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Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited or HUDCO was set up in 1970 and is now a premier techno-financial organisation. HUDCO’s primary mission is to assist, establish, collaborate, promote and provide consultancy services for planning and designing of projects. These plans are related to housing and urban development programmes in India and other countries. 

With an immaculate experience of five decades, HUDCO offers sustainable and integrated solutions to design and analyse challenges in the urban sector and for all stages of the project cycle. From conceptualisation to project delivery, all actions are taken keeping in mind the local conditions and the priorities of people. 

The main aim of HUDCO is to create livable and sustainable cities with the help of pragmatic solutions which are a reflection of the local ethos and culture. 

Objectives of HUDCO

The main objectives according to the Memorandum of Association are:-

  • To offer finance for the long term for construction of houses for finance or residential purposes or undertake housing and urban development programmes.
  • To undertake or finance, partly or wholly, the establishment of satellite or new towns;
  • To subscribe to bonds and debentures which are issued by the State Housing (or/and Urban Development) Boards, Development Authorities, Improvement Trusts, etc., especially for financing urban development and housing projects.
  • To undertake or finance the establishment of industrial enterprises of construction material.
  • To keep a track of the money received from the Government of India and other sources in the form of grants or otherwise, in regular intervals, for the purpose of undertaking or financing the housing and urban development projects in the country.
  • To establish, collaborate, promote, assist and provide consultancy services for the designing and planning projects of work related to Housing and Urban Development programmes in India and other countries.
  • To undertake the business of Venture Capital Fund in Housing and Urban Development Sectors assisting in innovations in the sectors and subscribe to or invest in the shares/units of Venture Capital Funds which are promoted by Government Agencies/Government in the areas.
  • To establish the Mutual Fund of HUDCO for Housing and Urban Development programmes and/or subscribe to and/or invest in the units of Mutual Funds which are promoted by the Government Agencies/Government. 

HUDCO Loan Products

Housing Finance

The housing finance loans are segregated into 3 categories:-

Social Housing

The ultimate beneficiaries of the social housing finances are the borrowers who belong to the Economically Weaker Sections of the society and the LIG. 

Residential Real Estate

The ultimate beneficiaries under the residential real estate financing are the public sector borrowers who use the finance for commercial and housing real estate projects which also includes land acquisition. These commercial and housing real estate projects are primarily for the high-income and middle-income groups of the society. 

The residential and social real estate is financed by lending money to the State Governments and their agencies (which include rural housing boards, state housing boards, development authorities, slum clearance boards, and Municipal Corporations). These parties further extend the money to other parties or use them for the ultimate beneficiaries. 


Under the umbrella of HUDCO Niwas or the retail finance product, (a) housing loans are provided to the individuals for the purchase of flats and houses, construction of houses, co-operative housing societies of government employees/for the purchase of plots from the government agencies, the improvement and extension of existing flats and for refinancing the existing loans from banks and other financial institutions and (b) bulk loans are provided to the State Governments, PSUs, agencies in order to compete with the demand of the house building advance of the public/employees, including HFCs for housing loan for the general public. 

Urban Infrastructure Finance

Urban infrastructure finance is categorised into transport and roads, water supply, emerging sectors, power, area development, social infrastructure, commercial infrastructure, and others, and drainage and sewerage. 

Water Supply

Under the category of water supply, water-related projects like rehabilitation projects and amplification of existing supply, un-serviced areas and quality are financed.

Roads and Transport

Roads, ports, railways, bridges, airports and the purchase of buses are financed under roads and transport. 


Power generation (wind, hydro, solar, thermal, and biomass-based), distribution systems, and transmission are financed under power.

Emerging Sector

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) industrial infrastructure, gas pipelines, projects of the telecom sector, and oil terminals are financed under the emerging sector.

Commercial Infrastructure and Others 

Market complexes, shopping centres, hotels, malls-cum-multiplexes, and office buildings are financed under this category. 

Social Infrastructure and Area development

Health, infrastructure projects (like health centres, hospitals, schools, and other institutions, parks, and community centres), education, integrated area development schemes (like the development of urban extensions, new towns, and growth centres), and the basic sanitation projects are financed under this category.

Sewerage and Drainage

New schemes, rehabilitation projects, and augmentation related to drainage, solid waste management, and sewerage are financed under this category. 

Consultancy Services

Consultancy services are provided in the area of urban development and housing. HUDCO’s consultancy services include providing services for the government programmes and advocating them on regional and urban planning, development and design, social development and environmental engineering. 

The housing and urban development corporation limited is appointed by the Government of India. The consultancy services are also provided to other clients on request. For the service, terms of reference are prepared which outline the time schedules, project requirements, and the details related to the stage-wise payment. After the entire process, a formal agreement is initiated for undertaking the consultancy service. 

HUDCO Projects

Institutional Projects

  • Archaeological Survey of India
  • Human Settlement Management Institute, India
  • Regional Office of HUDCO

Commercial Projects

  • Shopping Complex at Old District Hospital, Imphal

Tourism and Recreational Projects

  • Pilgrim and Cultural Centre, Solophok, Namchi
  • Queue Complex, Lord Dharbaranyeswarar Temple, Thirunallur
  • Riverside Shopping and Traffic Interchange Node, Bodhgaya
  • Shopping Complex and Interpretation Centre, Fatehpur Sikri
  • Cottage and Allied Facilities at Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari
  • Renovation and Beautification of the Botanical Garden of Puducherry
  • Spiritual Tourism Circuit Development, Puducherry

Housing Projects

  • Affordable Housing for Low Income Groups
  • Housing for Bhopal Gas Victims
  • Low Income Housing Project at Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune
  • Group Housing for HAL Employees
  • Vertical Housing Shehjar Apartments, Srinagar

Interior Works

  • Interior Works of HUDCO Bhawan, New Delhi

Landscape Design Projects

  • Development of Botanical Garden, Yanam
  • Beautification of Botanical Garden, Puducherry

Planning Projects

  • Integrated Master Plan for Rajgir Regional Planning Area and Nalanda Mahavihara World Heritage Site
  • Development Plan for Khargone and Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh
  • Master Plan for Arrah, Bodhgaya, Biharsharif, Bhagalpur, Chapra, Darbhanga, Gaya , Muzaffarpur, Rajgir towns in Bihar
  • Slum Free City Plan for Gangtok, Chas, and Ranchi
  • City Development Plan (CDP) for Bodhgaya & Panaji
  • State Urban Development Strategy for Jharkhand
  • The New Jammu Township
  • Comprehensive Development Plan for Vrindavan Township, Lucknow
  • Tourism Master Plan for Tamil Nadu

Construction and Development Projects

  • HUDCO Place Andrews-Ganj, New Delhi
  • BSUP Projects under JNNURM
  • Rehabilitation of Disaster Victims

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FAQ’s on HUDCO:-

What is a HUDCO job?

The main job in HUDCO is to build affordable housing projects and provide urban development. 

What is the meaning of HUDCO?

Ans. HUDCO’s full form is Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited. 

How do I apply for a HUDCO fixed deposit?

You can apply for a HUDCO fixed deposit by filling out a form that is available online. You would require a few documents for address and identity proof. The minimum amount required for the two categories is; regular plus – ₹50,000 and for multiplier plus – ₹10,000.

How to buy HUDCO tax-free bonds?

HUDCO tax-free bonds can be bought the same way as shares. You can search it in your app or ask your broker to buy the bonds.

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