How To Link Aadhaar & Bank Account Through NPCI?

npci link aadhaar

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), an initiative by RBI, acts as an umbrella for all kinds of retail payments and its settlements. So it is important to link your Aadhar with NPCI to avoid any future hurdles. But, are you still not fully aware of the entire process, and due to which, your aadhar link with NPCI processing is still pending?

Then hereโ€™s your guide to understanding the entire process of getting an NPCI link to your aadhaar card.

What is NPCI Linking to Aadhaar Card?

NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) acts as an Aadhaar Card repository that enables linking it with any desirable bank account. The basic idea behind the linking is to provide a scope to route the payments from Aadhar linked bank accounts to the receiverโ€™s bank account conveniently. The major task is the aadhar link with NPCI with a bank account which consists of the Aadhar number and IIN. IIN stands for Issuer Identification Number, which helps the Aadhaar card and bank account linkage.ย 

The aadhaar link with the NPCI bank account is nothing but a process done through submitting required documents and verifying the holderโ€™s details with their bank.ย 

After Aadhaar verification for NPCI, the process starts from the following steps mentioned below by your bankโ€™s core branch:ย 

  • The aadhar number is linked to the holderโ€™s bank account in the core branch.
  • Then, the aadhaar card number is fetched to add to the NPCI mapper.ย 

Note: If the last step is not performed successfully, the aadhaar card number is not seeded in NPCI.

NPCI link aadhaar card is necessary because of its benefits to the cardholder. You may quickly get the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) from the government schemes. In addition to this, it is easy to track the transactions made and received in the entire year or beyond. It also eliminates the chances of untraceable transactions to avoid further fraud or confusion.ย 

There are some of the restrictions made while NPCI links to the UIDAI aadhaar card with a bank account :

  • The aadhar card holder can only link one bank account with their aadhar card.
  • If the number of bank accounts increases, they will be imposed with subsidy charges.ย 
  • These charges will be deducted if the NPCI aadhaar link to the bank account status shows active of the last linkage.

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Look at the quick steps provided for the aadhaar link with the NPCI bank account below:ย 

  • Put queries to the branch of your bank to provide proof for aadhar seeding to NPCI.ย 
  • Check with the proof if the Aadhar is showing active or not.ย 
  • Your NPCI link aadhar card with a bank account has been done successfully if it displays active. If not, then the aadhaar number is not seeded in NPCI.ย 

In Case of Aadhaar Number is not Seeded in NPCI, the Following Could be the Reasons:ย 

  • The NPCI mapper link aadhaar card / aadhar card mapping to bank account NPCI is not performed in the core branch of your bank.ย 
  • Or else, the aadhar number is not seeded in the NPCI mapper.ย 

Note: It is the responsibility of the bank to upload the aadhar NPCI link with the bank account if not done. They also need to perform their duty in the internal system as well.ย 

What Needs to be Done if an Aadhaar Number is not Seeded in NPCI

The following steps can assure you with checking the NPCI aadhar link bank account status:ย 

  • Ask the bank to update you on aadhar NPCI linking with the bank account if not found active instantly.ย 
  • Follow up with the bank regarding the issue and ensure the internal uploads are also made from the bankโ€™s side.
  • If you do not get any response, you may also go to Bank Nodal Officers, which may speed up the process and resolve your problem.

NPCI’s New Update: NPCI New Feature to Dismiss Failure-Timeouts Transactions

The NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India is all set to make online transactions way faster and simpler to operate than it is currently. Basically, the troublesome UPI (Unified Payment Interface) transactions of failure and time-out were resolved after a span of 24 hours. But with the new feature, the banks are supposed to consider the matter within 30 seconds to completely dismiss the chances of failure or time-out transaction in practice. This means a real-time actionable resolve system for these issues is in the pipeline to launch quite sooner in the future.

There are few more expected features to be a part of the service such as linking the credit cards with your UPI, linking of Rupay credit cards with NPCI and more. These plans are announced and monitored by the RBI to encourage digital India.

End Thoughts

It is important to understand the basic needs of aadhar linked with NPCI that can grant many benefits offered by the government of India. Major populations are processing their NPCI link aadhar card with their considered bankโ€™s core branch. In addition to this, the bank account holder shouldn’t link more than one account to their aadhaar because that will act as a liability. There is no additional benefit and hence, can be avoided.

Q1. How do I know if my Aadhaar is linked to NPCI?

A customer may know whether their Aadhar Link is active with NPCI or not by dialling the number *99*99# on mobiles of GSM. This is the easiest way to track the status and ensure whether the bank is responsible for your aadhar card linking with the bank account through NCPI or not to query on time. You may also Like:

Q2. How do I know if my bank account is linked to NPCI?

You can check the bank account-aadhaar link with NPCI; you may go through the official site of NCPI or UIDAI. You also need to have the mobile number linked with your aadhaar to check the aadhaar NPCI link and the bank account.

Q3. How much time aadhar seeding takes?

The total time that the aadhaar link with NPCI takes is upto 48 hours. All you will be supposed to do is choose the option โ€œRequestโ€ on the NPCI website. Then, select the โ€œAadhaar Seedingโ€ tab found in the dropdown menu. And wait for the aforementioned hours to successfully get your NPCI link aadhaar card.ย 

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