DLF Share Price: Stock Analysis, History, and Forecast

DLF Share Price

DLF is a major property developer in India. The company’s main business is residential, commercial, and retail property development. DLF operates a one-of-a-kind business model, generating revenue from development and rentals. With a pretty high price escalation in the last couple of weeks, the DLF shares led to huge profits, specifically for the NSEI gainers. 

The DLF share price is currently fluctuating between 314 and 427 rupees. The main cause of price variation is the market’s instability, which is now highly unsteady due to a variety of factors. DLF, on the other hand, appears to have performed extraordinarily well at the previous year’s stock prices. Over the past three years, the share price has peaked from 200 rupees to 385 rupees and made headlines.

DLF has increased its sales income potential by 17% to INR 47,000 crores through new housing and commercial planning sprawled across an area of 35 million square feet. 

Let’s look at DLF’s price and prospects to see if there’s still a good deal to be had.  

DLF Share Price

As of 4th April’22, the share price of DLF Limited can be depicted through the stock market’s overall performance.

Today’s Low: ₹ 378.85
Today’s High: ₹ 387.70
Previous Close: ₹ 380.45
Opening Price: ₹ 380
Volume: 3,250,273
Value: 12,544.43 Lacs
Market Cap: ₹ 94,173 Cr
Price-Earnings (P/E) Ratio: 86.11
Profit-to-Book (P/B) Ratio: 2.67
ROE: 3.13%
Book Value: 143.24

Note: This data is based on DLF Limited’s existing share price as of 1st April, 2022.

After looking into the overall DLF stock price, let’s take a look at the DLF share price of NSE and BSE. 

DLF Share Price BSE

April 1, 2022, Current Price INR 380.45
Volume Traded 55
Weighted Average Price 162.65
Face Value  2
Previous Close 380.45
Open Price 380.45
Bid Price (Quantity) 161.95 (166)
Offer Price (Quantity) 162 (28)

DLF Share Price NSE

April 1, 2022, Current Price INR 384.75
Volume Traded 17,53,750
Weighted Average Price 382.64
Face Value  2
Previous Close 380.45
Open Price 380
Bid Price (Quantity) 38,475 (8)
Offer Price (Quantity) 38,490 (25)

Market Action of DLF Shares

The last traded stock price of DLF was recorded at 384.50 rupees, up by 1.06 percent on the NSE. At the same time, the BSE last traded share price was recorded at 384.50 rupees, up by 1.06 percent. The combined volume of traded shares was recorded as 1,484,048 shares. DLF Limited from NSE and BSE generated a turnover of INR 56.75 crores.

Medium and Long Term Market Action of DLF Ltd.

DLF hit a fifty-two-week high of 449.7 rupees on 18th October 2021, whereas DLF share price was recorded at 231.85 rupees, a fifty-two-week low on 22nd April 2021. In the financial year 2020-2021, the stock price of DLF hiked by 10 percent in the first month, whereas by the end of the year, an escalation of 31.68% was recorded. 

DLF Financial Summary

Towards the end of 2021, the DLF Ltd revenue showed an uplift of 13% to INR 41.7B. An increase of 79% was witnessed in the net income marked at INR 10.96B. The increased revenues contemplate an escalation in demand for DLF’s products and services. The key reason behind this is favourable market conditions. Moreover, an increase of 23 percent was noticed in total earnings making it INR 4.75B. 

DLF Income Statement

Specification DLF
Gross Margin TTM 51.3 Percent
Operating Margin TTM 24.71 Percent
Net Profit Margin TTM 14.94 Percent
Return on Investment TTM

Note: TTM denotes Trailing 12 Months

Specification 31st March 2021 31st March 2020 31st March 2019 31st March 2018
Total Revenue 54,140.61 60,827.72 83,660.87 67,067.89
Gross Profit 26,485.58 27,886.26 34,772.39 36,510.12
Operating Income 12,876.20 13,054.22 19,239.12 106,260.15
Net Income 10,936.02 -5,831.98 13,191.97 44,638.64

DLF Balance Sheet

Specification 31st March 2021 31st March 2020 31st March 2019 31st March 2018
Total Assets 548,096.71 572,297.87 669,224.59 626,562.24
Total Liabilities 194,657.43 227,830.44 333,459.14 273,457.81
Total Equity 353,439.28 344,467.43 335,765.45 353,104.43

DLF Cash Flow Statement

Specification DLF
Cash Flow/Share TTM 4.15
Revenue/Share TTM 23.72
Operating Cash Flow 11.58 Percent
Return on Investment TTM
Specification 31st March 2021 31st March 2020 31st March 2019 31st March 2018
Cash From Operating Activities 14,566.92 3,469.65 20,411.25 1,327.17
Cash From Investing Activities 1,539.60 65,168.17 48.48  -19,648.40
Cash From Financing Activities -21,837.85 -95,217.52 8,754.16 -2,319.94
Net Change in Cash -5,731.34 -26,579.70 29,213.89 -20,641.17

DLF Limited Company Performance

The following table depicts the company performance from 2017 to 2019. 

(Rs, in crore)

Specifics Consolidated Standalone
FY 2018-19 FY 2017-18 FY 2018-19 FY 2017-18
Total Income from operations INR 9,029 INr 7,664 INR 3,709 INR 3,804
Total expenses INR 8,511 INR 7,814 INR 2,943 INR 3,138
Profit before exceptional items and tax INR 518 INR (150) INR 766 INR 666
Exceptionalitems(net) INR 127 INR 8,765 INR (121)
Profit before tax INR 645 INR 8,615 INR 766 INR 545
Less: Tax expense INR 277 INR 4,323 INR 78 INR 180
Profit after tax INR 368 INR 4,292 INR 688 INR 365
Share of Profit/ (Loss) in jointly controlled entities (net) INR 946 INR 184
Net Profit for the year INR 1,314 INR 4,476 INR 688 INR 365
Other Comprehensive Income (3) 13 10
Total Comprehensive Income INR 1,311 INR 4,489 INR 688 INR 375

DLF Limited NSE Stock Exchange Monthly Stats

Date Change Open Close High Low Volume
31st March 2022 8.47 Percent INR 346.40 INR 380.45 INR 387.45 INR 306.00 -29.61 Percent
28th February 2022 -10.27 Percent INR 394.80 INR 350.75 INR 409.75 INR 318.05 -27.8% Percent
31st January 2022 0.12 Percent INR 392.00 INR 390.90 INR 429.90 INR 362.00 -49.3 Percent
31st December 2021 4.18 Percent INR 380.00 INR 390.45 INR 423.50 INR 361.55 -49.21 Percent
30th November 2021 -5.97 Percent INR 404.35 INR 374.80 INR 444.00 INR 363.10 -38.86 Percent
29th October 2021 -4.46 Percent INR 419.00 INR 398.60 INR 449.70 INR 388.20 -18.35 Percent
30th September 2021 30.15 Percent INR 322.65 INR 417.20 INR 427.90 INR 319.25 51.78 Percent
31st August 2021 -5.06 Percent INR 340.00 INR 320.55 INR 359.25 INR 303.00 -24.59 Percent
30th July 2021 20.12 Percent INR 282.60 INR 337.65 INR 344.55 INR 279.45 14.98 Percent
30th June 2021 -2.55 Percent INR 290.00 INR 281.10 INR 317.05 INR 280.40 -18.41 Percent

Volume is a comparison of total average volume for the entire year, 12 months.

DLF Limited: Company Information

DLF Ltd, through it has subsidiaries, affiliates, and joint ventures, is involved in real estate development, from site acquisition to project planning, execution, development, and commercialisation. It also engages in leasing, power generating, maintenance, hospitality, and recreational services, all of which together account to the business development of the real estate sector. The firm is active in a variety of real estate sectors, including residential, commercial, as well as retail. It also operates in other industries, including service and facility management, together with hospitality, and much more.  

The company operates on a one-of-a-kind business strategy, with revenue generated from construction and renting. Its diversification across enterprises, segments, and geographies helps to mitigate market downturns. The corporation has also ventured into infrastructure, special economic zones, and hotel operations. It is involved in all areas of real estate development, from site acquisition to project design, execution, construction, and marketing. The company also engages in the generation of power and power transmission, as well as maintenance services, hospitality services, and recreational activities. DLF’s operations are grouped into SBUs. The Homes SBU serves three home market segments: Ultra Luxurious, Luxurious and Mid-Income.A wide range of attributes are available such as condominiums, townhouses, row houses, as well as apartments of various sizes.

The company has a high cash conversion ratio because it can turn a large amount of operational earnings of upto 78.83% percent into working capital. This suggests a strong working capital cycle together with significant cash flows, which can be used to fund growth or dividends. This will have a favourable effect on shareholder returns.

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History of the DLF Limited

The first residential project attempted by DLF limited was Krishna Nagar, which is geographically located in East Delhi. This project was well established and delivered in 1949. In addition, DLF delivered an array of outstanding residential and commercial projects, including Model Town, Rajouri Garden, Punjabi Bagh, South Extension, Greater Kailash, Kailash Colony, and Hauz Khas. The commencement of the Delhi Development Act in 1957 acted as the company’s first-ever severe setback. As per the Act, the government will be taking care of every real estate development that will take place in the city in the upcoming time. 

As soon as the Act came into force, DLF stepped forward to sprawl its wings beyond Delhi, keeping the key focus on the Gurgaon suburb area in Haryana. Gurgaon witnessed fast expansion as the DLF began to acquire real estate properties across the city under the leadership of Chairman K.P. Singh.

The land purchase program was employed to ensure that the organisation doesn’t take advantage of the property sellers. To overcome this situation, the organisation decided to cooperate with farmers and ensure that the farmers get an alternative in terms of earning after selling their lands. The DLF offered farmers a specific proportion of their earnings, which spurred plenty of farmers to join the venture as partners.

IAS officer Ashok Khemka cancelled an INR 58 crore contract between DLF and Robert Vadra. 

Management of DLF

Chairman Emeritus K P Singh
Chairman & Exec. Director Rajiv Singh
Non-Exec & Non-Independent Director G S Talwar
Non-Exec. & Independent Director D V Kapur
Non-Exec. & Independent Director Rajiv Krishan Luthra
Non-Exec. & Independent Director Pramod Bhasin
Non-Exec. & Independent Director Ved Kumar Jain
Non-Exec. & Independent Director Aditya Singh
Non-Exec. & Independent Director A S Minocha
Non-Exec & Non-Independent Director Pia Singh
Non-Exec. & Independent Director Vivek Mehra
Whole-time Director Devinder Singh
Whole-time Director Ashok Kumar Tyagi
Non-Exec. & Independent Director Priya Paul
Company Secretary R P Punjani
Additional Director Savitri Devi Singh
Additional Director Anushka Singh

DLF Historical Price

Date Price Open High Low Volume Change in Percent
April 2022 INR 385.30 INR 379.95 INR 386.50 INR 378.85 0 1.27 Percent
March 2022 INR 380.45 INR 346.65 INR 387.30 INR 306.10 INR 10.69M 8.47 Percent
February 2022 INR 350.75 INR 394.80 INR 409.75 INR 318.05 INR 169.27M -10.27 Percent
Janan 2022 INR 390.90 INR 392.00 INR 429.90 INR 362.00 INR 118.88M 0.12 Percent
December 2021 INR 390.45 INR 380.00 INR 423.50 INR 361.55 INR 119.08M 4.18 Percent
November 2021 INR 374.80 INR 404.35 INR 444.00 INR 363.10 INR 143.35M -5.97 Percent
October 2021 INR 398.60 INR 419.00 INR 449.70 INR 388.20 INR 191.44M -4.46 Percent
September 2021 INR 417.20 INR 322.65 INR 427.90 INR 319.25 INR 355.85M 30.15 Percent
August 2021 INR 320.55 INR 340.00 INR 359.25 INR 303.00 INR 176.80M -5.06 Percent
July 2021 INR 337.65 INR 282.60 INR 344.55 INR 279.45 INR 269.57M 20.12 Percent
June 2021 INR 281.10 INR 290.00 INR 317.05 INR 280.40 INR 191.29M -2.55 Percent
May 2021 INR 288.45 INR 244.00 INR 292.85 INR 241.75 INR 181.07M 16.64 Percent
April 2021 INR 247.30 INR 288.10 INR 293.60 INR 231.85 INR 181.62M -13.85 Percent
March 2021 INR 287.05 INR 305.80 INR 332.70 INR 270.00 INR 206.08M -5.11 Percent
February 2021 INR 302.50 INR 258.50 INR 328.20 INR 255.00 INR 416.55M 18.42 Percent
January 2021 INR 255.45 INR 232.85 INR 299.50 INR 232.50 INR 435.22M 9.71 Percent
December 2020 INR 232.85 INR 192.00 INR 240.40 INR 189.60 INR 388.82M 24.39 Percent
November 2020 INR 187.20 INR 160.30 INR 200.85 INR 156.65 INR 284.18M 18.26 Percent
October 2020 INR 158.30 INR 153.50 INR 175.10 INR 150.60 INR 243.89M 3.70 Percent
September 2020 INR 152.65 INR 158.80 INR 166.35 INR 142.50 INR 275.76M -3.60 Percent
August 2020 INR 158.35 INR 140.15 INR 181.85 INR 138.00 INR 354.03M 12.19 Percent
July 2020 INR 141.15 INR 148.45 INR 156.00 INR 134.50 INR 232.22M -4.66 Percent
June 2020 INR 148.05 INR 153.00 INR 171.25 INR 143.70 INR 265.24M -1.73 Percent
May 2020 INR 150.65 INR 141.25 INR 152.85 INR 125.00 INR 150.32M 2.59 Percent

DLF Limited Stock Returns in 2020 and 2021

ANNUAL FY 2021 FY 2020 FY 2019 FY 2018 FY 2017
Total Revenue INR 5,944.89 INR 6,888.14 INR 9,029.41 INR 7,663.71 INR 8,940.51
Total Revenue Growth (%) -13.69 Percent -23.71 Percent 17.82 Percent -14.28 Percent -15.63 Percent
Total Expenses INR 5,009.11 INR 6,575.01 INR 8,511.08 INR 7,813.59 INR 8,340.25
Total Expenses Growth (Percent) -23.82 Percent -22.75 Percent 8.93 Percent -6.31 Percent -11.03 Percent
Profit after Tax (PAT) INR 1,093.60 INR -583.20 INR 1,319.20 INR 4,463.86 INR 714.80
PAT Growth (Percent) -144.21 Percent -70.45 Percent 524.49 Percent 133.44 Percent
Operating Profit Margin (Percent) 33.04 Percent 28.60 Percent 30.84 Percent 41.76 Percent 43.54 Percent
Net Profit Margin (Percent) 20.19 Percent -9.58 Percent 15.76 Percent 66.55 Percent 8.69 Percent
Basic EPS (INR) 4.42 -2.41 7.38 25.02 3.89

All figures are in INR Cr. 

DLF Limited Listings and Indices

The following table determines the basics of DLF Limited: 

Incorporation 4th July, 1963
Public Issuance  11th June, 2007
Month of Year Ending March
AGM Month  August
Starting Date for Book Closure
End Date for Book Closure

Listing Information

Face Value of Equity Shares 2.0
Market Lot of Equity Shares 1
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Code 532868
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Group A

DLF Ltd Forms a Part of Below Depicted Indices

  1. NIFTY 100
  2. NIFTY 200
  3. NIFTY 500
  4. NIFTY 500 Multicap 50:25:25 Index
  5. NIFTY High Beta 50
  6. NIFTY Infrastructure
  7. NIFTY LargeMidcap 250
  8. NIFTY Next 50
  9. NIFTY Realty
  10. NIFTY100 Equal Weight
  11. S&P BSE 100
  12. S&P BSE 100 ESG Index
  13. S&P BSE 100 LargeCap TMC Index
  14. S&P BSE 200
  15. S&P BSE 250 LargeMidCap Index
  16. S&P BSE 500
  17. S&P BSE AllCap
  18. S&P BSE Carbonex
  19. S&P BSE Consumer Discretionary Goods & Services
  20. S&P BSE Dividend Stability Index
  21. S&P BSE Dollex – 100
  22. S&P BSE Dollex – 200
  23. S&P BSE LargeCap
  24. S&P BSE LargeMidCap
  25. S&P BSE Momentum
  26. S&P BSE Realty
  27. S&P BSE SENSEX Next 50

DLF is Listed on:

  1. Delhi Stock Exchange Assoc. Ltd.
  2. MCX Stock Exchange
  3. National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.
  4. The Stock Exchange, Mumbai

Should One Invest in DLF?

DLF has a mainly positive 70-year track record, with solid and sustained development patterns. Due to its significant business performance within the third quarter of Financial Year 2018, DLF is on track to reduce its debt. The earnings of DLF have increased in the last quarter. Promoters invested Rs.9,000 crore in DLF in December 2017. This capital infusion is required to decrease debt and minimise outflows. DLF sold residential units in Gurgaon worth Rs.300 crore in November 2017. All of these indicators speak to the company’s proclivity for success. As a result, investing in DLF stocks could result in a positive return.

While there are numerous reasons behind “why one should invest in DLF stocks?”, it is preferable to conduct personal searches that consider personal discretionary income and risk appetite. When considering whether or not to buy a company, the future outlook is critical, notably if you are a trader seeking to expand your portfolio. Buying a wonderful firm with a strong long term outlook for a low price is usually a good investment, so let’s examine the corporation’s future aspirations. DLF’s earnings are predicted to expand by 53 percent over several years, signalling a bright future. This should give the outcome of more stable cash flows, which will increase the value of the company’s stock.

FAQ’s about DLF Share Price

Q1. What is the future of DLF shares?

As per the DLF share price analysis and historical data, there can be an escalation of 53% in the next several years. 

Q2. Is it good to invest in DLF?

Yes, it is high time to invest in DLF shares, as within the past 4 years, the share value has grown from 200 rupees to 400 rupees. 

Q3. Is DLF a large-cap?

Yes, DLF is a Large Cap organisation with a total market cap of INR 86400.76 Crore. 

Q4. Will DLF share price increase?

Yes, the DLF share price can show growth of 53 percent in upcoming years. 

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