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Are you relocating to a new address? If you have a passport with your last residential address, you must update it with the new one. You must apply for a passport re-issue in order to update the address on your passport. You will get a new passport with a unique passport number with an updated address. Read the following instructions for a better understanding to change name and address on passport.

Is it Essential to Change the Address on Your Passport?

Changing the address on an Indian passport is not mandated. However, it might be used as evidence of residence. When you use your passport for Proof of Address, Proof of Identity, or Proof of Date of Birth when travelling, your passport address must be valid in order to display your confirmed address. Otherwise, you can use an older address in your passport and produce the requisite address documentation for verification and issuance when it is time to renew your passport.

How to Update Passport Address Online?

The passport address change process follows the following steps to apply online:

passport portal
  • Registered users can log in simply by providing their user ID and password.
passport login
  • If using the site for the first time, opt for โ€˜New User? Registerโ€™ and choose a passport office near you. Enter your personal information and register by clicking on the link shared on your e-mail. After that, you may log in and apply for a new passport or a passport re-issue.ย 
  • After you click on re-issue passport, complete the required changes to your personal information. You can also verify by clicking on the “Documents Advisor” link on the main page.ย 
  • After filling out the form, choose the โ€˜Pay and book appointmentโ€™ option. Payment can be made both online and offline. You must go to the Passport Seva Kendra to make a cash payment.ย 
  • Choose a PSK location and print your payment receipt.ย 
  • After receiving the receipt, you must go to the Passport Seva Kendra where your appointment has been scheduled. Carry your original paperwork as well as the application receipt.

Documents Required for Changing Passport Address

Here is a comprehensive list of the documents for updating passport address.

  • You must provide your original passport with your former address.ย 
  • You are required to provide documentation of your current address. The list of proper documents required for a passport address change is mentioned in the next subhead.
  • You must send a copy of your online application as well as the fee challan receipt.ย 
  • You may also provide a copy of a reputation certificate issued to you by the company.ย 
  • Depending on your educational level, your passport has either ECR or Non-ECR mentioned on it. You must bring a copy of that as well.
  • Provide an attested copy with additional documents if you have the validation extension page.
  • Finally, if the passport authority makes any observations, you must produce an attested copy of that page.

Ensure that all the papers you attach are valid to prevent any unexpected events.

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Permitted Documents for Address Verification

Address proof is a documented evidence used to track down and locate a person who is either permanently or temporarily residing or working. For passport address change, the acceptable address proofs to be submitted with the passport application are as follows. You can pick either of them:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Photo ID card issued by the Election Commission
  • Current and valid ration card of the applicant
  • For children, a copy of the parent’s passport
  • Water Bill (of the last three months)
  • Telephone bill (landline or postpaid mobile bill)ย 
  • Electric bill
  • Order for Income Tax Assessment
  • Gas connection proof
  • Certificate from a reputable firm’s employer on letterhead (Only public limited corporations may provide it with a seal)
  • Copy of spouse’s passport (if the applicant’s current residence matches the address on the spouse’s passport)
  • Registered Rental Contract (it should be for more than one year)
  • Passbook of an active bank account

Fees for Changing the Address on a Passport

The charge for changing your passport address is determined by the kind of passport you are applying for. The scheme, such as regular or Tatkal passport, the number of pages in your passport booklet, and the validity period all play an essential role. The fee for changing your address is the exact amount as mentioned for re-issuing your Indian passport in the below table.

Passport Services Passport Address Charges Tatkal Charges
Due to visa page depletion, applicants must apply for a new/re-issue passport of 36-page with a 10-year validity period. ย  ย  INR 1,500/- ย  ย  INR 2,000/-
Due to visa page depletion, applicants must apply for a new passport or re-issue a passport with a 10-year validity period of 60 pages. ย  ย  INR 2,000/- ย  ย  INR 2,000/-
Due to visa page depletion, children may apply for a new passport or re-issue a passport with 5 years of validity for 36 pages. ย  ย  INR 1,000/- ย  ย  INR 2,000/-
Replacing 36-page passport due to lost, damaged or stolen passport ย  ย  INR 3,000/- ย  ย  INR 2,000/-
For replacement of your 60-page passport due to any damage or loss/stolen passport ย  ย  INR 3,500/- ย  ย  INR 2,000/-
Passport replacement of 36-page with a validity of 10-year for Emigration Check Required removal/change of address or any other information ย  ย  INR 1,500/- ย  ย  INR 2,000/-
Passport replacement of 60-page with a validity of 10-year for Emigration Check Required removal/residence change or any other information ย  ย  INR 2,000/- ย  ย  INR 2,000/-
If you need to replace your 36-page passport or make minor modifications to your passport with 5-years of validity ย  ย  INR 1,000/- ย  ย  INR 2,000/-
Obtaining a Certificate of Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) ย  ย  INR 500/- ย  ย  N/A

FAQ’s about Passport Address Change

Q1. Does the address on your passport matter?

No, changing the address on an Indian passport is not required. However, updating your passport can be used as evidence of residence.

Q2. Does a change of residence on a passport need police verification?

Pre-police checks will be conducted if there are any changes in name, address, or other personal information in your passport renewal application.

Q3. How long does it take to update the address on a passport?

The whole process might take up to 15 days. However, if you apply via Tatkal, you can finish this procedure in 7-10 days.

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