Mannat: Mega House of Super Star Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan House

Shahrukh Khan, the Badshah of Bollywood, is certain to make up for his sabbatical with three back-to-back movies in the coming year. Pathaan gave audiences their first glimpse of his rugged demeanour, Dunki made them swoon over him, and his exhilarating role in Jawan has pumped the adrenaline rush of the masses. The teasers for Pathaan, Jawaan and Dunki have already garnered media attention and created a buzz among the fans.

Shahrukh Khan recently celebrated his daughter Suhana’s impending film debut. With such a massive following, one wonders how SRK aka King Khan goes about his day. Shahrukh has created his dream house with his family, from being a wonderful partner to being a helpful father.

Shahrukh Khan’s opulent Mannat mansion in Bombay’s financial district, Mumbai, is worth several million dollars. The actor welcomes his fans multiple times via the doors of his home each year. The interiors of Shahrukh Khan’s house, however, are not a mystery anymore.

The actor and his wife shared the mesmerising interiors and decor of the house on their social media on several occasions. Spend a moment with Square Yards and take a look inside Sharukh Khan’s home, which truly defines living life king-size.

A Glorious Past of Shahrukh Khan’s House: Mannat

With a childhood dream of ruling the soul of Bombay, Khan began his life with Gauri in the town. It started with a sea-facing 3-BHK flat in Shri Amrit Apartments, located on Carter Road, Bandra west. While working for the film ‘Yes Boss’ in the year 1997, a mansion situated in the Bandstand’s area of Mumbai immediately caught his attention and Khan instantly added this beautiful house in to his want list. Formerly known as the Villa Vienna, this huge property was possessed by Kekoo Gandhy- who was Parsi individual.

“Good things come to those who wait” they say. Thus, after patiently waiting for almost 5 years; Khan was then able to purchase the property in the year 2001 from Nariman K Dubash who apparently happened to be the trustee of Bhai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust.

Since that day, Mannat has been immensely popular for obvious objective.

Quick details: It’s a grade 3 heritage villa, built in 1920 which is a fusion of contemporary & vintage décor. 

Address of SRK’s House-Mannat

Mannat, Land’s End, Bandstand, Bandra (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400050, India

The Shahrukh Khan’s Home – Mannat bungalow has six stories and it faces the Arabian Sea at Bandra Bandstand in Bandra West. It has now become a kind of heritage building and a popular tourist destination where people congregate to take photographs and selfies. Hundreds storm the location to get a glimpse of their favorite star. The place is full of his fans all the time. The interiors of the house have been personally designed by his wife who happens to be a good architect. It is said that the mansion has shades of the neo-classical style of architecture. There is a beautifully manicured garden in front of the house.

The interior decoration has been done in a very stylish manner, replete with objects de art from around the world. There are two floors dedicated to the family living room, library and sports area for children. There is also a gym, studio, office and a huge bar with sitting and lounging areas. 

The area of the house was 2,466 sq meters, facing the sea when Shahrukh bought the house on lease in 2001 and he paid 13.32 crore for it ultimately. The rent of the leased house was Rs. 19 lakh per annum. The official price of Mannat today stands at 41 crore INR and if you calculate the market price of houses in the neighborhood, you have to find out the average price of other residential apartments in the area for getting a base price. The going rate in Bandra Bandstand is around Rs. 43,000 per square foot.

The area of the Mannat bungalow is around 27, 000 square feet. You can add to that the value of the celebrity status and the heritage value and 15% could be a good addition. Add the values of fixtures, furniture, fittings and interiors and the final price may touch somewhere around Rs. 200 crore or upwards.

Amenities available at Mannat are comparable to those in homes owned by the super-rich worldwide. There is a huge lounge area in the house meant for story and script narrations. The kitchen itself is the stuff that dreams are made of and even the best chefs of the world would like to possess it.

There are rows upon rows of offices and studios which are the playing areas of the superstar. When the building was bought from Mr. Gandhi, Gauri, an accomplished interior design artist herself, created the lovely interiors and added a lot of value to this huge mansion. The top designer Tom Dixon was hired to work alongside Gauri to give finishing touches to Mannat’s exclusive interiors. 

Italian architecture and neo-classical elements comprise the interiors of the Mannat bungalow. There are paintings of famous painters like M.F. Hussain and other world-class masters adorning the walls of its rooms giving the house an edge over other billionaire homes. There are many curios and antiques collected from different corners of the world. Two living rooms have priceless art and artifacts. The furniture is made out of expensive wood, leather and other premium materials. There is a huge study and library as well.

The Glorious Semblance of Mannat

Just like the humongous entrances in our country’s TV serials the façade of this stunning Mansion is such that Gauri Khan in an interview with Vogue once said I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world”.

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Drawing room of Mannat – A Tint of the European Architecture

A rare and unique blend of designer elements, artefacts acquired from around the world & architecture from Italy makes the dining room of the house a serene yet royal space. This room portrays a luxurious & lavish resemblance with the ancient palaces.

Designed with golden & bright yellow, the room has heavy chandeliers, curtains of double swag & large canvas paintings which adds a historical touch to the space.

There are beautiful flowerpots placed amidst the radiant shades adding a green dart that’s eye catchy. Classical always remain in trend and the interior décor of Mannat is a living proof for the same.

Walk-in closet: Evolution from classy to cozy

The closet inside the house is every girl’s dream! Gauri Khan has an organized walk-in closet that has been transformed beautifully over the last couple of years. With a very large dressing table having beautifully carved borders, a marvelous chandelier, openly framed shelves, drawers, this particular space of Mannat is organized precisely as per the couple’s requirements.

Gauri Khan was quoted saying, “I like neutral shades and classic materials like leather, which look better with age.”

Symbolic Love of SRK within a Home Theatre

Although SRK keeps his professional & personal life separate, his undying love for cinema art and cinema has made him create this space, entirely dedicated to the art. There are bright colored walls covered with film posters like Mughal-E-Azam and Sholay, reminding us of the golden era. Adding to the collection is a framed Charlie Chaplin stick. This space of the house is unimaginable amazing!

Having 42 leather recliners in mahogany velvet & burgundy shade, there’s a vast collection of movies in which Khan ever starred in.

Terrace: Open space for Air, studded by stars!

As per Gauri, then hugely vast terrace is the happiest place of Mannat. It signifies balance between work and life. On special days, the terrace gets transformed into a stage for Shahrukh when he wishes to greet his fans. For spending private time with family, it remains as a comfy base camp.

The beautiful set of lights are decorated on festivals like Diwali & Christmas, which brings an element of nature to life over the terrace. SRK is often spotted posting pictures with his family on his social media from this magnificent space of Mannat.

The Master bedroom: Covered in saturated undertones

Mannat is one place in the world where nothing goes unnoticed. This includes the master bedroom that’s stunning! There is a massive wooden door at the entrance and once you enter, you will see a huge brown colored velvet couch purposely put to create a combination with cream-colored windows which enables natural sunlight to enter the room, enlightening the space. King Khan has his own king sized bed which has a furnishing of leopard print cushions & gold pillows. A beautiful chandelier hangs amidst the center of the room, adding a royal charm.

Step Inside Shah Rukh Khan’s Stylish Home Office and Study Room

Mannat is not just Shah Rukh Khan’s fancy home; it’s also where he gets his work done. While we haven’t seen much of his workspace lately, sneak peeks from interviews and social media show a neat and possibly library-style area ideal for planning and reading scripts.

In this picture, this huge wooden table with a fancy French glass window behind it is definitely worth noticing. The room also has a big chandelier and some wooden decorations.

A Peek into Shah Rukh Khan’s Lavish Bedroom

Every detail in Shahrukh Khan’s home is carefully crafted, and the master bedroom is something you would definitely not want to miss. When you walk in through the large wooden door, you’re greeted by a stunning sight. A huge brown velvet couch sits against cream-coloured windows, bathing the room in natural sunlight. The king-sized bed features a reflective headboard and is adorned with luxurious gold pillows and animal print cushions. Completing the regal ambience is a majestic chandelier hanging from the ceiling, adding a touch of royalty to the space.

Discover the Upper Floors at Mannat

Every corner of the house is designed with style and sophistication, and the cosy seating area is no exception. The floor is covered with a beautiful carpet and stylish accent chairs with floral prints, all set in front of a black fireplace. LED lights on the ceiling create a warm atmosphere, while a large mirror wall adds to the room’s elegance.

The upper floors of Mannat are less publicised. They are believed to host private living spaces offering stunning views of the Arabian Sea and areas dedicated to family and close friends.

Explore Shah Rukh Khan’s Living Room

The living room is designed with plush carpets, creating a feeling of luxury and comfort. It is also furnished with designer furniture, likely reflecting Shah Rukh Khan’s personal style and taste. The room is further enhanced with stunning paintings and art pieces from around the world, suggesting an appreciation for art and culture. Finally, how can we miss out on the wooden flooring in his living space? The durability of this premium flooring undoubtedly matches the grand scale of the house.

Journey to Shah Rukh Khan’s Stunning Terrace

The terrace seems like a favourite spot of Gauri Khan in the house. It overlooks the Arabian Sea, which must provide a beautiful view. The terrace is also well-designed, with stylish furniture, a nice rug, and many houseplants, including palm trees, ferns, and pothos. The overall vibe of the terrace provides a very relaxing place to spend time.

Various online platforms and social media accounts occasionally share glimpses into Mannat, showcasing its architectural beauty and the charm of the interiors that make Shahrukh Khan’s residence a landmark in Mumbai.

Here’s a glimpse into the luxurious interiors:

  • The house’s entrance is grand, with tall white pillars, fancy French windows, and stylish lights, giving a hint of elegance inside.
  • The common areas inside are calming, with beige, cream, and brown colours. They have soft carpets, fancy furniture, and beautiful paintings and art pieces.
  • There’s a cosy spot with a fireplace and a comfy black and white carpet, perfect for relaxing.
  • Shah Rukh Khan’s bedroom is luxurious, with marble floors, a fancy chandelier, and a soft rug.
  • Gauri Khan’s walk-in closet is like a dream everyone wants to live once in their lifetime. It has glass shelves for shoes and a vintage-style dressing table with a cool mirror.
  • Shah Rukh Khan’s office shows his creative side with modern art, while Gauri Khan’s workspace has wooden walls and lots of books.

The best part is the terrace, which offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea. It has nice furniture, a beautiful rug, and lots of green plants.

Unveiling the Farmhouse of Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have a huge holiday home in Alibaug. It’s a big property, covering 20,000 square meters, with a pool and many outdoor areas for chilling out and throwing parties. The farm costs around Rs 15 crore and is located on the Deja Vu Farms. You must have scrolled through social media posts where Bollywood stars like Karan Johar and Katrina Kaif shared their pictures while hanging out here for parties and other events. No doubt, the place has an amazing beach vibe that everyone enjoys.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Delhi house

In the year 2020, SRK and Gauri Khan announced that they have collaborated with Airbnb for opening the door of the Delhi home for his fans. Gauri announced the same along with sharing a post on social media saying “Our Delhi home is filled with memories of our early days, what we collected over the years and all the things we love as a family! It holds a very special place in my heart. Through my collaboration with @airbnb, a lucky duo will get a chance to be our guest #HomewithOpenArms #AirbnbPartner”.

Just like Mannat-Khan’s Mumbai home, the Delhi residence is built with love and a bucket of emotions. “Love, togetherness, joy & happiness, is the key for any family house and building a home together,” says Gauri Khan.

This home of SRK and his ‘interior designer’ wife Gauri is situated in the lavish area of South Delhi. Having ample greenery and blossoming flowers, Gauri has designed it as a tribute of milestones achieved by the couple along with learning from their experiences.

Given the couple’s remarkable journey, it is quite evident that for both SRK and Gauri, this property in Delhi is a warm & emotional abode.

Having a uniquely personal design with a celebratory touch, it brings back memories through a unique combination of contemporary and modern elements. A two-storey builing, this place gives a warm feeling. This is because it has beautiful family pictures with the junior Khans. Being a dedicated perfectionist, Khan’s design is marvelous! This can be explained by mentioning the beautifully lit photos she has put inside the home along with artefacts and other unique collectibles.

Stay in

The Delhi home portrays some of Gauri’s fondest memories. Being the initial point of a sublime journey, this place is an interesting collaboration of material and thoughts that enables people to be a part of the cute & lovable moments that Khan family spent together. As per Gauri, just like Mannat, her Delhi home is an exclusive space as well.

“You can have an opulent design but without functionality or conveying the personal statement of the people who live there, it doesn’t work.” Spoke Khan.

This can be confirmed while observing how magnificently she has used personal mementos & converted them into beautiful artwork.

Art is an Important element

For instance, a unique and antique rug has been framed on the wall with perfection which was purchased by Gauri in New York. She strongly believes that art should not be restricted to just charcoal & paints. In fact, it depends upon how we curate our spaces, belonging to art.

She says that her children’s collectibles, her letters to SRK and her cards are her biggest collection of art.

Gauri believes that the trick for creating a beautiful home design is by surrounding yourself with your beloved things. This may include wallpapers, illustrated books & old sideboards decorated perfectly. In this huge property, a variety of illustrated books were observed, arranged neatly in the areas of dining, and living room.

The bedroom of the house has a mind-blowing balcony with an ample amount of Sunshine drifting in & tremendous greenery.

Also, the home is surrounded with plush greenery, which results in radiating a positive vibe!

Quick tip: Book it for a tour before the power couple changes its mind!

Other Luxurious Properties Owned by Shahrukh Khan

With 25 years in the entertainment industry, King Khan has more real estate properties in Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, than Mannat. The celebrity bought Shahrukh Khan’s London home in 2009. The pricey London home is valued 200 crores. The Shahrukh Khan residence in London, which was constructed at a height of 200 feet and features simple furnishings and a beautiful lawn, is a notable attraction in the neighbourhood.

Many people have the aspiration of owning a home in the UAE. Khan also bought a lavish private property in Dubai’s Park Jumeirah Beach. More than 200 crores of rupees are spent on the dwelling palace.

Jannat- The Dubai home of the Khans

King Khan’s palatial property in Palm Jumeirah is estimated a whopping price of $2.8 million and is situated around the sandy beaches.

This amazing house is situated at the palm Beach Jumeirah, which is apparently the biggest man made seashore of sand all over the globe. This place is immensely peaceful and soothing and provides a relaxing vibe to the respective owners of the property, SRK & Gauri. This property serves as a home in Dubai for the Indian superstar & his family.

“The year-end is a time for togetherness, family, and celebrations. The UAE is one of our favorite getaways as a family. It’s an easy flight and Dubai has so much for everyone to do, it’s lovely for a reunion. Also, we have many friends here and so it’s lovely to catch up,” said Gauri while getting interviewed by Gulf News.

The island also has roads and tunnels with efficient public transportation including the 5.4-km monorail. 

At K Frond, Palm Jumeirah, the astonishingly beautiful ‘Signature Villa’ covers over 500 square feet of area and accommodates a garden, two garages which are totally remote controlled & swanky interiors chosen by Gauri Khan.

“We have retained the villa’s original floor, ceiling and wall covers. I have, over time, styled the villa with pieces of furniture from my travels and those created at my design studio. My design preference tends towards warmth, comfort, and minimalism. This is a place where the family converges for holidays—kids are back from boarding schools and so on—so the focus is ease,” said Gauri in another interview. Palm Jumeirah features top restaurants, private pools, clubs, world class art infrastructure along with a wide range of activities which include deep sea diving as well.

You might not be aware of the fact that this property was gifted to SRK by a property developer from Dubai, Nakheel Khan in the year 2007. Visitors are allowed to visit the exteriors of this villa whereas the interiors have restricted entry.

Franchise Team KKR

Another significant asset held by Sharukh Khan is the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). The team is a franchise in the Indian Premier League that represents the state of Kolkata (IPL). The squad is valued at an astounding 400 crores. Since the team’s existence, the actor has purchased it, and he still owns KKR.

Shahrukh’s Star-Spangled Neighbours

The top celebs of Bollywood have always chosen a space for their home where they can easily get a beautiful view of the city and meet their fans with ease. Being the big celebs zone of Btown, Bandra, Shahrukh Khan has a star-studded neighbourhood. Starting from Saif Ali Khan to Salman Khan, Arjun Rampal, Farhan Akhtar, and Ranbir Kapoor. Shahrukh’s neighbourhood recently welcomed a new resident of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh. The actor purchased their 4-floor home in close vicinity to Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat.

Net Worth of Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood’s Baadshah, Shahrukh is renowned for his opulent residences and other things. In addition to owning a sizable amount of sumptuous property, the actor’s net worth is growing at a pace of 8% annually. Currently, the actor is worth $750 million. His production firm and stellar acting career are both contributing to his growing financial success.

Exciting Scoop: Fresh Updates on New Movie

Shahrukh Khan has confirmed his participation in a new project following the success of “Dunki”. The anticipation among fans is palpable as they await more details about his role, which promises to be age-appropriate and deviates from his previous portrayals. This announcement has set the stage for his next film shoot, starting in March-April 2024​​​​.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does Shahrukh Khan's house cost?

Considering its generous green lawn, French windows, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Mannat costs nearly ₹200 crores, thus making it one of the most expensive possessions of SRK.

Where does Shahrukh Khan live now?

SRK stays at his Bandra Mansion, commonly known as Mannat.
Address: Mannat, Land’s End, Bandstand, Bandra (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400050, India.

Is Shahrukh Khan house sea facing?

Yes! The abode of Bollywood’s Badshah is sea facing.

Who is the real owner of Mannat?

SRK owns the sprawling mansion, Mannat. He bought it from Nariman K Dubash.

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