Salman Khan House: A Humble Abode filled with Life

Salman Khan House

Salman Khan being one of the biggest stars that the Indian Cinema or Bollywood as we call it has ever produced.  There are no two ways about the fan following that he has, he is not a star who is famous in the Indian Film Industry but is also well known in the International phase of the world, it goes without saying that the fame that he carries is global and is one of the mega-star in Bollywood, but apart from all these he is a considered a man with a heart of gold as apart from being this mega super star Salman Khan is also considered to be a philanthropist. I’m sure you all are very well aware by the Being Human brand that is endorsed by each & everyone in the industry.

In many interviews you must have heard him mentioning the fact that is family is his priority and is extremely important to him. The fame and the kind of aura that he carries can be misunderstood by many, but the true fact is that even with all of his fame & wealth he is a period who is always grounded to his roots, which is reflected by the way of his living.

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Even will all the fame and aura this man believes in living the simplest of life. The house that Salman Khan own will definitely surprise you at first as the house is not what you are expecting which means it isn’t sprawling & lavish that you usually see for other stars in the Bollywood industry, it isn’t even duplex or triplex apartment.  The star has been living with his family for beyond 2 decades in the same Galaxy Apartment which is in located in a very posh area of Bandstand in Bandra West, which also makes this building to be one of the main points for people to visit Mumbai for the past few years. 

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The crowd that is gathered on a daily basis and specially on occasions such as Eid or even on Salman Khan’s birthday is simply gorgeous to watch. Him just standing out and waving out to his fans is just a spectacular sight to watch which is also a moment that is considered to be Bollywood’s fan-Dom moment. The star believes in staying with his parents in the apartment instead of opting for luxurious & sprawling apartment, as since childhood this has been his place and he has been in a habit of taking the same right and lefts every day. He says he has way too many memories to cherish in this house like any other child he also used to play with other children from the building, do pranks and sit and have meals with his friends at his own as well as his friends’ place.   

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Galaxy Apartment Bandra- Salman Khan House

Salman Khan Galaxy Apartment

The name of Salman Khan house is Galaxy Apartment which is located in Bandra in Mumbai. The building consists of different apartments where on the ground floor belongs to Salman Khan and the first floor of the building where the parents live. But as fancy as it sounds the actuality of his apartment is quite the opposite. Even after being one of the poshest areas of the city Salman Khan is actually just 1BHK apartment.

Salman Khan stays alone on the ground floor and therefore, he finds the space to be sufficient for himself. The star is not ready to leave the place as the apartments have tons of memories for him to cherish. The building has come out to be one of the prime spots for the people to visit when in Mumbai just to get glimpse of the star.

The apartment that Salman Khan lives as mentioned before is a 1BHK Apartment, the salman khan house interior is made in a pattern where the dining-living space is L-Shaped with an opened kitchen which has been patronized with a four feet glass wall, apart from this the star has 170-190 square feet of bedroom along with a bathroom.

Galaxy Apartment is a place where the actor grew up along with his brother Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan & Arpita Agnihotri, who is an adopted child and stepsister of Salman Khan who initially used to live with her stepmother Helen Richardson Khan in other property in the South Mumbai. This is a 8 storeyed building which is simply famous because of the khan family’s aura. This Apartment is in close proximity to Mannat (Shah Rukh Khan’s Bungalow). His parents Salim and Salma Khan lives right above his apartment. The house is said to be open-house place where the Khan’s are famous to offer food along with refreshments to anyone who tend to enter the house anytime. 

Price of Salman Khan’s House and Address


The cost of Salman Khan’s house Galaxy Apartment has a whopping price of INR100 crores. The price of the apartment is placed just perfect as the house has tend to become one of the hotspots of Mumbai and a place for people to visit.

Salman Khan’s house address is as follows:

Address: 3, Galaxy Apartment, Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Road, Bandstand, Bandra West, Mumbai- 400050.

Salman Khan’s New House


Salman Khan has recently shown his interest in the real estate market and for the same reason the actor has recently purchased an apartment in the ‘Sagar Resham Project’. The new house resides near Mannat the Shah Rukh Khan’s Bungalow near Bandra Bandstand. This house is a new house that Salman Khan has invested into, the address for the same has not been out yet until now.

We all are surely aware of his old house where he stays himself along with his parents and the apartment cost is in crores considering that fact this house is definitely no less than that the new house is surely expensive and would have cost him the same or even more.

Next, in line is a massive Triplex accommodation or apartment, this purchase is done under new luxury apartment in Bandstand.

Salman Khan’s Farmhouse

Salman Khan Farmhouse

From the past few years, it has been an ongoing trend for investors to owe their own land in an agricultural area and convert them into homes for vacation along with greenery and landscaping all around. We have been living in cities that is always in rush basically a metropolitan city which do not have much of a room for greenery, peace, or even open space for that matter, for the same reason there has been an increase in the demand of such places where a person can reside when want to escape routine of his daily work. For the same reason you will see many actors reside themselves in these farmhouses in order to keep themselves apart from the normal hustle-bustle of the city and to get some space for them to relax and when talking about such exotic places how can Salman Khan be not remembered.

His farmhouse resides in Panvel where you must have seen a lot of actors posing and chilling during pandemic on their respective social media handles. The name of the farmhouse is kept after his loving sister Arpita because of which the farmhouse has been names as ‘The Arpita Farms’.  The area 150 acres land has been covered by the farmhouse that also includes a huge no. of animals for his love towards the animals. This farmhouse is also utilized by him for several occasions that includes the celebration of various festivals, parties.

This Farmhouse is famous for the following aspects:

Salman Khan Gymnasium 

Salman Khan Gymnassium

  • Swimming Pool
  • Art Room
  • 5 Horses

Apart from the above aspects mentioned the farmhouse have also includes three bungalows on the site for his family & friends to stay and enjoy their time with privacy and love. Apart from these bungalow Salman Khan has his own bungalow for his personal use.

Other Properties of Salman Khan


Apart from the houses that Salman Khan owns, the family has made various investments in the real estate industry over the past few years. As per recent reports Salman Khan has made a purchase for an apartment at Sagar Resham which is located in Bandra Bandstand which is also close to very famous house Mannat. He has also invested money into massive triplex property which is again located in Bandra Bandstand.  The structure of his apartment starts from 11th floor.

Other than this he has also involved himself in investments that include apartments in:

  • Carter Road
  • Sterling Seaface property in Worli
  • Apartment based in Dubai’s Burj Pacific

The earlier reports it was mentioned that the family is now supposedly want to move from their own apartment to a bigger space now, it also stated that Salman Khan’s parents Salim & Salma Khan has also purchased a new house for about INR 14.4 crore in year 2011 that encompassed Belle Vue & Belle Mar cottage, arising out of Charlotte Mary Pereira.

The reports also mentioned that the family has drawn out a layout structuring the architectural aspect of the house which is made in the G+5 structure, wherein ground floor would be dedicated to family room, entrance lobby, along with pantry included, the upper apartment would be a two BHK apartment. There will also be 2 basements along with parking space that could incorporate 15 vehicles with open terrace that would be distinguished with striking dome in the center.

After the most famous house of Salman Khan in Mumbai, the next house that comes in the list is probably the sprawling farmhouse that is located in Panvel which covers a land of 150acres. At the time of lockdown period social media was flushed with his photographs, videos covering the property, indulging himself in farm riding, feeding horses, along with driving ATVs, it also includes luxurious swimming pool, gymnasium where the entire family gathers in order to celebrate festivals with all other special occasions, the cost of this farmhouse is somewhere INR 80crore which is accordance to the estimation.

He also invested a huge amount of money in a massive 100-acre property which is located in Gorai. This property is located on the beach side with 5BHK farmhouse which include equipped

  • Gymnasium
  • Movie Theater
  • Swimming Pool
  • Zone for dirt Bike

The cost of this property is somewhere estimated at a massive price of INR 100crore.

Cars Owned by Salman Khan

Even though Salman Khan leads a very simple life which is easily noticed in his home. The actor likes to invest in cars. Salman Khan owns about 9 cars, isn’t that amazing? His car collection is nothing less than a dream! Starting from Toyota Land Cruiser SUV, Audi RS7, Lexus LX, BMW X6, Mercedes S-Class, Range Rover Vogue, Audi A8L, Mercedes GLS, and Mercedes GLE to Land Cruiser. And as reports suggest, the actor has recently upgraded his Toyota Land Cruiser with bulletproof glass and armour for security purposes. 


Salman Khan is all about his family and his passion for his work. His extravagant personality is often mirrored by his simple lifestyle and interiors of his house. The actor also owns many other properties apart from his abode in Mumbai.

Salman Khan Plans to Build A 19-Storey, Sea-Facing Hotel in Mumbai

The startling star of Bollywood- Salman Khan, is all set to establish a commercial setup in Carter Road, Mumbai. The building will be a hotel that will stand tall at 19 stories. Approved by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the site of the property has a seafront viewpoint for the guests. It is important to note that the actor is not the sole proprietor of the plot. The real owner is his mother- Salma Khan, whom the family acquired from the former owner- Starlet Cooperative Housing Society. 

Originally, the Khan family had aspirations of transforming the land into a splendid residential structure. However, destiny took a different turn when the renowned architectural firm, Sapre & Associates, presented revised blueprints proposing the construction of a magnificent commercial edifice. These fresh plans align with the city’s novel Development Control & Promotion Regulation (DCPR-2034), which envisions a centrally air-conditioned commercial building towering at a majestic height of 69.90 metres. 

Amenities to Expect in Salman Khan’s 19-Storey Hotel

As per the Times of India report, a magnificent 19-storey architectural marvel is set to grace the cityscape. This awe-inspiring structure will house an array of captivating amenities that cater to the diverse desires of its occupants. 

On the ground floor, a charming café will beckon with enticing aromas and delectable treats. Ascending to the second floor, a lavish restaurant awaits, ready to indulge the senses with its exquisite cuisine. The third floor will be a haven for health enthusiasts, boasting a state-of-the-art gym and a refreshing swimming pool. For seamless service, the fourth floor will be dedicated to support functions. The fifth and sixth floors will be transformed into elegant convention centres, ideal for hosting grand events. From the seventh to the nineteenth floors, a luxurious hotel will offer opulent accommodations and impeccable hospitality. 

Delving beneath the surface, a three-level basement will provide additional facilities to enrich the overall experience. It is worth mentioning that Salman Khan’s deep involvement in Mumbai’s real estate landscape has endowed him with substantial expertise in both commercial and residential ventures.

Latest Update on Salman Khan Movie – Tiger 3

Tiger 3, starring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi, is the fifth entry in the Spy Universe film series by Yash Raj Films. Maneesh Sharma is the movie’s director, based on the events of Pathaan, War, and Tiger Zinda Hai. After being delayed from its intended release date of April 21, 2023, the movie was released on Diwali 2023. Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan, who have played their respective roles in Pathaan and War, make cameo appearances in the movie. Due to its exciting plot, exotic settings, and high-octane action scenes, the movie has received positive reviews from critics and fans.

On its first day at the box office, the movie also smashed records, grossing over Rs 60 crore worldwide. Salman Khan’s adversary, Emraan Hashmi, has commended the actor for his professionalism and generosity, saying working with him has been a pleasure.

Salman Rents Out His Mumbai Property

Salman Khan has recently leased a major commercial property in Mumbai to a retail company. Situated on Santacruz’s Linking Road, the property has a total space of 2,140.71 square metres spread across four stories. The Future Group’s gourmet store, Food Hall, which ran into financial difficulties due to the epidemic, had previously rented it.

According to the reports, Salman Khan has rented his land to Landcraft Retail, a new business that intends to open Food Square, a brand-new gourmet supermarket. The lease is for a period of sixty months, beginning in August 2023. For the first year, the monthly rate is Rs 90 lakh; after that, it will rise by Rs 5 lakh annually, for which the deposit comes to the sum of Rs 5.4 crore.

He has rented out his Mumbai apartments before. He also rents out his elf-owned apartment in Bandra West’s Shiv Asthan Heights for Rs 95,000 a month. The apartment is a 758-square-foot, one-bedroom, partially furnished, and faces east.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is Salman Khan’s House?

Salman Khan as a house located in Mumbai with the name of Galaxy Apartment in Bandra, a state locality in Mumbai. The actor himself resides on the ground floor whereas, his parents reside on a floor above him.

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How to get job in Salman Khan House?

Normally, there is no specific answer to this query, but incase you are willing to work in his apartment the best option to do so is by associating yourself to agencies or recruiters.

Where is Salman Khan House in Mumbai?

Salman Khan house is located in Bandra, Mumbai known as the Galaxy Apartment which has now even become a famous spot for people to visit whenever traveling to Mumbai.

Did Salman Khan gifts House?

A recent report suggested that Salman Khan gifted her sister Alvira Agnihotri worth INR 10crore apartment in the year 2010. Further, it was stated that the penthouse is located in a posh area in the Carter Road in a close proximity of where the khans reside currently.

How many acres does Salman Khan Panvel Farmhouse?

Salman Khan farmhouse which is situated in Panval might have crossed your couple of times through various actor’s post on their social media handle during the period of pandemic. The name of this farmhouse is known to be The Arpita Farms which is named after his sister’s name Arpita. This farmhouse covers the land of area 150 acres wherein he has also hosted a huge number of animals

Does Salman Khan own the entire Galaxy Apartment Building?

No, Salman Khan does not own the entire the building, rather the 1BHK ground floor is where he resides himself and right above that apartment is where his parents live. The entire property costs of about INR 100crores.

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