1 Katha in Square Feet (katha to sq ft) Conversion Online

1 Katha is equal to 544.50 Square Feet

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Have you ever assumed why conversions are so important in measurement? To address this significant question, let us say it this way: conversion is essential because it establishes common ground. Moreover, while discussing Katha to square feet conversion, the first thing that comes to mind is how these are important measurement units. Let’s understand briefly! However, the concept of Katha and sq feet are widely used in real estate, vacant plots, and land.

Further, before exploring its relationship, first, you must understand its definition, equation, and conversion method. This article will give an in-depth examination of these measuring units.

What is Katha?

A Katha refers to a measuring unit of an area, used to evaluate the total surface area. This unit is most commonly found in the eastern part of India, specifically Bihar, West Bengal, and Assam, but it is also found in Bangladesh and Nepal.

The measurement unit of Katha varies from state to state. For instance, the surface area of a Katha in Bihar will be separate from that in Assam. This unit is called a Cottah or a Katha, denoted as Katha, 1 Kattha, or 1 Cottah.

Current Use of Katha 

As previously stated, Katha is primarily used in Bihar, Jharkhand, the eastern part of India, and Nepal. Because such a measurement unit isn’t used everywhere, it is less common than square feet.

History of  Katha 

Katha is among the most broadly used and prevalent land-measuring units nationwide. Katha’s land unit of measure dates back to the Pala Empire. Although the use of Katha in India has declined since the implementation of the metric system, it remains popular in the Eastern and Northern regions.

This is a term that refers to the total area of a land unit. The unit is widely used in significant Indian states such as Jharkhand, West Bengal, Assam, and Bihar. Furthermore, the values ranged across states and countries.

What is Square Feet?

A square foot is described as the size of a square with one foot on each side. This is determined using the Colonial and United States Customary non-metric and non-SI systems. The square feet is a standard unit of measurement in the United States and Canada. Other countries that use it include the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Ghana, and Myanmar.

Current Use of Square Feet

This measurement unit is commonly used in real estate and structural endeavours. The unit indicates the total remaining space in Indian real estate. Square feet is widely known as a measurement unit. As previously, mentioned, countries such as Canada, the United States of America, Ghana, and the United Kingdom. This framework calculates the total surface of a house, plot, or piece of land.

History of Square Feet

The origins of Square feet or Square foot are fascinating. Some people believe that one foot is the average time of a man’s foot size. Others believe this measurement unit evolved from evaluating King Henry I’s foot size. He was a tall man with a foot measurement of 12 inches (1 foot).

1 Katha in Square Feet

The meaning of 1 kattha in square feet is different across the eastern states of India and other nations- Nepal and Bangladesh.

Let us take a look at the conversion of 1 katha in sq feet in different states and countries.

Measurement of 1 Kattha in sq. ft. in Indian states

States and Cities Measurement (Kattha to sq. ft.)
Bihar 750 – 2,000 square feet with 32 by 30 ft. in length and width
West Bengal 720 square feet
Assam 2,880 square feet
Patna (Bihar) 1,361 square feet
Palamu (Jharkhand) 1,742 square feet

Measurement of one katha in square feet in Nepal

 One katha is defined as 3,645 square feet in Nepal.

 Measurement of one katha in square feet in Bangladesh

 In Bangladesh, one katha is used to define 720 square feet.

How to Convert Katha to Square Feet

The formula for converting 1 Katha to Sq feet have been already mentioned above, which is-

1 Katha = 1361 Square feet, and

1 Square feet = 0.000734754 Katha

Now, let us understand it with the help of a few examples:

Example 1:  Convert 2 Katha in Square feet according to the Patna (Bihar) measurement. 

Solution:  In Patna city, 1 Katha equals to 1361 square feet.

                                           2 * 1361 = 2722

Thus, 2 Katha is equal to 2722 square feet as per the Patna (Bihar) measurement.

Example 2: Convert 5 Katha in square feet as per the Assam measurement.

Solution: In Assam, 1 Katha is equal to 2880 square feet.

                                   5 * 2880 = 14,400

Thus, 5 Katha is equal to 14,400 square feet as per the Assam measurement.

Example 3: Convert 10 Katha in square feet as per the Nepal measurement.

Solution: In Nepal, 1 Katha equals to 3645 square feet.

                                 10 * 3645 = 36,450

Thus, 10 Katha is equal to 36,450 square feet as per the Nepal measurement.

Katha to Square Feet Conversion Table

 Would you like to keep the katha to sq. ft. conversion handy? Take some from this katha to square feet conversion chart and avoid spending minutes surmising the figures in katha to square feet.

Katha Square Feet
1 Katha is equal to 720 Square Feet (sq ft)
2 Katha is equal to 1,440 Square Feet (sq ft)
3 Katha is equal to 2,160 Square Feet (sq ft)
4 Katha is equal to 2,880 Square Feet (sq ft)
5 Katha is equal to 3,600 Square Feet (sq ft)
6 Katha is equal to 4,320 Square Feet (sq ft)
7 Katha is equal to 5,040 Square Feet (sq ft)
8 Katha is equal to 5,760 Square Feet (sq ft)
9 Katha is equal to 6,480 Square Feet (sq ft)
10 Katha is equal to 7,200 Square Feet (sq ft)
11 Katha is equal to 7,920 Square Feet (sq ft)
12 Katha is equal to 8,640 Square Feet (sq ft)
13 Katha is equal to 9,360 Square Feet (sq ft)
14 Katha is equal to 10,080 Square Feet (sq ft)
15 Katha is equal to 10,800 Square Feet (sq ft)
16 Katha is equal to 11,520 Square Feet (sq ft)
17 Katha is equal to 12,240 Square Feet (sq ft)
18 Katha is equal to 12,960 Square Feet (sq ft)
19 Katha is equal to 13,680 Square Feet (sq ft)
20 Katha is equal to 14,400 Square Feet (sq ft)
21 Katha is equal to 15,120 Square Feet (sq ft)
22 Katha is equal to 15,840 Square Feet (sq ft)
23 Katha is equal to 16,560 Square Feet (sq ft)
24 Katha is equal to 17,280 Square Feet (sq ft)
25 Katha is equal to 18,000 Square Feet (sq ft)
26 Katha is equal to 18,720 Square Feet (sq ft)
27 Katha is equal to 19,440 Square Feet (sq ft)
28 Katha is equal to 20,160 Square Feet (sq ft)
29 Katha is equal to 20,880 Square Feet (sq ft)
30 Katha is equal to 21,600 Square Feet (sq ft)
31 Katha is equal to 22,320 Square Feet (sq ft))
32 Katha is equal to 23,040 Square Feet (sq ft)
33 Katha is equal to 23,760 Square Feet (sq ft)
34 Katha is equal to 24,480 Square Feet (sq ft)
35 Katha is equal to  25,200 Square Feet (sq ft)
36 Katha is equal to 25,920 Square Feet (sq ft
37 Katha is equal to 26,640 Square Feet (sq ft)
38 Katha is equal to 27,360 Square Feet (sq ft)
39 Katha is equal to 28,080 Square Feet (sq ft)
40 Katha is equal to 28,800 Square Feet (sq ft)
41 Katha is equal to 29,520 Square Feet (sq ft)
42 Katha is equal to 30,240 Square Feet (sq ft)
43 Katha is equal to 30,960 Square Feet (sq ft)
44 Katha is equal to 31,680 Square Feet (sq ft)
45 Katha is equal to 32,400 Square Feet (sq ft)
46 Katha is equal to 33,120 Square Feet (sq ft)
47 Katha is equal to 33,840 Square Feet (sq ft)
48 Katha is equal to 34,560 Square Feet (sq ft)
49 Katha is equal to 35,280 Square Feet (sq ft)
50 Katha is equal to 36,000 Square Feet (sq ft)

Difference Between Katha and Square Feet

The table depicts the difference between Katha and Square feet: 

Basis of Comparison Katha Square Feet
Symbol Kattha, Cottah, Katha Sq. Ft, Sq. feet
Definition Katha is an Indian land area measurement unit that is used primarily in eastern India, as well as Nepal and Bangladesh. A Square feet is the area of a square with sides that are exactly one feet long.
Usage It is used in Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, and Jharkhand are the eastern states of India. It is also popular in Bangladesh and Nepal. It is commonly used in India and internationally, such as in Nepal, Bangladesh, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, some sections of Malaysia, Canada, Ghana, Myanmar, and other countries.
Size As per different states, its size varies, in Bihar, 1 Katha is equal to 1361.  As 1 Square feet = 0.000734754 Katha.

Final Words

Katha has been in use in India for the measurement of land area for a long time. While its usage diminished across a number of Indian states, the eastern Indian states continued to count it in measuring the land area. However, the value of a katha is different in each state which is why it is required to take the conversion value to eyes before meaning this unit in square feet which, we guess, you have gathered in this section.

Stay tuned to find out more about the worldly units and their conversion mechanics.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is 1 Kattha in square feet?

1 katha is equivalent to 720 feet.

How much is 3 Kattha in square feet?

1 kattha means 720 square feet. Thus, you need to multiply your figure by 720 in order to find the measurement. If you have 3 kattha, you have to multiply it by 720 to find its value in square feet.
3 x 720 = 2160
Thus, 3 katha is 2160 square feet.

What is the value of 1 Katha?

1 katha means 720 square feet.

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