Gautam Adani Houses: The Elite Havens of Class and Luxury

Success comes to those who work”, the line suits the best to the richest man in India, Gautam Adani. Once a college dropout and now the richest person in India. The billionaire belongs to a 1% club and has a fortune like nobody else in the country. The billionaire recently joined the group of the top ten richest people in the world. By leaving the previous richest Indian (Mukesh Ambani) behind at the 10th spot, Adani hopped onto the 3th spot. Naturally,  with a colossal bank balance comes a lavish lifestyle. While talking about the billionaires, one can not overlook the fact that their houses tend to be one of a kind. Therefore, let’s take a peek into various sumptuous Gautam Adani houses in India.

Gautam Adani Delhi House

No wonder India’s richest person keeps his properties away from flashes— for billionaires, privacy is a real thing. However, with a massive empire, this baron businessman has his own castle-like bungalow in Delhi which is hard to hide.

Adani’s Delhi house is giant and fully equipped with modern amenities. His bungalow is situated in one of the poshest areas of Delhi, the Lutyens, near the central secretariat. The bungalow is no less than a palace. The lawn with numerous trees which cover the whole property, adds a gratifying field to the house. There are multiple courtyards that also add charisma to the abode. The Bungalow is painted with light and neutral shades, giving it an aesthetic aura. It has the charm and beauty of Indian style architecture. Moreover, the windows have arches that give the property a retro touch. Whether they there are in India or in a foreign county, one thing that is common in all of Adani’s properties is that they all are surrounded by gigantic lush green trees. 

While keeping the natural beauty intact, the property has all the sophisticated and modern amenities. The bungalow has around six living rooms, seven bedrooms, a dining room and a library. Moreover, the bungalow also features a staff room which is spread over 7,000 sq ft.

Gautam Adani House Cost – Delhi

Two years back, Gautam Adani won the bid on Aditya Estate for INR 400 Crore. The property is spread over 3.4 acres of land. However, the actual price of the property is way more than the total amount paid by Gautam Adani. The estimated worth of the property is around INR 1,000 crores.

Aditya Estates Pvt. Ltd was the owner of the gigantic bungalow in the heart of Delhi for the last 27 years. However, Aditya Estates sold the property due to bankruptcy proceedings against the company. The price of the property was INR 1000 crores which was dipped to INR 265 crores due to NCLT proceedings. The Lutyens bungalow cost Adani INR 135 crore extra to convert the property from leasehold to freehold.

Gautam Adani House in Ahmedabad

Along with his sophisticated bungalow in Delhi, India, he has another bungalow in his hometown, Ahmadabad. His Ahmedabad bungalow is similar to his Delhi bungalow. Mr Adani’s Ahmedabad bungalow is situated in the centre of the city. Post entering the enchanting property, you can see the bungalow is surrounded by lush green lawns with strong rooted trees. The lawn area and multiple courtyards make the property’s aura more positive and enhance the overall appeal. The Ahmedabad bungalow is the permanent residence of the billionaire. He lives there with his family, including his wife Priti Adani, sons Karan and Jeet Adani and daughter-in-law, Paridhi Karan Adani. Moreover, while taking a glimpse of his properties, one can’t help but notice that all of them are Vastu (Hindu science of structure) compliant. 

Gautam Adani House Address and Price

Gautam Adani owns multiple properties, including a bungalow in his hometown Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His Ahmedabad bungalow has an Eight figure price tag. Many of his residences are add-up as commercial complexes as well, allowing the tycoon to oversee his empire from the comfort of his home.

Address of Gautam Adani House in Delhi

Lutyens, Nerad Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi, Delhi, India  – 110030

Gautam Adani House Address, Ahmedabad

Adani House, Near Mithakhali Crossing, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India – 380009

Other Properties and Assets Owned by Gautam Adani

As we mentioned earlier, Gautam Adani owns multiple properties in India and abroad. One of the properties owned by Gautam Adani in Delhi NCR is in Gurgaon. The property is located at Plot No. 83, Sector 32, Gurgaon, Haryana, India – 122003.

Along with these three widely recognised properties, he also owns multiple real estate properties, which include Abbot Point Port in Australia.

However, It’s pretty evident that India’s richest man won’t settle with just multiple luxurious whereabouts. Gautam Adani owns plenty of world-class assets. Here is the list of  assets owned by  Gautam Adani that will blow your mind:

Private Jet Array

Gautam Adani owns one of the top-notch aircraft, the Bombardier Challenger 650. Along with Bombardier 350, Mr Adani’s aircraft hangars feature two other aircraft: a Hawker and a Beechcraft. These aircrafts are top in class, leaving other Indian billionaire aircraft fleets behind.

Exotic Car Lineup

The exact figure of cars owned by Gautam is still unknown. Only those who have seen the garage from a close distance can tell the actual count. European cars are something that catches the eyes of every individual, and who has a better exotic car lineup in India than the billionaire Gautam Adani. His garage features several highly expensive cars including the Ferrari, the Italian Bull (Lamborghini) and BMW 7 Series.


Coming back to the hanger bay, Gautam Adani has several superlative helicopters. Being the leader of the Adani group, it is essential to commute short distances in no time, because for the business tycoons, time is more precious than money. The primary helicopter of Mr Adani is the Augusta Westland AW 139. It is a twin-engine helicopter that has a capacity of carrying 15 people at a time. This high-performance helicopter costs about INR 12 crore and was bought in 2011. Along with Augusta Westland, the billionaire has two more helicopters that are unidentified.

Gautam Adani Successful Business Ventures

Gautam Adani is a self-made billionaire. With the help of his entrepreneurial ability, he has established a great business empire. He was born in a Gujrati family, to Shanta Adani and Shantilal Adani. His father was a textile merchant which gives an idea about why Gautam Adani has keen observation skills and great decision-making prowess when it comes to business. However, since his father was a mere textile merchant, he was not financially wealthy. His father was the sole breadwinner for the family of nine.

Gautam Adani understood entrepreneurship at a very young age, though he drooped out of his college in the second year. He started his career as a diamond sorter in Mumbai. After 3-4 years, he started his own diamond brokerage business. Additionally, just a few years later, he made it to the global trade arena, where he started working with his brother Mahasukh Adani at a plastic factory. He began importing Polyvinyl Chloride, commonly known as PVC, into India. The importing business gave him a better understanding of what business in India is like. Also, it was his very first step toward generating a fortune like nobody else.

Net Worth of Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani is not only India’s but Asia’s richest man. The net worth of India’s biggest business tycoon is around $125 billion. Mr Adani has become the wealthiest Asian ever, as his net worth has jumped past 100 billion USD. His fortune elevated past the 12-figure mark post it was announced that Abu Dhabi’s International Holding Co. invested about USD 2 billion in three of his business focusing on green energy (Adani Green Energy). Currently, the shares of Adani’s Green Energy have soared by around 5,500%.

Gautam Adani’s Thrust into Media

Recently, the Adani Group made an acquisition of about 49% in BQ Prime, a business news platform. On the same hand, BQ Prime holds somewhere around 29.19% indirect shares in New Delhi Television Ltd. 

On 1st March 2022, the Adani Group made an announcement on the acquisition of a minority stake in Quintillion Business Media which is an indirect subsidiary of Quint Digital. Moreover, a few months earlier, Adani Enterprises set up AMG Media Networks in order to foray into broadcasting, advertising and publishing business, and content distribution over several types of media networks.

Gautam Adani: The Third-Wealthiest Man of the Globe

The Indian business tycoon has achieved another huge milestone in affluence as he became the third-wealthiest man on the globe according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index (BBI). Elon Musk is in the top spot with holdings of USE 251.4 billion, followed by Jeff Bezos with USD 153 billion and Gautam Adani at his all-time high of USD 137.4 billion. By gaining such fortune, Gautam Adani became the first-ever Asian billionaire to break into the list of the top three wealthiest persons in the world.

Gautam Adani’s Business Verticals

With businesses in key sectors such as energy, agro, logistics, and resources, Adani is one of the fastest-growing corporations in the world. In the current period, Gautam Adani has dethroned Jeff Bezos and secured the second rank of being the world’s second-richest man. The major businesses that contributed to his fortune are mentioned in the table below:

SectorsCompanies and Name
Energies and UtilitiesRenewal Power Generation: Adani Green Energy Ltd.Solar Manufacturing: Adani Enterprises Ltd.Power Transmission: Adani Transmission Ltd.Power Distribution: Adani Transmission Ltd.Gas Distribution: Adani Total Gas Ltd.Thermal Power Generation: Adani Power LtdNatural Resources: Adani Enterprises Ltd.
Transport and LogisticsAgri Logistics: Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd.Ports and Terminals: Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd.Logistics: Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd.Industrial Land: Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd.
IncubationDefence and Aerospace: Adani Enterprise Ltd.Airports: Adani Enterprise Ltd.Water: Adani Enterprise Ltd.Road Metro and Rail: Adani Enterprise Ltd.Data Centre: Adani Enterprise Ltd.Fruits: Adani Enterprise Ltd.
OthersEdible Oils and Food: Adani Enterprise Ltd.Real EstateFinancial ServiceHousing Finance

Summing Up 

Currently, the wealthiest Asian, Gautam Adani owns multiple luxurious properties in India and abroad. In India, his residences are in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Gurugram, etc. All of his properties have modern and neutral interiors with top-notch modern amenities. His Delhi residence was nothing more than a win-win deal, his hard-headedness rewarded him with the Aditya Estate (estimated INR 1000 crore) at just  INR 400 crores which was less than half of the real price of the property. The journey of the greatest Indian business tycoon has seen several ups and downs, but he has always fought for the existence of his majestic business empire.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the house of Gautam Adani?

Gautam Adani has multiple properties in India and in various foreign countries. However, his permanent residence is in his hometown Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He constructed a multi-crore bungalow that is fully equipped with modern amenities and multiple courtyards.

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Who is the richest person in Ahmedabad?

Gautam Adani is the richest person in Ahmedabad. Moreover, recently he secured the highlights by becoming the richest person in Asia and 4th in the whole world.

Is Gautam Adani richer than Ambani?

Yes. As if now Gautam Adani is richer than Mukesh Ambani. But the data keeps changing; one moment, Gautam Adani holds the Ist spot and the other, Mukesh Ambani does.

What is the income source of Gautam Adani?

Gautam Adani doesn’t have a single source of income. As he is a business tycoon, he has made multiple investments. Moreover, Gautam Adani is the founder of the Adani Group (A multinational conglomerate). The Adani group owns India’s largest commercial port and has about 74% stake in Mumbai’s International Airport. His other business involves property development/management, mining, energy and airport operations.

Who is the CEO of Adani Group?

 Gautam Adani himself is the CEO of the Adani Group.

Who is Karan Adani?

Karan Adani, son of Gautam Adani, is the CEO of Adani Ports and SEZ Limited (APSEZ). He is also the director of Adani Airports Holding Limited.

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