1 Cent to Ground: Definition, Conversion, Calculator, Formula and Examples

1 Cent is equal to 0.18 Ground

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Are you looking forward to the conversion parameters to convert Cent to Ground? If that’s a yes, you have landed on an ideal blog as we have encapsulated the Cent to Ground conversion formula, Cent to Ground Calculator, use of Cent and Ground, and many more things. Before we dig deep to acquaint you with the conversion of Cent to Ground, let’s quickly run down to the basics of Cent and Ground. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

What is Cent?

Cent is a widely used land measurement unit and is extensively used across the South-Indian states. 1 Cent is equivalent to 1/100th Acre which implies 100 Cents is coequal to 1 Acre. In general, it is used to measure small plots or land parcels whose area is somehow equal to one Acre.

Cent is typically used together with other measurement units including Ground, Guntha, as well as Anakanam. It is prevalent amongst an array of states including Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

Measurement of Cent in Different Unit

One Cent 0.004 Hectare
One Cent 0.01 Acre
100 Cents 1 Acre
One Cent 40.47 sq m
One Cent 48.4 sq yd
One Cent 435.6 sq ft

What is Ground?

The Ground is counted within the list of highly popular local units of land measurements. Prior to the infusion of a standardized metric system for the purpose of land purpose, Ground was quite popular and broadly used across Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Earlier, 1 Ground was equivalent to 203 Square Meters, which is coequal to 2185 Square Feet. But with passing time this value was revised and now it is coequal to 2400 Square Feet. To convert 1 Ground to any other unit all you need to do is multiply the value with the conversion ratio. 

For example, to convert 10 Ground to Square Feet, you need to multiply the value with the conversion ratio. 1 Ground is equal to 2300 Square Feet, which is our conversion parameter for this case scenario.

10 Ground = 10* 2400

24000 Square Feet

Measurement of Ground in Different Units

One Ground 5.5096 Cent
One Ground 0.1667 Bigha
One Ground 3.3333 Katha
One  Ground 5.5096 Decimal
One Ground 222.9675 Square Meter (sq mt)
One  Ground 266.6667 Gaj
One Ground 1.7778 Biswa
One Ground 2.2039 Guntha
One Ground 0.0002 Square Kilometre (sq km)
One Ground 222.9675 Square Metre (sq mt)
OneGround 266.6667 Square Yard (sq yd)
One Ground 2400 Square Feet (sq ft)
One Ground 0.0223 Hectare (ha)
One Ground 0.0551 Acre (ac)
One Ground 2229675.1178 Square Centimeter (sq cm)

Relation between Cent and Ground

To carry through easy Cent to Ground conversion, get amicable with the relationship between the two. Just remember that one Cent is equivalent to 0.1815 Ground whereas one Ground is equivalent to 5.51095607 Cents. Conversion from one to the other can be done by considering these values as parameters.

How to Convert Cent to Ground

Cent as well as Ground both are well-known units of land measurement. By knowing the steps of Cent to Ground conversion, you can convert the value from Cent to Ground with utmost ease. There are two methods of Cent to Ground conversion. One is through the Cent to Ground calculator and another is by computing the values through the Cent to Ground converter formula.

In mathematical terms, one Cent is equal to 0.1815 Ground.

For converting 1 Cent to ground, multiply the value given in Cent by 0.1815 and you will get the output in Ground. The Cent to Ground conversion through formula is quick and easy.

For example:

Convert 1 Cent to Ground

To convert 1 Cent to Ground, multiply 1 with a conversion ratio that is 0.1815

Thus, 1 Cent to Ground = 1* 0.1815 which is equal to 0.1815 Ground

The formula for Converting Cent to Ground

As per the formula to convert the value from 1 Cent to Ground, you need to multiply the value with the conversion ratio. The value of 1 Cent to Ground is 0.1815. Thus, the Cent to Ground convertor formula is 

Ground = Cent * 0.1815;

In simple words, all you have to do is multiply the value by 0.1815. 

For better understanding refer to the given example. 

 Convert 10 Cent to Ground

10 Cent = (10*0.1815)

That is equal to 1.815 Ground

Cent to Ground Conversion Table

Computing the conversion values through formula or Cent to Ground calculator can be time-consuming. Thus, to offer utmost convenience to our readers we have encapsulated the values of Cent to Ground conversion for numeric values from 1 to 100. Refer to the table and get the requisite values in a fraction of seconds. 

CentGroundCent to Ground
1 Cent0.1815 Ground1 Cent is equal to 0.1815 Ground
2 Cent0.363 Ground2 Cent is equal to 0.363 Ground
3 Cent0.5445 Ground3 Cent is equal to 0.5445 Ground
4 Cent0.726 Ground4 Cent is equal to 0.726 Ground
5 Cent0.9075 Ground5 Cent is equal to 0.9075 Ground
6 Cent1.089 Ground6 Cent is equal to 1.089 Ground
7 Cent1.2705 Ground7 Cent is equal to 1.2705 Ground
8 Cent1.452 Ground8 Cent is equal to 1.452 Ground
9 Cent1.6335 Ground9 Cent is equal to 1.6335 Ground
10 Cent1.815 Ground10 Cent is equal to 1.815 Ground
11 Cent1.9965 Ground11 Cent is equal to 1.9965 Ground
12 Cent2.178 Ground12 Cent is equal to 2.178 Ground
13 Cent2.3595 Ground13 Cent is equal to 2.3595 Ground
14 Cent2.541 Ground14 Cent is equal to 2.541 Ground
15 Cent2.7225 Ground15 Cent is equal to 2.7225 Ground
16 Cent2.904 Ground16 Cent is equal to 2.904 Ground
17 Cent3.0855 Ground17 Cent is equal to 3.0855 Ground
18 Cent3.267 Ground18 Cent is equal to 3.267 Ground
19 Cent3.4485 Ground19 Cent is equal to 3.4485 Ground
20 Cent3.63 Ground20 Cent is equal to 3.63 Ground
21 Cent3.8115 Ground21 Cent is equal to 3.8115 Ground
22 Cent3.993 Ground22 Cent is equal to 3.993 Ground
23 Cent4.1745 Ground23 Cent is equal to 4.1745 Ground
24 Cent4.356 Ground24 Cent is equal to 4.356 Ground
25 Cent4.5375 Ground25 Cent is equal to 4.5375 Ground
26 Cent4.719 Ground26 Cent is equal to 4.719 Ground
27 Cent4.9005 Ground27 Cent is equal to 4.9005 Ground
28 Cent5.082 Ground28 Cent is equal to 5.082 Ground
29 Cent5.2635 Ground29 Cent is equal to 5.2635 Ground
30 Cent5.445 Ground30 Cent is equal to 5.445 Ground
31 Cent5.6265 Ground31 Cent is equal to 5.6265 Ground
32 Cent5.808 Ground32 Cent is equal to 5.808 Ground
33 Cent5.9895 Ground33 Cent is equal to 5.9895 Ground
34 Cent6.171 Ground34 Cent is equal to 6.171 Ground
35 Cent6.3525 Ground35 Cent is equal to 6.3525 Ground
36 Cent6.534 Ground36 Cent is equal to 6.534 Ground
37 Cent6.7155 Ground37 Cent is equal to 6.7155 Ground
38 Cent6.897 Ground38 Cent is equal to 6.897 Ground
39 Cent7.0785 Ground39 Cent is equal to 7.0785 Ground
40 Cent7.26 Ground40 Cent is equal to 7.26 Ground
41 Cent7.4415 Ground41 Cent is equal to 7.4415 Ground
42 Cent7.623 Ground42 Cent is equal to 7.623 Ground
43 Cent7.8045 Ground43 Cent is equal to 7.8045 Ground
44 Cent7.986 Ground44 Cent is equal to 7.986 Ground
45 Cent8.1675 Ground45 Cent is equal to 8.1675 Ground
46 Cent8.349 Ground46 Cent is equal to 8.349 Ground
47 Cent8.5305 Ground47 Cent is equal to 8.5305 Ground
48 Cent8.712 Ground48 Cent is equal to 8.712 Ground
49 Cent8.8935 Ground49 Cent is equal to 8.8935 Ground
50 Cent9.075 Ground50 Cent is equal to 9.075 Ground
51 Cent9.2565 Ground51 Cent is equal to 9.2565 Ground
52 Cent9.438 Ground52 Cent is equal to 9.438 Ground
53 Cent9.6195 Ground53 Cent is equal to 9.6195 Ground
54 Cent9.801 Ground54 Cent is equal to 9.801 Ground
55 Cent9.9825 Ground55 Cent is equal to 9.9825 Ground
56 Cent10.164 Ground56 Cent is equal to 10.164 Ground
57 Cent10.3455 Ground57 Cent is equal to 10.3455 Ground
58 Cent10.527 Ground58 Cent is equal to 10.527 Ground
59 Cent10.7085 Ground59 Cent is equal to 10.7085 Ground
60 Cent10.89 Ground60 Cent is equal to 10.89 Ground
61 Cent11.0715 Ground61 Cent is equal to 11.0715 Ground
62 Cent11.253 Ground62 Cent is equal to 11.253 Ground
63 Cent11.4345 Ground63 Cent is equal to 11.4345 Ground
64 Cent11.616 Ground64 Cent is equal to 11.616 Ground
65 Cent11.7975 Ground65 Cent is equal to 11.7975 Ground
66 Cent11.979 Ground66 Cent is equal to 11.979 Ground
67 Cent12.1605 Ground67 Cent is equal to 12.1605 Ground
68 Cent12.342 Ground68 Cent is equal to 12.342 Ground
69 Cent12.5235 Ground69 Cent is equal to 12.5235 Ground
70 Cent12.705 Ground70 Cent is equal to 12.705 Ground
71 Cent12.8865 Ground71 Cent is equal to 12.8865 Ground
72 Cent13.068 Ground72 Cent is equal to 13.068 Ground
73 Cent13.2495 Ground73 Cent is equal to 13.2495 Ground
74 Cent13.431 Ground74 Cent is equal to 13.431 Ground
75 Cent13.6125 Ground75 Cent is equal to 13.6125 Ground
76 Cent13.794 Ground76 Cent is equal to 13.794 Ground
77 Cent13.9755 Ground77 Cent is equal to 13.9755 Ground
78 Cent14.157 Ground78 Cent is equal to 14.157 Ground
79 Cent14.3385 Ground79 Cent is equal to 14.3385 Ground
80 Cent14.52 Ground80 Cent is equal to 14.52 Ground
81 Cent14.7015 Ground81 Cent is equal to 14.7015 Ground
82 Cent14.883 Ground82 Cent is equal to 14.883 Ground
83 Cent15.0645 Ground83 Cent is equal to 15.0645 Ground
84 Cent15.246 Ground84 Cent is equal to 15.246 Ground
85 Cent15.4275 Ground85 Cent is equal to 15.4275 Ground
86 Cent15.609 Ground86 Cent is equal to 15.609 Ground
87 Cent15.7905 Ground87 Cent is equal to 15.7905 Ground
88 Cent15.972 Ground88 Cent is equal to 15.972 Ground
89 Cent16.1535 Ground89 Cent is equal to 16.1535 Ground
90 Cent16.335 Ground90 Cent is equal to 16.335 Ground
91 Cent16.5165 Ground91 Cent is equal to 16.5165 Ground
92 Cent16.698 Ground92 Cent is equal to 16.698 Ground
93 Cent16.8795 Ground93 Cent is equal to 16.8795 Ground
94 Cent17.061 Ground94 Cent is equal to 17.061 Ground
95 Cent17.2425 Ground95 Cent is equal to 17.2425 Ground
96 Cent17.424 Ground96 Cent is equal to 17.424 Ground
97 Cent17.6055 Ground97 Cent is equal to 17.6055 Ground
98 Cent17.787 Ground98 Cent is equal to 17.787 Ground
99 Cent17.9685 Ground99 Cent is equal to 17.9685 Ground
100 Cent18.15 Ground100 Cent is equal to 18.15 Ground

Difference Between Cent to Ground

By far we have discussed that Cent and Ground both are widely used land measurement units. One is used for smaller plots whereas the other is used for large ones. Apart from the geographic differences, these two land measurement units also differ in certain other parameters. These parameters are: 

Basis of ComparisonCentGround
SymbolctNot Applicable
DefinitionA Cent is a traditional land measurement unit widely used across Southern Indian states including Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, along with Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.Ground is counted within the list of highly popular local units of land measurements.
Relation1 Cent = 0.1815 Ground1 Ground  = 5.51095607 Cent
AcceptanceThe unit is broadly used across the Southern part of India including Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Telangana. It is used as a land measurement unit across rural areas across South India.
ApplicabilityThe unit Cent is specifically used to map  smaller plots together with the land parcels which are coequal to one acre.It is prevalent to measure small homes in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Kerala.

Current Use of Cent

In some places such as Bangladesh and West Bengal, Cent is well-known as Decimal. It is widespread as a land measurement unit across certain Indian states including Tamil Nadu and Kerala.1 Cent is equivalent to 1/100 Acre. Talking about the prevailing use of Cent as a land measurement unit, then its use is seeded to the Northern-Indian region.

Current Use of Ground

The Ground is considered as a standard land measurement unit for constructing small homes in rural regions. Thus, it is prevalent and is extensively used across the rural areas together with certain South Indian cities. 1 ground is equivalent to 2400 Square Feet. It is one of the foremost measurement units across the Real Estate sector.

cent to square feetcent to square yard
ground to hectarecent to acre
acre to groundhectare to cent

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you convert Cents to Ground?

To convert Cent to Ground you need to multiply the given value with 0.1815.
For example to convert 20 Cent to Ground, the formula is 
Ground = 20*0.1815
3.63 Ground

How much is one Ground?

One Ground is equivalent to 2400 Square Feet. 

How many Grounds are there in 1 cent?

There are 0.1815 Grounds in 1 Cent.

How many Cents are there in 1 Ground?

There are 5.51095607 Cents in 1 Ground.

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