Tata Steel Share Price: Stock Analysis, History, and Forecast

Tata Steel Share Price

Tata Steel is one of the leading steel producing companies across the globe. But like any other company’s share prices, Tata Steel’s share price, too, fluctuates and keeps changing from time to time. The reason for these changes can be anything from industry trends to company news. Investors, thus keep an eye on these parameters to prevent unexpected predicaments. Scroll down to get a detailed understanding of Tata Steel’s share price, the company’s history and its latest stock market performance.

Tata Steel Historical Share Price

The following table elaborates on Tata Steel’s share price fluctuations from February 2020 to February 2022.

Month & Year Price Open High Low Volume Change%
April 2020 ₹298.30 ₹266.00 ₹304.50 ₹251.00 281.99M 10.65%
April2021 ₹1,034.00 ₹821.00 ₹1,052.60 ₹819.00 504.52M 27.36%
August 2020 ₹413.00 ₹364.75 ₹442.00 ₹362.05 344.60M 12.75%
August 2021 ₹1,450.25 ₹1,446.00 ₹1,534.50 ₹1,310.75 319.96M 1.11%
December 2020 ₹643.65 ₹592.00 ₹653.50 ₹576.95 358.91M 11.48%
December 2021 ₹1,111.45 ₹1,092.00 ₹1,199.00 ₹1,066.05 132.00M 3.76%
February 2021 ₹715.15 ₹604.90 ₹753.00 ₹597.45 471.31M 18.99%
February 2022 ₹1,130.00 ₹1,103.30 ₹1,264.70 ₹1,087.00 4.98M 4.09%
January 2021 ₹601.00 ₹645.00 ₹731.50 ₹596.00 433.07M -6.63%
January 2022 ₹1,085.55 ₹1,115.00 ₹1,245.00 ₹1,061.30 136.70M -2.33%
July 2020 ₹366.30 ₹329.00 ₹378.45 ₹320.30 310.97M 12.12%
July 2021 ₹1,434.30 ₹1,171.90 ₹1,481.80 ₹1,130.20 238.07M 22.95%
June 2020 ₹326.70 ₹302.00 ₹350.80 ₹300.00 367.48M 10.67%
June 2021 ₹1,166.60 ₹1,120.00 ₹1,192.00 ₹1,050.25 294.24M 3.64%
March 2020 ₹269.60 ₹393.70 ₹394.00 ₹250.85 405.87M -29.38%
March 2021 ₹811.85 ₹724.00 ₹823.50 ₹681.25 420.19M 13.52%
May 2020 ₹295.20 ₹285.00 ₹298.60 ₹262.45 242.36M -1.04%
May 2021 ₹1,125.65 ₹1,031.95 ₹1,246.85 ₹1,018.50 532.14M 8.86%
November 2020 ₹577.35 ₹410.00 ₹582.35 ₹398.70 461.76M 40.63%
November 2021 ₹1,071.20 ₹1,340.00 ₹1,372.90 ₹1,063.00 189.57M -18.60%
October 2020 ₹410.55 ₹364.30 ₹426.00 ₹362.50 375.33M 14.12%
October 2021 ₹1,315.95 ₹1,275.00 ₹1,426.55 ₹1,265.00 164.13M 2.10%
September 2020 ₹359.75 ₹413.90 ₹443.65 ₹342.75 320.53M -12.89%
September2021 ₹1,288.90 ₹1,451.25 ₹1,476.00 ₹1,232.90 209.45M -11.13%

Tata Steel: Company Information

Tata Steel is a flagship company of the Tata Group which was established in the early 1900s. Set up as the first steel plant (integrated) in Asia, today, it is the second-largest steel producer in the world. The organization also holds a position in the Fortune 500 companies.

With its solid 100+ years of experience, Tata Steel continues to improve its service and product portfolio. The company is also consistent with its value-creating initiatives for customers across the globe.

History of Tata Steel

History section provides information on new products, mergers, acquisitions, expansions, approvals, and many more key events.

1907 – Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata established Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited

1911 – Beginning of the Blast Furnace operation

1912 – First ever production of steel ingot at Tata’s plant. Introduction of 8-hour per day employee well-being program

1920 – Introduction of the leave-with-pay scheme at Tata Steel

1924 – Tata came close to closure due to the 1920s Depression

1951 – Launch of the Modernisation plan

1971 – Nationalization of Tata Iron and Steel failed

1987 – Timken Collaboration started for bearings production

1996 – Joint Venture with Inland International to establish Tata Ryerson

2001 – Closure announcement of steel making in South Wales (Llanwern)

2004 – Singapore based NatSteel Acquisition; Joint Venture with SAIL to create MJunction (online trading and procurement)

2005 – Millennium Steel Acquisition (40% stake); Tata Iron and Steel Company names changed to Tata Steel

2005 – Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Japan’s Nippon Steel Corporation

2007 – Bid winning against Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional, Brazil; Controlling Stake Acquisition in Vietnamese rolling mills

2010 – Beginning of Partial Mothballing at the TCP (Teesside Cast Products) plant

2011 – The TCP plant sold to Sahaviriya Steel Industries, UK; Temporary mothballing of the hot strip mill at its Llanwern site in Newport, South Wale

2012 – Relighting of the blast furnace at Corus Redcar steel plant, Commencement of blast furnace in the UK (Port Talbot)

2012 – Ratan Tata retires, Cyrus Mistry becomes the new chairman

2013 – Loss of ₹1.2 billion reported by Tata Steel

2014 – Announcement for 60% capacity to 16 mt increase by 2020

2015 – Closure announcement of hot strip mill at South Wales, Llanwern 

2015 – Plate Mill and Dawes Lane Coke Plant

2015 – Sale discussion with Greybull regarding European long product business

2016 – 700 job loss announcement at South Wales, Port Talbot; Sale of UK long products business to Greybull

2016 – Discussion regarding the sale of South Wales’ Port Talbot steelworks

2016 – Identification of British Steel pension deficit of 700 million GSP

2016 – Discussion with ThyssenKrupp regarding European assets merger

2016 – Ratan Tata replaces Chairman Cyrus Mistry as interim chairman

2017 – UK Speciality steel units sale to Liberty House completes

2017 – Sale of UK tube mills to Liberty House Group in Hartlepool takes place

2017- Regulatory approval for UK Pensil deal

2018 – Acquires debt-ridden Bhushan Power and Steel (India); Examination of the European merger plan with ThyssenKrupp Stahl by Brussels

2019 – Tata Steel and ThyssenKrupp abandon corporate tie-up joint venture

2019 – Mothballing of Newport, UK’s orb steel plant

2019 – Reinstatement of Cyrus Mistry as Tata Steel’s executive chairman by Supreme Court

2020 – Ratan Tata sends petition to Supreme Court regarding reinstatement order reversal

2020 – Tata Steel starts preparation for fresh strikes at Ijmuiden Plant

2020 – The company considers closing Port Talbot blast furnaces; Withdrawal of Indian Steel Association (ISA) membership

2021 – End of acquisition talks with SSAB; In March, the court sets aside an NCLAT order regarding restoration of Mistry as executive chairman

2021 – Tata Steel, Tata Steel Long Products and Bhushan Steel rejoin Indian Steel Association

2021 – Tata Steel makes and wins the highest bid for Gondhalpada Iron Ore Block in Odisha.

2022 – Acquisition proposed for  Neelachal Ispat Nigam Ltd (NINL) 93.71% equity stake

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Management of Tata Steel

Here’s a complete list of Tata’s Steel management team who is responsible for taking all the important decisions at the company.

Chairman Emeritus Mr Ratan Tata
Non-Executive Chairman Mr Natarajan Chandrasekaran
Independent Director Ms Mallika Srinivasan
Independent Director Mr O P Bhatt
Independent Director Mr Deepak Kapoor
Independent Director Mrs Farida Khambata
Independent Director Mr David W. Crane
Non-Executive Director Mr Saurabh Agrawal
Non-Executive Director Mr V K Sharma
CEO & Managing Director Mr T V Narendran
Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer Mr Koushik Chatterjee

Tata Steel: Company Performance

The table below displays Tata Steel’s performance from Financial Year 2017 to Financial Year 2021. 

SPECIFICS FY 2021 FY 2020 FY 2019 FY 2018 FY 2017
Total Revenue ₹1,57,189.78 ₹1,50,793.70 ₹1,59,089.36 ₹1,33,065.20 ₹1,12,826.89
Total Revenue Growth (%) 4.24 -5.21 19.56 17.94 5.69
Total Expenses ₹1,42,630.27 ₹1,47,432.53 ₹1,43,287.37 ₹1,21,728.67 ₹1,06,036.68
Total Expenses Growth (%) -3.26 2.89 17.71 14.8 -1.73
Profit after Tax (PAT) ₹7,490.22 ₹1,556.54 ₹10,218.33 ₹13,434.33 ₹-4,240.80
PAT Growth (%) 381.21 -84.77 -23.94
Operating Profit Margin (%) 14.18 7.34 14.88 12.74 10.56
Net Profit Margin (%) 4.79 1.04 6.48 10.16 -3.77
Basic EPS (₹) ₹63.78 ₹11.86 ₹87.75 ₹128.12 ₹-42.89

Tata Steel Limited Stock Returns

As per Economic Times, Tata Steel’s stock returns performance is as follows:

  • 1 Week: Tata Steel stock price moved down by 5.72%
  • 1 Month: Tata Steel stock price moved down by 2.65%
  • 3 Months: Tata Steel stock price moved down by 2.26%
  • 1 Year: Tata Steel stock price moved up by 66.34%
  • 3 Years: Tata Steel stock price moved up by 126.7%
  • 5 Years: Tata Steel stock price moved up by 135.24%

Tata Steel Limited Listings and Indices

Tata Steel stocks are available on both NSE (National Stock Exchange Limited) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). The codes of both the stock exchange platforms are:

  • Tata Steel BSE Code: 500470
  • Tata Steel NSE Code: TATASTEEL
  • ISIN: INE081A01012
  • Industry: Steel and Iron Products

Tata Steel Main Head Office Location in India

Here are the location and contact details of Tata Steel Main Head Office in India below. 

  • Country: India
  • Address: 2nd Floor, Bombay House, 24 Homi Mody Street, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400001
  • Phone Number: 91 22 66658282

Should You Invest in Tata Steel Limited?

Yes, you should invest in Tata Steel Limited. As per a report by Economic Times, it is among the top five stocks to buy for great returns in the short term. The Tata Steel share price reached a new high in August 2021 last year and touched ₹1,535.

In December 2021, the price was around ₹1063. Since then the prices have been rebounded and consistently been in the range of ₹1063 and ₹1199.

In the 2nd week of January 2022, the Tata Steel share rate came out of this range and touched ₹1,225.50. The momentum ever since has been in the rising mode. Trade experts predict an upward trend in the coming months as well. So, it will not be that bad an idea for you to invest in Tata Steel Limited.

FAQ’s about Tata Steel Share Price

Q1. What is Tata Steel BSL?

The BSL in Tata Steel BSL stands for Bhushan Steel Limited. Tata Steel was formerly known as BSL, the largest auto-grade steel manufacturer in India.

Q2. What is the share price of Tata Steel Limited?

The Tata Steel share price today i.e. 22nd February 2022, is ₹1,134.00

Q3. How to buy Tata Steel shares?

To buy Tata Steel shares, you need to create a Demat account and have all your KYC documents verified.

Q4. Is Tata Steel a good buy?

Yes, Tata Steel BSL shares are a good buy. It is known for offering good returns consistently.


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