Muthoot Finance Share Price: Stock Analysis, History, & Forecast


One of the finest approaches to generating revenue is through stock investments. Any investor can successfully use stocks to attain long-term financial goals with a smart investment plan and statistics judgements. Every investment carries a certain level of risk. India has many options for stock investments, but the catch is finding the right investment. One such firm is Muthooth Finance Ltd, which offers gold loans and more. Understand the Muthoot Finance share price today and invest wisely. The Muthoot share price graph is on a see-saw trend, and as per the data, the share price is intended to rise. 

This article entails a detailed analysis of the Muthoot Finance share price, the company’s performance and stock returns for 2022-2023. 

Muthoot Finance Share Price

The Muthoot Finance share price as of January 23, 2023, is Rs. 1,056.00. The share price is up by Rs. 3.55, which is 0.34%.

The table below will give you an insight into the Muthoot finance share price –

Open PricePrevious CloseVolumeValue
1,050.951,050.354,99,04752.52 Crores

For information on the Muthoot Finance Share’s fundamentals, examine the table below –

Market CapRs. 42,166 Crore
P/E Ratio (TTM)11.25
P/B Ratio2.24
Industry P/E18.19
Debt to Equity2.6
EPS (TTM)93.35
Dividend Yield2.86%
Book Value491.54
Face Value10

Muthoot Finance Company Information

Muthoot Finance Limited is the leading gold financing company in India. It is a corporation which finances through gold and other services. George Muthoot established the corporation, which has its headquarters in Kerala, in 1939. To address unexpected or other short-term liquidity needs, the Company offers personal and business loans supported by gold jewellery or Gold Loans, primarily to those who own gold jewellery but could not get formal credit on time or at all.

It provides a wide range of financial products, including non-convertible debentures, gold coins, general insurance, and housing loans. The service portfolio of Muthoot Finance includes digital and cashless solutions, PAN Card services, foreign exchange, leasing, and factoring services. Through a chain of branch locations, online portals, and corporate clients, it serves individual and corporate clients. The company has regional headquarters worldwide in the US, UK, UAE, and Sri Lanka, in addition to its main operating location in India. 

History of the Muthoot Finance

M. George Muthoot, the founders’ father, formed a gold lending business in 1939 on the foundation of a trading company started by his father, Ninan Mathai Muthoot, in 1887. The Company’s operating history has developed over a period of 70 years. The Company acquired its RBI operating licence to operate as NFBC in 2001.

Muthoot Finance Private Limited was established as a private limited corporation under the Companies Act on March 14, 1997. The business changed its legal status on November 18, 2008, and adopted the title Muthoot Finance Limited. Muthoot Finance corporation opened 620 new branches in 2009–2010.

In July 2016, Muthoot Finance purchased 46.73% of Belstar Investment and Finance Private Limited’s capital. Muthoot Finance bought a non-deposit-taking, non-banking financial company called Muthoot Money in May 2018.

Management of Muthoot Finance

The Muthoot Finance Limited management team, which has accomplished and stimulated the status of the company, is listed below –

NameDesignation (Board of Directors)
George Jacob MuthootGroup Chairman of The Muthoot Group of Companies
George Alexander MuthootManaging Director
George Thomas MuthootJoint Managing Director
Alexander George MuthootJoint Managing Director
George Muthoot GeorgeDeputy Managing Director
George Muthoot JacobDeputy Managing Director
George Muthoot AlexanderDeputy Managing Director
Ravindra PisharodyIndependent Director
V.A. GeorgeIndependent Director
Jacob Benjamin KoshyIndependent Director
Jose MathewIndependent Director
Usha SunnyIndependent Director
Abraham ChackoIndependent Director
C A MohanIndependent Director

Muthoot Finance Company Location

Across numerous Indian states and union territories, Muthoot Finance has over 4,500 branches in India.

To learn more about the company’s location and contact information, read the details below:

Head Office Address

2nd Floor, Muthoot Chambers, Opposite Saritha Theatre Complex, Banerji Road, Kochi -682 018, Kerala, India

Telephone Number – +91-484 -2396478, 2394712.

Fax Number – +91-484 -2396506

Email Id – mails@muthootgroup[dot]com

Muthoot Finance Company Performance

The data below includes specifics on Muthoot Finance’s financial company performance.

ANNUALFY 2022FY 2021FY 2020FY 2019FY 2018
Total RevenueRs. 12237.46Rs. 11566.42Rs. 9707.27Rs. 7601.05Rs. 6781.69
Total Revenue Growth5.80%19.15%27.71%12.08%14.20%
Total ExpensesRs. 6827.28Rs. 6434.94Rs. 5446.88Rs. 4341.52Rs. 3839.61
Total Expenses Growth6.10%18.14%25.46%13.07%-3.52%
Profit after Tax (PAT)Rs. 4016.62Rs. 3804.4Rs. 3138.25Rs. 2078.01Rs. 1829.83
PAT Growth5.58%21.23%51.02%13.56%52.51%
Operating Profit Margin79.32%80.05%76.75%76.30%75.51%
Net Profit Margin32.96%32.99%32.40%27.36%27.25%
Basic EPS (Rs.)Rs. 100.1Rs. 94.84Rs. 78.3Rs. 51.92Rs. 45.79

*All values are in crores (Rs.)

Muthoot Finance Stock Returns in 2022 and 2023

The tabular data below comprises data about Muthoot Finance’s stock returns from February 2021 to January 2023.

DatePrice (Rs.)OpenHighLowVolumeCHG%
Jan 20231,052.451,065.401,102.351,044.20499.05K-1.00%
Dec 20221,063.051,093.001,158.751,023.3513.00M-1.64%
Nov 20221,080.751,047.651,141.001,036.5518.99M3.57%
Oct 20221,043.451,031.001,074.401,007.4510.97M0.33%
Sep 20221,040.051,037.001,067.10950.221.05M-1.43%
Aug 20221,055.101,080.001,213.951,009.3031.82M-0.99%
Jul 20221,065.659801,091.60977.116.68M9.15%
Jun 2022976.31,145.001,151.00960.415.81M-14.59%
May 20221,143.101,252.001,291.951,026.7015.31M-9.49%
Apr 20221,262.951,335.001,384.001,247.009.80M-5.11%
Mar 20221,330.951,355.001,448.001,277.0019.88M-2.05%
Feb 20221,358.751,463.101,501.601,291.1521.04M-6.78%
Jan 20221,457.601,499.001,559.951,405.0012.00M-2.54%
Dec 20211,495.651,449.251,516.001,381.0013.14M4.87%
Nov 20211,426.201,483.001,721.951,390.0027.64M-2.83%
Oct 20211,467.751,455.001,612.001,450.9018.93M1.20%
Sep 20211,450.301,527.001,564.951,432.0013.15M-4.21%
Aug 20211,514.001,565.901,638.851,402.4021.39M-2.62%
Jul 20211,554.751,484.951,616.051,456.4021.32M4.93%
Jun 20211,481.651,318.201,550.001,285.8050.99M12.97%
May 20211,311.601,155.001,319.001,135.0020.57M13.32%
Apr 20211,157.401,222.001,265.001,121.0020.38M-4.02%
Mar 20211,205.901,297.301,334.801,165.9023.86M-7.22%
Feb 20211,299.701,110.551,361.601,090.0050.93M17.53%

Muthoot Finance Share Price NSE

Muthoot Finance Share Price NSE1,052
Previous Close1,050.35

Muthoot Finance Share Price BSE

Muthoot Finance Share Price BSE1,052.80
Previous Close1,049.70
Previous Open1,042.05

Muthoot Finance Listings and Indices

The following is the listicle of important key dates, listing information, and indices of Muthoot Financial share price –

Key Dates

  • Year Ending Month – March
  • AGM Date (Month) – September
  • Book Closure Month – September

Listing Information

  • Face Value Of Equity Shares – 10
  • Market Lot Of Equity Shares – 1
  • BSE Code – 533398
  • BSE Group – A


The company forms a part of the following indices –

  • BSE 200
  • BSE 500
  • CNX 500
  • Nifty Next 50
  • Nifty 100
  • Nifty 500
  • Nifty 200
  • Nifty Financial Services
  • Nifty Dividend Opportunities 50
  • Nifty 100 
  • Nifty Alpha 50

Should you Invest in Muthoot Finance?

It can be advantageous for various reasons to invest in Muthoot Financial Limited. The business is well-recognised for providing gold loans; right now, gold prices are rising. It is wise to invest and buy gold coins from Muthoot Finance for an exceptional return. Additionally, investing in Muthoot Finance has a better chance of producing higher returns on investment (ROI). One of the largest financial institutions, this business enjoys a stellar reputation in the industry. Additionally, Muthoot Finance share prices continue to rise by several percentage points. They aim at 1348.33 on average. Compared to the most recent price of 1054.50, the consensus estimate reflects a gain of 27.86%.

Moreover, Muthoot Finance Share Price data demonstrate that business is expanding greatly and providing encouraging returns.

Note: Financial investments are prone to market risk. Therefore conducting your own research is crucial before investing.

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FAQ’s about Muthoot Finance Share Price

Q1. How can I buy Muthoot Financial Ltd's shares?

One can easily buy Muthoot Finance shares from multiple financial websites by creating a Demat account and verifying KYC (Know Your Customer) documents online.

Q2. What is the share price of Muthoot Finance Ltd.?

The Muthoot Finance share price as of January 20, 2023, is Rs. 1,052.00. The share price is up by Rs. 1.65, which is 0.16%.

Q3. What is the Market Cap of Muthoot Finance?

The Market Cap of Muthoot Finance is Rs. 42,166 Crore.

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