Indepth Guide to Kanal to Square Feet Conversion

1 Kanal is equal to 5445.00 Square Feet

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Are you someone who gets confused with simple maths calculations yet needs to get familiar with the Kanal to Square Feet conversion? Well, we do understand that not everyone can be a maths person, and for your ease, we have comprehended an easy peasy Kanal to Sq Ft conversion guide to make the conversion effortless for you.

Contrary to the myth that 1 Kanal to Square Feet conversion is intimidating, Square Yards is here to make it hassle-free for you. Just remember the fact that one Kanal in Square Feet is equal to 5445 and that is going to play a vital role in the overall conversion process. Keep scrolling and get familiar with the nuts and bolts of the 1 Kanal to Square Feet conversion.

 What is Kanal?

The use of international land measurement units such as Square Feet, Square Yard, Hectare, and many more are quite common in India. At the same time, the acceptance of local measurement units such as Kanal can’t be neglected. People who belong to North-Indian states have been considering Kanal for area measurement for ages. Apart from India, it is also used in Pakistan as a land measurement parameter. Kanal is numerically equal to 5,445 Square Feet and is 1/8th of an Acre. Although, the value of Kanal isn’t the same in India and Pakistan. For instance, in Lahore 1 Kanal is equal to 4500 Square Feet which is less than the one considered in India.

Kanal and Marla were standardized as land measurement units during the British Empire. At that time, 1 Kanal was coequal to 605 Square Yards or 505.857 sq meters, and one-eighth of an Acre.

1 Kanal is equivalent to 1⁄8 acre or we can say 510 Square Meters, 20 Marlas, 605 Square Yards, and 5,400 Square Feet. Kanal is quite popular to measure land in Punjab, Jammu, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh together with other northern regions.  One Kanal in Square Feet is equal to 5445.

Measurement of Kanal in Different Units

 One Kanal  5445 Square Feet
 One Kanal  1/8 th of an Acre [510 cm2]
 One Kanal  605 Square Yards
 One Kanal  505.857 Sq Mt or Square Meters
One Kanal  0.05058570526 Hectare
 One Kanal  20 Marlas

What is Square Feet?

Square Feet, abbreviated as Sq Ft, is a non-metric measurement unit that is equal to the area of a square whose each side is exactly equivalent to 1 Feet. Square Feet is quite popular to determine areas associated with apartments and flats, residential land, commercial plots together with office spaces. Additionally, it is denoted with certain other short abbreviations including Sq Ft, Sf, and Ft2.

Square Feet is a standardized unit of measurement, which is used in almost every part across India. Apart from India, it is significantly used in other countries such as the United States, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Canada, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia as a land measurement unit.

For example, when we measure the area of  Wankhede cricket stadium located in  Mumbai, Maharashtra in Square Feet it turns out to be 566290.64 Square Feet which is equal to  13 Acres.

Usage of the Square Feet as a measurement unit is quite common specifically across the realty sector as well as other architecture segments. It is the best fit when it comes to determining real estate space. The carpet area of the apartment is represented in terms of Square Feet that further helps to determine the overall costing of the unit. While buying residential properties including apartments, each homebuyer must ensure that the size mentioned within the details is similar to the actually existing one.

1 Square Feet is equivalent to 0.11 Square Yards, 144 Square Inches as well as 0.0929 Square Meters.

Measurement of Square Feet in Different Units

 One  sqft  144 Square Inches
 One sqft  0.11 Square Yards
 One sqft  0.0929 Square Meters
 One sqft  0.00002295684113 Acre
 One sqft  0.0009182736455 Guntha

Relationship Between Kanal to Square Feet

The relationship of Kanal to Square Feet isn’t burdensome to decipher. All you need to know about is how these two units correlate with each other numerically. 1 Kanal is equivalent to 5445 Square Feet whereas 1 Square Feet is equal to 0.0001836547291 Kanal. You should always keep the 1 Kanal to Square Feet conversion ratio clear in mind to put forward an effortless conversion of Kanal to Sq Ft. By having clarity about these conversion parameters you can convert  Kanal into Square Feet in a fraction of seconds. In simple words, to convert 1 Kanal land in Square Feet you need to multiply 1 with 5445 Square Feet and that’s it.

How to Convert Kanal to Square Feet

Converting Kanal to Square Feet is a contented affair, especially with the presence of Kanal to Sq Ft conversion calculator. All you have to do is enter the value in Kanal that you are willing to convert into Square Feet and that is it. Although there will be uncertain conditions when you will not be having access to the conversion calculator and at that point, you must be familiar with how to convert Kanal into Square Feet through the conversion formula.

Let’s go through the process of  conversion of Kanal into Square Feet:

Step 1: First and most vital step is to keep the measurement tape ready beforehand. Measure the overall area that you want to convert from Kanal to Square Feet. Get the exact value in Kanal to move further with the conversion process.

Step 2: Now when you have the exact value that you want to convert, the very next step is to know the conversion ratio. In this case, the conversion ratio is 5445. You just have to multiply the value fetched in Kanal with 5445 and you will get the desirable conversion.

For instance:

To convert 10 Kanal in Square Feet, Multiply 10 with 5445 that is equal to 54450.0000027 Sq Ft.

Formula for Converting Kanal to Square Feet

The conversion of Kanal into Square Feet can be carried out easily by multiplying the Kanal value with the conversion ratio. 1 Kanal is equivalent to 5445 Square Feet, thus, all you have to do is multiply the value with this conversion ratio.

The Kanal to Square Feet conversion formula is:

Square Feet = Kanal * 5445

Examples of Kanal to Square Feet Conversion ( Kanal to Sq Ft)

After getting familiar with the conversion formula, it is time to understand how this formula actually works. Let us consider certain examples to have a better understanding of the Kanal to Sq Ft conversion formula:

Convert 2 Kanal into Square Feet

To convert 2 Kanal into Square Feet, multiply 2 with the conversion ratio that is 5445.

Thus, 2 Kanal into Square Feet = 2 * 5445 which is equal to 10890.00000054 Sq Ft.

Conversion of 6 Kanal in Square Feet

To convert 6 Kanal in Square Feet, multiply 6 with the conversion ratio that is 5445.

Thus, 6 Kanal in Square Feet = 6 * 5445 which is equal to 32670.00000162 Sq Ft.

Convert 10 Kanal in Square Feet

To convert 10 Kanal in Square Feet, multiply 10 with the conversion ratio that is 5445.

Thus, 10 Kanal in Square Feet = 10 * 5445 which is equal to 54450.0000027 Sq Ft.

Kanal to Square Feet Conversion Table

Kanal Square Feet Kanal to Square Feet
1 kanal 5445.00000027 sqft 1 Kanal is equal to 5445.00000027 Square Feet
2 kanal 10890.00000054 sqft 2 Kanal is equal to 10890.00000054 Square Feet
3 kanal 16335.00000081 sqft 3 Kanal is equal to 16335.00000081 Square Feet
4 kanal 21780.00000108 sqft 4 Kanal is equal to 21780.00000108 Square Feet
5 kanal 27225.00000135 sqft 5 Kanal is equal to 27225.00000135 Square Feet
6 kanal 32670.00000162 sqft 6 Kanal is equal to 32670.00000162 Square Feet
7 kanal 38115.00000189 sqft 7 Kanal is equal to 38115.00000189 Square Feet
8 kanal 43560.00000216 sqft 8 Kanal is equal to 43560.00000216 Square Feet
9 kanal 49005.00000243 sqft 9 Kanal is equal to 49005.00000243 Square Feet
10 kanal 54450.0000027 sqft 10 Kanal is equal to 54450.0000027 Square Feet
11 kanal 59895.00000297 sqft 11 Kanal is equal to 59895.00000297 Square Feet
12 kanal 65340.00000324 sqft 12 Kanal is equal to 65340.00000324 Square Feet
13 kanal 70785.00000351 sqft 13 Kanal is equal to 70785.00000351 Square Feet
14 kanal 76230.00000378 sqft 14 Kanal is equal to 76230.00000378 Square Feet
15 kanal 81675.00000405 sqft 15 Kanal is equal to 81675.00000405 Square Feet
16 kanal 87120.00000432 sqft 16 Kanal is equal to 87120.00000432 Square Feet
17 kanal 92565.00000459 sqft 17 Kanal is equal to 92565.00000459 Square Feet
18 kanal 98010.00000486 sqft 18 Kanal is equal to 98010.00000486 Square Feet
19 kanal 103455.00000513 sqft 19 Kanal is equal to 103455.00000513 Square Feet
20 kanal 108900.0000054 sqft 20 Kanal is equal to 108900.0000054 Square Feet
21 kanal 114345.00000567 sqft 21 Kanal is equal to 114345.00000567 Square Feet
22 kanal 119790.00000594 sqft 22 Kanal is equal to 119790.00000594 Square Feet
23 kanal 125235.00000621 sqft 23 Kanal is equal to 125235.00000621 Square Feet
24 kanal 130680.00000648 sqft 24 Kanal is equal to 130680.00000648 Square Feet
25 kanal 136125.00000675 sqft 25 Kanal is equal to 136125.00000675 Square Feet
26 kanal 141570.00000702 sqft 26 Kanal is equal to 141570.00000702 Square Feet
27 kanal 147015.00000729 sqft 27 Kanal is equal to 147015.00000729 Square Feet
28 kanal 152460.00000756 sqft 28 Kanal is equal to 152460.00000756 Square Feet
29 kanal 157905.00000783 sqft 29 Kanal is equal to 157905.00000783 Square Feet
30 kanal 163350.0000081 sqft 30 Kanal is equal to 163350.0000081 Square Feet
31 kanal 168795.00000837 sqft 31 Kanal is equal to 168795.00000837 Square Feet
32 kanal 174240.00000864 sqft 32 Kanal is equal to 174240.00000864 Square Feet
33 kanal 179685.00000891 sqft 33 Kanal is equal to 179685.00000891 Square Feet
34 kanal 185130.00000918 sqft 34 Kanal is equal to 185130.00000918 Square Feet
35 kanal 190575.00000945 sqft 35 Kanal is equal to 190575.00000945 Square Feet
36 kanal 196020.00000972 sqft 36 Kanal is equal to 196020.00000972 Square Feet
37 kanal 201465.00000999 sqft 37 Kanal is equal to 201465.00000999 Square Feet
38 kanal 206910.00001026 sqft 38 Kanal is equal to 206910.00001026 Square Feet
39 kanal 212355.00001053 sqft 39 Kanal is equal to 212355.00001053 Square Feet
40 kanal 217800.0000108 sqft 40 Kanal is equal to 217800.0000108 Square Feet
41 kanal 223245.00001107 sqft 41 Kanal is equal to 223245.00001107 Square Feet
42 kanal 228690.00001134 sqft 42 Kanal is equal to 228690.00001134 Square Feet
43 kanal 234135.00001161 sqft 43 Kanal is equal to 234135.00001161 Square Feet
44 kanal 239580.00001188 sqft 44 Kanal is equal to 239580.00001188 Square Feet
45 kanal 245025.00001215 sqft 45 Kanal is equal to 245025.00001215 Square Feet
46 kanal 250470.00001242 sqft 46 Kanal is equal to 250470.00001242 Square Feet
47 kanal 255915.00001269 sqft 47 Kanal is equal to 255915.00001269 Square Feet
48 kanal 261360.00001296 sqft 48 Kanal is equal to 261360.00001296 Square Feet
49 kanal 266805.00001323 sqft 49 Kanal is equal to 266805.00001323 Square Feet
50 kanal 272250.0000135 sqft 50 Kanal is equal to 272250.0000135 Square Feet
51 kanal 277695.00001377 sqft 51 Kanal is equal to 277695.00001377 Square Feet
52 kanal 283140.00001404 sqft 52 Kanal is equal to 283140.00001404 Square Feet
53 kanal 288585.00001431 sqft 53 Kanal is equal to 288585.00001431 Square Feet
54 kanal 294030.00001458 sqft 54 Kanal is equal to 294030.00001458 Square Feet
55 kanal 299475.00001485 sqft 55 Kanal is equal to 299475.00001485 Square Feet
56 kanal 304920.00001512 sqft 56 Kanal is equal to 304920.00001512 Square Feet
57 kanal 310365.00001539 sqft 57 Kanal is equal to 310365.00001539 Square Feet
58 kanal 315810.00001566 sqft 58 Kanal is equal to 315810.00001566 Square Feet
59 kanal 321255.00001593 sqft 59 Kanal is equal to 321255.00001593 Square Feet
60 kanal 326700.0000162 sqft 60 Kanal is equal to 326700.0000162 Square Feet
61 kanal 332145.00001647 sqft 61 Kanal is equal to 332145.00001647 Square Feet
62 kanal 337590.00001674 sqft 62 Kanal is equal to 337590.00001674 Square Feet
63 kanal 343035.00001701 sqft 63 Kanal is equal to 343035.00001701 Square Feet
64 kanal 348480.00001728 sqft 64 Kanal is equal to 348480.00001728 Square Feet
65 kanal 353925.00001755 sqft 65 Kanal is equal to 353925.00001755 Square Feet
66 kanal 359370.00001782 sqft 66 Kanal is equal to 359370.00001782 Square Feet
67 kanal 364815.00001809 sqft 67 Kanal is equal to 364815.00001809 Square Feet
68 kanal 370260.00001836 sqft 68 Kanal is equal to 370260.00001836 Square Feet
69 kanal 375705.00001863 sqft 69 Kanal is equal to 375705.00001863 Square Feet
70 kanal 381150.0000189 sqft 70 Kanal is equal to 381150.0000189 Square Feet
71 kanal 386595.00001917 sqft 71 Kanal is equal to 386595.00001917 Square Feet
72 kanal 392040.00001944 sqft 72 Kanal is equal to 392040.00001944 Square Feet
73 kanal 397485.00001971 sqft 73 Kanal is equal to 397485.00001971 Square Feet
74 kanal 402930.00001998 sqft 74 Kanal is equal to 402930.00001998 Square Feet
75 kanal 408375.00002025 sqft 75 Kanal is equal to 408375.00002025 Square Feet
76 kanal 413820.00002052 sqft 76 Kanal is equal to 413820.00002052 Square Feet
77 kanal 419265.00002079 sqft 77 Kanal is equal to 419265.00002079 Square Feet
78 kanal 424710.00002106 sqft 78 Kanal is equal to 424710.00002106 Square Feet
79 kanal 430155.00002133 sqft 79 Kanal is equal to 430155.00002133 Square Feet
80 kanal 435600.0000216 sqft 80 Kanal is equal to 435600.0000216 Square Feet
81 kanal 441045.00002187 sqft 81 Kanal is equal to 441045.00002187 Square Feet
82 kanal 446490.00002214 sqft 82 Kanal is equal to 446490.00002214 Square Feet
83 kanal 451935.00002241 sqft 83 Kanal is equal to 451935.00002241 Square Feet
84 kanal 457380.00002268 sqft 84 Kanal is equal to 457380.00002268 Square Feet
85 kanal 462825.00002295 sqft 85 Kanal is equal to 462825.00002295 Square Feet
86 kanal 468270.00002322 sqft 86 Kanal is equal to 468270.00002322 Square Feet
87 kanal 473715.00002349 sqft 87 Kanal is equal to 473715.00002349 Square Feet
88 kanal 479160.00002376 sqft 88 Kanal is equal to 479160.00002376 Square Feet
89 kanal 484605.00002403 sqft 89 Kanal is equal to 484605.00002403 Square Feet
90 kanal 490050.0000243 sqft 90 Kanal is equal to 490050.0000243 Square Feet
91 kanal 495495.00002457 sqft 91 Kanal is equal to 495495.00002457 Square Feet
92 kanal 500940.00002484 sqft 92 Kanal is equal to 500940.00002484 Square Feet
93 kanal 506385.00002511 sqft 93 Kanal is equal to 506385.00002511 Square Feet
94 kanal 511830.00002538 sqft 94 Kanal is equal to 511830.00002538 Square Feet
95 kanal 517275.00002565 sqft 95 Kanal is equal to 517275.00002565 Square Feet
96 kanal 522720.00002592 sqft 96 Kanal is equal to 522720.00002592 Square Feet
97 kanal 528165.00002619 sqft 97 Kanal is equal to 528165.00002619 Square Feet
98 kanal 533610.00002646 sqft 98 Kanal is equal to 533610.00002646 Square Feet
99 kanal 539055.00002673 sqft 99 Kanal is equal to 539055.00002673 Square Feet
100 kanal 544500.000027 sqft 100 Kanal is equal to 544500.000027 Square Feet

Difference Between Kanal to Square Feet

If you are looking forward to purchasing a plot or property in India anytime soon, it becomes a pressing priority to understand various measurement units and the significant difference between them. You ought to know how Kanal is different from Square Feet in various terms. Let’s compare both the terms to make the process to convert Kanal to Square Feet more significant.

Basis of Comparison



Square Feet

Meaning Kanal  is a conventional land measurement unit  used across India specifically across rural regions.

Square Feet an Imperial measurement unit as well as U.S. customary unit to measure area. It is equal to  Square area whose each side is equivalent to 1 Feet.
Symbol (Abbreviation) Kanal Sq. ft, ft2
Relationship One Kanal is equal to 5445 Square Feet One Square fFet is equivalent to 0.0001836547291 Kanal
Kanal to Square Feet

Conversion Formula

For Kanal to Square Feet conversion, multiply the area in Kanal by 5445

Hence the formula is, Square Feet = Kanal X 5445

For square feet to Kanal  conversion, multiply the area in square feet by 0.0001836547291

Hence the formula is, Kanal = Square Feet X 0.0001836547291

Example Using Formula (Convert 10 Kanal in Square Feet and 10 Square Feet in Kanal) Input the value in the conversion formula – Square Feet = Kanal X 5445

Therefore, multiply 10 by 5445 to obtain the answer that is 54450.0000027 Square Feet

Input the value in the conversion formula – Kanal = Square Feet X 0.0001836547291

Therefore, multiply 10 by 0.0001836547291 to obtain the answer that is 0.001836547291 Kanal

Use Kanal is substantially considered for the measurement of small plots of land as well as land parcels Square Feet has got worldwide acceptance as a land measurement unit and is significantly used in the real estate sector.

Current Use of Kanal

Kanal is one of the traditional land measurement units which is quite popular amongst the rural areas of Indian states. It is predominantly used to measure land area, plots, and residential areas since the British Empire.

Current Use of Square Feet

Square Feet are extensively used to measure the area of apartments, residential plots, villas together with office space across the world. Additionally, it is considered to determine the pricing of housing units.

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FAQ’s About Kanal to Square Feet

What is the size of 1 Kanal plot in Feet?

The size of 1 Kanal plot in Feet is equal to 5445.

How many sq ft is in an Acre?

There are 43560 Sq Ft in an Acre.

How much is 3 Dismil in Square Feet?

3 Dismil is equivalent to 1306.8 Square Feet (sq ft).

How many sq foot to Vaar?

One Vaar is equivalent to 9 Square Feet.

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