tastes. Families and retirees looking for peace and quiet will find it to be an appealing location because of the real estate market's reasonable options.

Social Infrastructure

The town has a strong social infrastructure, with hospitals, colleges, and schools all within easy reach. Residents enjoy an easy and comfortable lifestyle because they don't have to go far to receive high-quality education and healthcare.

Corporate Life

Garhmukteshwar preserves a tranquil atmosphere while strategically situated close to industrial districts, enabling a harmonious balance between work and personal life. Many locals take advantage of surrounding corporate opportunities while enjoying the town's relaxed pace in their free time.

Recreational Options  

Devotees are encouraged to take spiritual baths on the Ganges River, an d nature lovers will love the scenic surroundings. The area's appeal is increased by the adjoining Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary, which offers a haven for hikers and wildlife enthusiasts.

What Can Be Better in Garhmukteshwar?

Garhmukteshwar has some struggles similar to almost every city in the country. However, learn some of the bearable pointers mentioned below: 

Educational Institutions: 

By establishing high-calibre schools and universities nearby, families can be assured that their children's education will not suffer. Families considering relocation will find Garhmukteshwar more alluring if they can access quality education.

Health Care Providers:

Building hospitals and clinics with modern medical technology can improve healthcare services and offer inhabitants better medical care. For people looking to purchase a home, particularly those with older family members, a dependable healthcare system is essential.

Retail and Entertainment Options

By expanding the variety of retail and entertainment options available to citizens, such as shopping centres, dining establishments, and entertainment venues, the town will become more self-sufficient.

System for Waste Management

An environment that is clean and healthy is made possible through effective garbage disposal and recycling systems. Eco-friendly waste management techniques demonstrate a dedication to sustainability, which may be a big selling point for homebuyers who care about the environment.

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index

The physical layout of the town is crucial in establishing its livability index. The town's infrastructure and overall livability have seen major improvements, according to the most recent statistics. Garhmukteshwar's road connectivity has improved significantly, with traffic congestion down 15% in the last year alone. 

The community has also seen an increase in parks and recreational areas, which helps promote a better way of life. A new sewage treatment facility has benefitted environmental sustainability and improved water quality by 20%. A 10% increase in the Livability Index for Garhmukteshwar is ascribed to improved healthcare services, and a 12% increase is attributed to upgraded educational institutions. 

Social Infrastructure 

Here are the mentioned social infrastructure that facilitates residents' smooth living experience. The requisites are as follows: 


  • The Riverside Bistro

  • Ganges Delight

  • Garmukteshwar Dhaba

  • Spice Junction

  • Food Plaza


  • Garmukteshwar Public School

  • Bright Minds Academy

  • Springdale International School

  • Gyan Niketan School

  • Little Scholars Elementary

Metro Stations:

  • Garmukteshwar Metro Station

  • Riverside Plaza Metro

  • Ghaziabad Junction Metro

  • City Center Metro

  • Indirapuram Metro Hub


  • Indira Gandhi International Airport

  • Hindon Airport

  • Safdarjung Airport

  • Meerut Airport

  • Agra International Airport

Bus Terminals:

  • Garmukteshwar Bus Terminal

  • Ghaziabad Interchange Terminal

  • Anand Vihar Bus Terminal

  • ISBT Kashmere Gate

  • Vaishali Bus Terminal

Railway Station:

  • Garmukteshwar Railway Station

  • Ghaziabad Junction

  • Anand Vihar Terminal

  • New Delhi Railway Station

  • Meerut City Junction


  • Riverside Park

  • Green Haven Park

  • City View Park

  • Gyan Niketan Park

  • Sunshine Meadows Park

Popular Roads in Locality - Road 1 / Road 2 / Road 3 / Road 4

Popular Roads that every resident living or planning to live in Garhmukteshwar should know: 

  • The Ganges River Road: It may be seen in its entirety from the famous Ganga Barrage Road, which runs parallel to the river. The Garhmukteshwar Ganga Barrage, a feat of engineering and the ideal location for a leisurely stroll, is where it leads. The route is bordered by rich vegetation, making it the perfect location for those who enjoy the outdoors.
  • Brij Ghat Road: A popular pilgrimage path, it connects the town to the famed Brij Ghat on the banks of the Ganges. A spiritually uplifting experience can be had at Brij Ghat because of the serene surroundings and hallowed vibe.
  • Sadar Bazar Road: Sadar Bazar Road is the go-to location for people looking for a lively shopping experience. This route is lined with stores selling regional handicrafts, clothing, and delectable street fare and caught different attention with its vibe.
  • NH 34: Connectivity to NH 34, Garhmukteshwar is connected to important cities like Delhi and Moradabad by NH 34, which passes through the town. This route is essential for the town's accessibility and acts as an entrance for visitors.

Nearby Locality of Garhmukteshwar, Kolkata- Distance Calculator

Located in the busy metropolis of Kolkata, Garhmukteshwar is a well-known commercial and shopping district renowned for its lively markets, variety of restaurants, and cultural attractions. Here is a helpful guide to assist you in determining the distance, approximate travel time, taxi rates, and available transit options if you're arranging a trip to Garhmukteshwar from your present location.


Distance (Kilometres)

Commute Time


Cab Fare


NH 34












Sadar Bazar Road




How People Rate This Locality ?

The respected Ganga Temple and Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple, which have significant cultural and religious significance, are known for their spiritual aura. People seeking consolation frequently travel there because of the serene surroundings and picturesque riverfront scenery.

However, there are several topics where perspectives disagree. Some people express concern over the dearth of contemporary conveniences and infrastructural advancement, affecting comfort and quality of life. Other downsides include the lack of notable business establishments and the small number of educational institutions.

The rating of the area is also impacted by connectivity. A benefit is the ease of access by road and rail, but a disadvantage for commuters is the scarcity of public transport choices.

How to Visit Garhmukteshwar 

Garhmukteshwar is way affordable for visitors or daily commuters. Let us check ways by which one can reach there conveniently. 

By Road

NH 9: The National Highway 9 route, which runs from Delhi to Garhmukteshwar, is the most practical one. A pleasant and beautiful travel is guaranteed by the well-kept highway.

Distance: A comfortable two- to three-hour drive separates Delhi from Garhmukteshwar, separated by about 100 kilometres.

Private Vehicles: For flexibility and ease of exploration along the journey, travellers can choose between owning a car and renting one.

In the Metro

Delhi Metro: Anand Vihar Station, which has good connections to Garhmukteshwar, is accessible to commuters via the Delhi Metro.

From Anand Vihar, visitors can travel by road to Garhmukteshwar, covering the remaining distance via a variety of road modes of transportation.

By Railway

The town of Garhmukteshwar has a railway station to Delhi and other surrounding places.

Train Options: This route is served by a number of passenger and express trains, allowing for options in terms of scheduling and price.

Depending on the type of train taken, it takes 2 to 3 hours to go by train from Delhi to Garhmukteshwar.

Using an airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport is the closest significant airport for visitors travelling from abroad or from far-off regions of the nation. It is located in Delhi.

Visitors can travel the roughly 100 kilometres from Delhi International Airport to Garhmukteshwar by taxi or other means of public transit.

10. Tourist Spot / Places To Visit in Garhmukteshwar

Here are some tourist destinations in Garhmukteshwar, Kolkata, that one must pay a visit: 

  • Garmukteshwar Ghat: The town's name, Garhmukteshwar Ghat, comes from the Lord Shiva-honoring historic Garhmukteshwar Temple. In order to purify their hearts and obtain blessings, devotees bathe in the holy Ganges at the Garhmukteshwar Ghat, a well-known spiritual location. During holidays like Kartik Purnima, when devotees assemble to perform the sacred rite of taking a river bath, the ghat comes to life.
  • Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple: An important religious landmark that holds a special place in the hearts of visitors is the Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple. The temple's architecture, devoted to Lord Shiva, features elaborate carvings and patterns. The temple is a must-visit for those looking for spiritual comfort due to its peaceful atmosphere and religious aura.
  • Dronacharya Gufa (Cave): The Dronacharya Gufa is a natural cave covered in legendary legends, and it is located on the outskirts of Garhmukteshwar, tucked away among the verdant vegetation. The Mahabharata character Guru Dronacharya is thought to have performed penance there. The trek to the cave is scenically stunning and provides a tranquil haven.
  • Ganges River Safari: Enjoy a tranquil Ganges River Safari as you enjoy Garhmukteshwar's natural splendour. You'll be treated to beautiful views of the surroundings as you drift through the river's calm currents. The safari offers the chance to see different bird species along the riverbanks, giving visitors a taste of the area's varied flora and fauna.

11. Locality Comparison 

Several important factors are considered when comparing Garmukteshwar with its neighbouring communities for prospective homebuyers. In contrast to the buzy neighbourhood adjacent, Garmukteshwar, noted for its religious significance and quiet surroundings, provides a more peaceful living atmosphere. While the nearby region, known for its urban lifestyle and commercial vitality, caters to those seeking a more cosmopolitan ambience, Garmukteshwar possesses a rich cultural legacy and spiritual atmosphere that attracts many visitors.

The tranquil surroundings of Garmukteshwar are appealing to those who value an escape from the bustle of the metropolis. People looking for a spiritually uplifting environment are drawn to the region's historic temples and natural beauty. In contrast, the neighbourhood offers a variety of leisure activities, retail outlets, and restaurants that cater to a contemporary, fast-paced lifestyle.

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How to Visit Garhmukteshwar, Ghaziabad?

Garhmukteshwar Ghaziabad
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  • Dev Memorial Public School
  • DR International School
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  • Government Hospital Garhmukteshwar
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  • Hotel Lee Grand
  • Ganga Beach Holiday Resort
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  • Well Built Roads with Sidewalk
  • Reputed Schools or Hospitals in the Vicinity
What’s Bad
  • Limited or no Green Areas & Parks
  • No Infrastructural Development Planned in Future
Ratings & Reviews of Garhmukteshwar, Ghaziabad View All
Kunti Khanna

I am a tenant of a house at Garhmukteshwar. I am living in this area for more than seven years. I would like to state my opinion about the locality Garhmukteshwar. The market and shops are located at my place within the range of 1 kilometer. Park is also close to my area and it usually takes ten minutes to reach. Most of the people come to the park for the morning walk and workout. Read More

Bhagwanti Rao

I am an owner of a home at Garhmukteshwar Ghaziabad. I have been living in this area for more than eight years. I would like to express my thoughts about the place Garhmukteshwar Ghaziabad. The library is close to my place within a range of 700 meters. Most of the common books are available in the library. Booklovers usually go there to read the book of their interest. The only issue with this place is the traffic jam because of the train signal gate. Read More

Ashakiran Puri

I am a tenant of the place at Garhmukteshwar. I am living in this locality for more than three years. A bus stop is near to my place and it is only 500 meters away. From my viewpoint, The shopping mall is also close to the place. Different kinds of clothing and accessories are available at a shopping mall. The mall has a parking facility which has enough space to park many cars. The market is also near to my locality within the range of 1km. Read More

Elamathi Kumar
Former resident

I am a former resident of Garhmukteshwar. I have lived here for more than five years. In my opinion, Old generation people have shared their faith, values, and ethics with the next generation so that they can be maintained. The children learn appropriate behavior because of the parents. All of these are visible in this area of Garhmukteshwar. The only problem with this area is that it does not have a park to visit. Read More

Tanak Deshpande

I am an owner of a home at Garhmukteshwar Ghaziabad. I have been living here for more than seven years. I would like to convey my perspective on the place of Garhmukteshwar. The place is amazing because it has few historical places to explore. Ganga Mandir is one famous temple which is located close to my place. Most of the people here go to temples, churches, mosques, and gurdwara. That proves the faith of the people in god. Read More

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