Mukesh Ambani’s House Antilia: A Sneak Peek into Richest Man’s Mansion

Antilia: Mukesh Ambani House

Standing tall on the streets of Mumbai, this architectural statement cannot be missed. Talking about luxury homes and not talking about Ambani’s residence would just be bizarre. The Ambani house is an abode of extravagance and that doesn’t come with a question considering it actually is under the category of a skyscraper. This assertive structure is known for its structural attributes, along with the intricate and elaborative home interiors. This 27-storey residence with three helipads and other recreational amenities makes it all in one for sure! It mirrors luxury and speaks of the billionaire, Mr, Mukesh Ambani!

Scroll down to take a tour through this opulent bungalow.

Inside Mukesh Ambani’s Mega-Mansion 

Not noticing the billion dollars, Mukesh Ambani’s House’ would just be a shame, especially when you are driving past it. Known as one of the most expensive residences in the world, Mukesh Ambani’s ultra-luxurious mansion takes the cake!

The abode is capsuled with eye-grabbing amenities including air traffic control, three helipads, a theatre with a capacity of 50 people, terrace gardens, a swimming pool, a ballroom, 9-speed elevators, health centre, a temple, spa, three helipads, and a room that sprinkles snow, spouting from the walls. The mansion is one of the most elaborative and extravagant residences one can look out for.

The Ambani house is named after the mythical island also called the Isle of the seven cities – “Antilia”. The tale of this island originates from an old Liberian legend in which Bishops fleeing from the Muslim conquest of Hispania escaped to an Island and created seven settlements there. There’s not much information on why the Ambanis chose this name in particular but the thing about being a billionaire – no one questions your decisions. Instead, they’re intrigued. Just like you are to know more about this ostentatious estate. 
The architectural design features are known for the elevation and the structure in which the house is designed. Out of the 27 floors, the top six floors of the mansion are a full residential zone and have all the members residing in the same. Six floors from the ground floor upwards are dedicated to car parking. In the year 2014, the Ambani House was the world’s most expensive private residence, estimated at a cost ranging from US$1 to 2 billion dollars.

The Prime Location of the Abode: Says “Hi, I’m Luxury”


Antilia, Mukesh Ambani’s house is built on an area of 400,000 Sq. Ft. It is situated in one of the world’s most posh areas and streets that speak luxury – the Altamount Road in South Mumbai. According to the Real Estate nomenclature, any property on the Altamount road ranges between ₹80,000 to ₹85,000.

History and Old House of Ambanis

The history of the 1,120 acre plot on which the residence has been constructed is rather intriguing and had an orphanage built on it, which was founded in the year 1895, by a wealthy shipowner.

In the year 2002, the land was requested to be sold and was later taken control by Mukesh Ambani as a commercial entity. The prevalent value of the Ambani Residence rests at least a whopping 20 million dollars. 

Architecture and Inside View of Antilia


Designed by the two US-based architecture firms including Perkins and Will from Dallas, and Hirsch Bedner from LA forwarded and executed the plans of the Antilia building after consulting with Nita Ambani who was already impressed by their intricate interior work in the Mandarin Oriental, New York.

The plan was later approved by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation in the year 2003, and three years later the construction was initiated which was completed by B.E Billimoria & Company Ltd. The basic plan layout included planning and construction of 27 floors with the internal planning and other details being altered as the construction proceeded. Every floor was elaborate with high ceilings which resulted in the total height of the building equivalent to a structure of 60 floors. The residence also houses the 600 staff members working in the mansion.

The incredible structure was meticulously crafted with Hindi influence and generously laced with religious symbolism. Within the 27 storeys, there are six sections of the home that are meant to reflect earth, water, fire, air, sound and light. These elements were placed from the bottom to mimic the ascension to enlightenment. 

The interior design of the building circles around the shapes of the sun and lotus. These symbols are meant to represent rebirth. The materials used to stand for these include marbles, crystals and mother of pearl, which have been intricately positioned in the interiors of the mansion. The designers also made sure that no two floors should follow a monotonous design pattern, hence the variations can be made out very easily. The patterns come from a similar concept, but there is no mirror imaging or repetition.

Address and Price of Antilia


Mukesh Ambani’s house is located on Altamount Road, Cumballa Hill in Mumbai. The worth of the plot before its construction was estimated at around 1.2 billion dollars and was termed the world’s largest and most expensive house during its planning and construction.

Walking Past the Antilia – Mukesh Ambani House

Being the second most expensive house after Buckingham palace and the statement design and construction methodology has made it stand out of its time and place. The business icon and the chairman of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani, owns this high-end property with an estimated value of 1 to 2 billion dollars. This property is definitely worth walking through. Ready for a virtual tour yet?

Architectural Quotation and the Interior Decor


Brimming with the concept of the lotus and the sun, the design of Antilia revolves around these elements and displays features accentuating the same. The top six floors of the mansion are completely residential and comprise a host of guest suites, an ice cream parlor, a private theatre for 50 people, and a mega temple. For one of the richest people on earth, this quite says the lavish lifestyle that the Ambani’s are under. If you have Antilia, who needs to leave home even during quarantine?

Standing tall as a contrast statement to the slums around, the Ambani mansion definitely portrays a poetic observation of disparity that can be seen in the city of Mumbai. Adding to the skyline of the city, the building is said to lack sentimental value and is just another added feather in the fabric of the city. Ratan Tata also quotes the building as “irrelevant on a humanitarian level”, which gives it a satirical scope facing creative and emotional judgements and as a badge of social-economic discrepancy in the landscape of the city. Keeping this point of view aside for architects, Antilia still comes through standing tall as an abstract creation that is open to examination, interpretation, and textures of multi-dimensional perspectives.


Coming to the visual disconnect and design principles, the play of spaces and massing has been done at a basic level, using materials from modern architecture. The building appears regular with the addition of folding lines in the elevation and fenestrations as a tool to break the visual monotony. The mansion follows the basic layout of stacking volumes, instead of a simple building block but the addition of glass makes it put a pin on the design conceptualization and execution.

The addition of other design elements can also be observed in the Antilia facade including the checkered patterns in the lower floors. The Antilia lies somewhere between a hotel and an apartment with multiple elements put together, out of which none seem to be dominating. Targeted as a unique design and character, the building rather came out as an amalgamation of generic ideas requiring high maintenance.

Plush Interiors of Mukesh Ambani’s House


The interiors of the Antilia house come with a palette of rare materials and the entire interior theme revolves around the same. Initially, the house was designed in accordance with the lifestyle of the family, although there have been some debates regarding that as well. Some critics observe this as an important landmark, but some look at it as a statement of presenting reckless power. Driving through controversies, this one still remains the one turning heads and most-talked about.

The Elaborate Entrance


Behind those towering dark wood and mirror gates of Antilia, the actual foliage of the decor comes amidst various events and occasions in the manor. Sometimes it’s the white and pink blooms, sometimes it is the roses accentuating the red sculptures by Robert Indiana.

Meeting Area

Between all those floors, lies this intricate meeting room with all dark wood flooring, warm lighting, and warm rugs, hence creating a warm and cozy vibe in the area along with a winding staircase, artistic paintings, and glass panelling. The mood of the room speaks of luxury and the plush couches in terracotta tones complete the whole layout of the room.

Isha Ambani’s Bedroom


Isha Ambani’s room is basically dominated by earthy tones with a salon-like hair wash station and a table packed with silver photo frames and a large painting.

The Living Area


With the height that the Antilia house reaches, it offers an unhindered breathtaking view of the sea and that can be gazed at from their living room. Letting in maximum natural light, floor-to-ceiling windows have been installed along with a sweeping balcony. This is actually one of the picturesque spots inside Mukesh Ambani’s house.

Reflecting the natural lighting, the white marble flooring does an exquisite job, flattering the visual interior space. Completing the overall layout of the room, some magnificent art pieces have been used along with the Gold Ravinder Reddy head sculpture, and silver and gold piece of Subodh Gupta.

Amenities in Mukesh Ambani House

The Ambani House is decked with some of the choicest amenities that include high-speed elevators, an ice room, an entertainment hall, a private theatre and more.

Over the Top Elevator?


Dripping earthy fabric, the elevator in the Ambani house has been ornamented with mirror work details, hence creating a dramatic backdrop for little snaps.

The Entertainment Hall

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Being the big man that he is in the corporate world, it’s only obvious that he hosts events and celebrations now and then. For that, the skyscraper includes elaborative spaces. No matter what the event, these spaces are adorned with state of the art equipment and furniture. 

Miscellaneous Elements

The flooring comes with intricate detailing and inlay work, led by an illuminated staircase and pillars engraved with lotus motifs.

The Snow Room


A central air-conditioning system is not enough if you are the richest man in Asia. To beat the heat, the Ambanis have a snow room, also called the ice room. 

This fascinating amenity only associated with the rich operates on a notch higher at this residence. The room is automatically pumped with snowflakes whether occupied or not. So while living within the home you can take a trip down the slopes of freezing Moscow at least weatherwise. 

A Mega Temple

There is also a temple in the home in which the Ambani family goes to pray regularly. There are many statues of Hindu deities including the Hindu God Ganesh, and Lord Shiva along with religious themes and the motifs of the lotus and the sun. The house is said to have been inspired by the Atlantic Ocean.

The Car Pool


The Ambani house has six floors dedicated to cars and a garage to accommodate 168 cars. The building also has a floor dedicated to a car service station, which is on the seventh floor. Talking about love for speed, the billionaire has also installed 9 elevators, each assigned for separate floors.

The Helipads

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If you thought that a 168 car garage is huge, wait till you spot the three helipads on the top of this skyscraper. Yes, the gigantic house doesn’t have just one but three parking spaces for helicopters. 

Some Interesting Facts about the Sprawling Ambani Mansion

  • There is a whole new level of floating vegetation to the outside of Antilla. These evergreen flower terraces are meant to mitigate the scorching sun of the popular city of Mumbai in an attempt to keep the house fresh by natural means. 
  • As the 47th tallest building in India, it takes a significant number of domestic workers to make sure it stays in perfect monumental shape. A total of 600 workers who change shifts like in various manufacturing plants work at Antilla 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • The staff includes security guards, cleaners, kitchen staff and departmental managers. 
  • All the 600 staff are experts in their respective fields. They are paid relatively huge salaries compared to other domestic workers across India and are even cushioned with life insurance covers.

Mukesh Ambani’s Net worth in 2023

The chairman of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani, is the richest person in India and ranks #9 among the top billionaires in the world. With Reliance Industries generating mass revenue from different sources, it solidifies the growth of the organisation and Mukesh Ambani’s net worth. Dhirubhai Ambani established this $110 billion company in 1966 as a small textile manufacturer. At the time, Reliance Industries was in the early stages of development. With the sheer growth of the organisation, Mukesh Ambani’s net worth has reached approximately $95.3 billion. Reliance Group provides services to customers in industries including telecom, petrochemicals, financial services, oil and gas, and retail. Reliance telecom and broadband services have now reached 450 million subscribers. This company plans to invest $80 billion in renewable energy in the upcoming 10-15 years.

Mukesh Ambani Earning Millions From Apple’s Mumbai Store – News

The Mall in Mumbai, which Mukesh Ambani owns in Mumbai, has an 11-year deal with Apple. This deal includes a retail space of around 20,800 square feet. Under this deal, Apple will pay regularly scheduled instalments of Rs 42 lakh and a 2% income share commitment for the first three years. The store lease will then be increased by 15% at regular intervals of three years. The income share commitment will increase to 2.5% after the initial three years. Apple BKC recorded deals worth over Rs 10 crore on the first day of the season, and in a month, the store is doing around Rs 25 crore of deals. Based on these insights, Apple will pay Rs 42 lakh in rent and a 2% share of revenue, which is Rs 50 lakh, to Mukesh Ambani consistently. This Apple store is located at the west entrance of Jio World Drive.

Mukesh Ambani Sells His New York 2 BHK Apartment

The chairman of Reliance Industries has sold his apartment located in Manhattan. The condo is worth 74.24 crore with a roughly 2,406 square foot carpet area. The property can be found at  400 W. 12th St., Superior Ink. These apartments reflect world-class specifications, including herringbone hardwood floors, a chef’s kitchen, and noise-proof windows. The condo offers two bedrooms, three and a half baths, and an overlooking view of Hudson’s landscape. The apartments feature top-notch amenities such as a gym, a bike room, a resident’s lounge, valet parking, a children’s playroom, and more.

Wrapping Up

Coming through as an architectural challenge, designing the spaces underwent contrasting stages inclusive of the transitional zones evolving the public, private and semi-private zoning speculations. Peeking through the urban fabric of Mumbai, the blocking mass of modern architecture defies the inferior functionality and accessibility around. Feeding to the vertical paradigm, the Antilia building stands tall with somewhat peculiar requirements and functions, which later on come back as criticism. Although, with the shift of generic residential concept, the building has also been appreciated in various formats including the interior decor and the incorporated design elements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Mukesh Ambani's house address?

The address of Mukesh Ambani’s house is Ambani Tower, Altamount Road, Cumballa Hill, 400 026, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

What is the cost of Antilia?

As of 2022, the cost of Mukesh Ambani’s house is around ₹15,000 crores.

Where is Nita Ambani's house?

Nita Ambani resides with her spouse Mukesh Ambani in the same house i.e. Antilia in Mumbai.

Who made Ambani's house?

Ambani’s House was designed by Chicago based architects namely, Perkins and Will.

Who is the owner of Antilia?

Mukesh Ambani is the owner of Antilia.

What is Anil Ambani’s house price?

As of 2022, the cost of Anil Ambani’s house is approximately ₹5000 crores. 

Where is Mukesh Ambani’s daughter’s house situated?

Isha Ambani, Mukesh Ambani’s daughter lives in Mumbai. Her house Gulita, gifted to her by her in-laws is located in Worli, Mumbai.

What is unique about Mukesh Ambani's house?

Mukesh Ambani is the richest man in India. The unique or special quality of his house is it is the most expensive private residence in the country and stands out in the Mumbai skyline.

How Many Workers are there in Antilia?

There are 600 staff members in Antilia, taking care of different needs from housekeeping and cooking to security guards and departmental managers.

How many cars can be parked in Antilia?

Antilia has six dedicated floors for car parking that can encompass up to 168 cars.

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