Adani Ports Share Price: Stock Analysis, History, and Forecast

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The idiom – change is the only constant, perfectly fits the stock market scenario. The change can make or break an investor’s returns, and sometimes even the companies with the best reputation are not spared. Since we’re talking about reputation, a company that has been paying positive returns consistently is Adani Ports. We’ve shared a basic overview of Adani Ports’ share price, history, and related information below. 

Adani Ports Share Price NSE and BSE

As of 3rd March 2022, Adani Ports stock opened at ₹718.80 on NSE and ₹714.90 on the BSE stock exchange.

The table below depicts Adani Ports BSE and NSE share prices for 3rd March 2022. 

Share Prices NSE BSE
Open  ₹718.80 ₹714.90
Previous Close ₹710.30 ₹710.25
High ₹724.60 ₹724.50
Low ₹703.00 ₹703.25
52 Week High ₹901.00 ₹901.00
52 Week Low ₹638.10 ₹638.00

Adani Ports: Company Information

Adani Ports and SEZ (Special Economic Zone) Limited is a port infrastructure company based in India. They do not just own but operate, prepare and maintain port terminals with other infrastructures in India. Additionally, APSEZ operates and develops infrastructure at the Special Economic Zone in Mundra. They also have a private railway for transporting cargo and offering services such as storage, handling and other logistics. 

The company’s operations began in 1998 and are now one of the nation’s biggest private-sector port developers and operators. Although two decades old, the organisation is managed by a young and dynamic professional. They are well-versed with the advancements in the port industry and have ports equipped to handle all kinds of cargo. 

Aside from excellent storage and cargo handling abilities, Adani Ports specialises in

Rail Transport: The port has multiple railway sidings and dedicated diesel locomotives. It can also operate double-stack container trains. 

Road Transport: Connected to NH 8A, the port road has a 10 km external four-lane with navigational guidance via landmarks and signboards at appropriate points. 

Rail Over Bridge: There’s also a four-lane Rail Over Bridge (RoB) for streamlining and speeding up the rising road traffic flow within the port area

Bunkering: Adani Ports also provides bunkering services to provide all types of gas and fuel oil per ISO specifications at competitive prices globally. 

Adani Ports Share Price History

The following table elaborates on Adani Ports’ share history from January 2021 to February 2022.

Month and Year Price Open High Low Volume Change%
Mar 2022 708.65 695.60 726.20 695.60 5.88M -0.02%
Feb 2022 708.80 724.95 752.75 651.15 230.63M -1.51%
Jan 2022 719.65 735.90 798.65 688.00 245.17M -2.02%
Dec 2021 734.50 670.00 798.50 670.00 269.52M 6.99%
Nov 2021 686.50 702.00 773.10 683.15 251.61M -1.09%
Oct 2021 694.10 739.90 831.85 679.35 282.91M -5.94%
Sep 2021 737.90 752.40 789.05 714.20 254.74M -1.74%
Aug 2021 750.95 681.25 757.05 664.50 99.03M 10.83%
Jul 2021 677.55 707.70 741.15 654.55 299.47M -4.27%
Jun 2021 707.80 774.85 903.90 611.35 572.25M -8.41%
May 2021 772.75 730.00 794.65 719.65 364.88M 5.12%
Apr 2021 735.10 713.55 887.75 699.10 553.08M 3.92%
Mar 2021 707.40 685.35 769.15 659.50 397.11M 4.04%
Feb 2021 679.95 513.20 711.80 502.25 416.33M 32.58%
Jan 2021 512.85 486.00 562.60 484.65 258.90M 5.81%

History of Adani Ports

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited is currently the biggest company developing and operating ports in India. In mere 20 years, it has established a remarkable portfolio of ports infrastructure and services across India. 

Let’s look at the company’s milestones over the years. 

1998 – Operations Begin (Berth 1 and Berth 2)

1999 – Operations Begin (Berths 3 and 4)

2001 – Signing of Concession Agreement with Gujarat Maritime Board; All four berths and mechanisation become completely operational

2002 – Signing of Railway Agreements 

2003 – Container terminal operations begin 

2004 – Shareholders agreement with Kutch Railway Company Ltd

2005 – Merger of Adani Port Limited

2006 – Merger with MSEZ (Mangalore Special Economic Zone) and ACL 

2007 – Operations begin at Terminal ll and Container Terminal II

2010 – Construction of four-lane about 1.5 km RoB worth ₹50 crores; the company splits its Face share value from ₹10 to ₹2

2011 – Record 50 MT Cargo handling; Acquisition of APCT (Abbot Point X 50 Coal Terminal) 


  • Change of name of the Company from Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone Ltd. to Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd.
  • Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Port of Baltimore for bilateral trade increase.
  • Adani Port and Special Economic Zone bags Rs 1,200 cr bulk terminal project at Kandla.

2014 – Company name changed to Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd

2016 – Dharma Port Acquisition 

2017 – Raised ₹3,222.50 crores in foreign currency denominated bonds, TM Harbour Services Private Limited Acquisition.

2019 – Acquired 40.25% stake in Snowman Logistics for ₹296 crores, 70% stake in Krishnapatnam port for over ₹5,500 crores; Adani Ports was ranked first in terms of total cargo handled across all Non-Major Ports and Major Ports in India for Financial Year 2019.

2020 – Acquisition of KPCL (Krishnapatnam Port Company Ltd.) for an enterprise valuation of ₹12,000 crores; APSEZ becomes the 1st Indian port to sign up for SBTI (Science Based Targets Initiative).


March – APSEZ announces its plan to acquire a 58.1% stake in Gangavaram Port Limited for ₹36.04 billion. 

April – Flipkart and Adani Group announce strategic and commercial partnerships.

July – APSEZ became the first infrastructure company in India to raise money from international markets for 20 years.

September – Acquisition of Gangavaram Port for ₹6,200 crore

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Adani Ports Management

Here’s the list of the Adani Ports management team, the brains, and the decision-makers behind the organisation’s success.

Name Designation
Gautam Adani Chairman and Managing Director
Rajesh Adani Non-Independent and Non-Executive Director
Karan Adani Whole Time Director
Ganesan Raghuram Independent and Non-Executive Director
P. S. Jayakumar Independent and Non-Executive Director
Malay Mahadevia Non-Independent and Non-Executive Director
Gopal Krishna Pillai Independent and Non-Executive Director
Avantika Singh Aulakh Non-Independent and Non-Executive Director
Bharat Sheth Independent and Non-Executive Director
Nirupama Rao Independent and Non-Executive Director

Adani Ports: Company Performance

Presently, the company operates ten domestic ports in six states of India. APSEZ generated revenue worth ₹4,938.43 crores in Financial Year 2022 Quarter 1. The below table displays the company’s financial performance from Financial Year 2019 to Financial Year 2021. 

Particulars Mar’21 Mar’20 Mar’19
Liabilities 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months
Share Capital 512.18 503.44 514.13
Reserves & Surplus 21228.40 19292.29 19911.60
Net Worth 21740.58 19795.73 20425.73
Secured Loan 32744.22 26909.31 24356.88
Unsecured Loan .00 .00 .00
TOTAL LIABILITIES 54484.80 46705.04 44782.61
Gross Block 13392.31 13117.77 11083.67
(-) Acc. Depreciation 3110.04 2535.01 2009.45
Net Block 10282.27 10582.76 9074.22
Capital Work in Progress 590.23 675.36 774.77
Investments 21694.90 15615.78 13956.59
Inventories 74.22 86.92 625.45
Sundry Debtors 1632.42 2132.67 1910.06
Cash and Bank 3464.14 4444.17 3869.48
Loans and Advances 20820.15 18274.98 17213.85
Total Current Assets 25990.93 24938.74 23618.84
Current Liabilities 4054.59 5063.11 2597.59
Provisions 18.94 44.49 44.22
Total Current Liabilities 4073.53 5107.60 2641.81
NET CURRENT ASSETS 21917.40 19831.14 20977.03
Misc. Expenses .00 .00 .00
TOTAL ASSETS  54484.80 46705.04 44782.61

Adani Ports Stock Returns

According to Economic Times, Adani Ports stock returns performance is as follows:

1 Week: Adani Ports stock price moved up by 7.92%

1 Month: Adani Ports stock price moved down by 3.52%

3 Months: Adani Ports stock price moved down by 4.17%

1 Year: Adani Ports stock price moved up by 3.17%

3 Years: Adani Ports stock price moved up by 112.09%

5 Years: Adani Ports stock price moved up by 138.47%

Adani Ports Limited Listings and Indices

Adani Ports stocks are available on stock exchange platforms like NSE (National Stock Exchange Limited) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). The codes of NSE and BSE stock are as follows: 

  • Adani Ports BSE Code: 532921
  • Adani Ports NSE Code: ADANI PORTS
  • ISIN Code: INE742F01042
  • Industry: Port
  • House: Adani

Should You Invest in Adani Ports Limited?

APSEZ’s stock price, previously known as Mundra port share price, has been getting much attention lately. It’s because of a significant price movement on the National Stock Exchange. The company’s share price increased to ₹813 and dropped down to ₹684. The lower stock price gave many new and old investors a chance to buy their shares and eventually make profits. 

If you’re not sure whether you should invest in Adani Ports, we’d say No. It is not the best time to invest in their shares because they are trading at a fair value right now. The optimal time to invest is when the share prices are low. You also need to examine many other factors, such as the company’s balance sheet, to benefit from the next price drop. 

And while earning quality plays an important role, you should also consider the current risks attached to the company. Once you have a satisfactory answer in that aspect, you can take your decision of investing or not investing in APSEZ. 

FAQ’s about Adani Share Price

Q1. Why are Adani Ports shares falling today?

The shares of every company are always fluctuating. If the Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone share price is falling today, it will increase at some point in the future. You just need to keep an eye out for the increase/decrease trend. 

Q2. Is Adani Ports over valued?

As of 3rd March 2022, APSEZ is Undervalued and not OverValued. 

Q3. What is Adani Ports' stock price today?

Adani Port’s stock price as of 3rd March 2022 is ₹708. 

Q4. Is Adani Ports a large-cap?

Yes, Adani Ports is a Large Cap company with a market cap of ₹157694.70 Crore operating in the Shipping sector.

Q5. What is Adani Ports' stock price target for 2022?

Yes, Securities has a buy call on Adani Ports with a share price target of ₹810.

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