Ghaziabad Requires Stilt Parking in Buildings for Efficient Parking Management

In an effort to tackle haphazard parking issues and road snarls in Ghaziabad, the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has adopted new amendments to building bylaws. These amendments, which were notified by the housing and urban planning department in November last year, make stilt parking mandatory for all types of houses. According to the new regulations, the provision for stilt parking will now apply to all buildings and will not be accounted for in the calculation of the purchasable floor area ratio (FAR). Instead, it will be counted as part of the building’s height. The bylaw also revises the permissible height of buildings on plotted land less than 300 sqm, allowing homeowners to use the ground floor as stilt parking. Previously, only a two-and-a-half storey building was allowed on such plots, with the ground floor primarily used for residential purposes. GDA officials explained that the amended bylaw will now permit plot owners to use the ground floor for open stilt parking.

However, if the parking is converted to covered parking, the concession given to construct an extra floor will not be applicable. The new layouts that include these changes will soon be updated on the computerized map approval system. These new regulations come as a response to a traffic mobility survey commissioned by the GDA in 2018. The survey, conducted by the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), identified roadside encroachments—such as illegal parking and street vendors—as major problems contributing to traffic issues in the city. The CRRI report highlighted areas, including Indirapuram, Kala Pathar Road, Swarn Jayanti Park Road, and CISF Road, where illegal parking occupied significant spaces. With the inclusion of stilt parking as a mandatory provision, the GDA aims to address these issues and alleviate the burden of illegal parking on the roadsides. By encouraging proper parking facilities within buildings, the GDA hopes to reduce congestion and improve overall traffic flow in Ghaziabad.


The adoption of the new amendments to building bylaws in Ghaziabad, which make stilt parking mandatory for all types of houses, is a positive step towards addressing haphazard parking and road congestion in the city. By encouraging proper parking facilities within buildings, the Ghaziabad Development Authority hopes to significantly reduce traffic issues and improve the overall quality of life for residents. These changes will enhance the city’s infrastructure and pave the way for better mobility in the future.

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