The Glory of Amer Fort: History and Beyond

Amer Fort

Amber Fort, popularly known as Amer Fort or Amer Palace, is one of the historical monuments that speak of India and its powerful Rajput kings. Located in Amer Rajasthan, the Fort is named after the city. It spreads over 1.5 sq. mi atop a gorgeous hill that overlooks the town of Amer. It is one of the major tourist attractions in India. Some unique temptations for the eyes at the Fort are Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khaas, Sheesh Mehal etcetera. 

Amer fort is known by a very usual name by the locals. They call it ‘Amer ka Kila” meaning “Fort of Amer”. Originally built by Raja Man Singh and completed in 1592, Amer Fort continues to throw back the visitors to the bygone days when the Rajput kings ruled the place and revelled in comfort and luxury with their queens and extensive royal entourages. The architecture of the Amer Fort is greatly inspired by the Maota Lake that it overlooks.

Coincidently, the lake is the only source of water for the Amer Palace. 

A very interesting thing about Amer Fort is that it is just located parallelly to Jaigarh Fort. Both the Forts are connected through a subterranean passage that was built with the purpose to give a form of escape during the enemy attacks. 

Amer Fort History, Rajasthan

Amer Fort, and the city that it’s located in, has a longstanding history. The very first construction of Amer Fort was started by Raja Kakil Dev in the 11th century.  

The current Amer Fort was completed by Raja Man Sinch I in 1592. Before that, a place called Kadimi Mahal which is Persian for ‘Ancient Palace’, was the primary residence of the rulers in Amar. Kadimi Mahal is located just beyond the valley behind Amer Fort. 

Amer Fort is a monument of the Medieval period wherein it was the official residence of the Kachwaha rulers of the Dhundar Kingdom. However, the Fort does not hold any remnants from its ancient past because, with rulers and dynasties changing continuously, the new kings and rulers would modify the structure as per their tastes and requirement. 

Architectural Design of the Amer Fort

Having housed the Rajput rulers of Rajasthan, Amer Fort is built from red marble stone. 

Till 1727, the Amer Fort went through many restructural additions and restorations. Then the Kachwha rulers of the Kingdom shifted their Capitol to Jaipur, and the Fort lost all attention.  

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Sheesh Mahal at Amer Fort 

  If you live anywhere in South Asia, then it’s probable that you have heard the word Sheesh Mahal once or many times in your lifetime. If you are unaware as to why is it so popular, let us give you some insights into the subject. 

Sheesh Mahal or ‘Glass Palace’ is the favourite and chosen spot for Bollywood shoots in Amer Fort. It is a room surrounded by concave mirrors as such that its design helps it to light up the whole space with just a single ray of light. Not only that, it illuminates all the connecting rooms with sunlight as well. 

If you have watched the superhit Bollywood film, “Mughal-e-Azam”, one of the popular songs’ Jab Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya’ was shot at Sheesh Mahal of Amer Fort. Although the movie was shot in black and white film, It still captured the imagination of the viewers. 

Suhaag Mandir

 On the top story of the Amer Fort, there are numerous large windows. These windows are known as “Suhaag Mandir”. While acting as a cover, they provided the women of the royal household a view into the happenstances of Diwan-e-Khas, or the royal court, where the rulers received state guests and courtiers. In the Rajput rule, the female members were not allowed directly in the Diwan-e-Khas; hence, the windows were used to gaze and participate in the court events.

Hidden Passage between Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort

A secret passage or Surangh is synonymous with almost every Fort in India. Similarly, Amer Fort has one of the trickiest of these secret passages. Running through the Cheel Ka Teela at the basement of the Fort, the passage is two kilometres long. It connects the Fort with another parallel fort named the Jaigarh Fort. 

The View of Kesar Kyari

The Amer Fort is not just splendid from the inside but offers an extraordinary view from its balconies too. One of such views is the breathtaking vision of the historic Kesar Kayari, a Mughal garden built on a manmade island in Maota Lake. 

According to the landscape architect Tom Turner, there was a pulley system, especially for the women, that connected directly with the Amer fort and reduced the male interaction with women. 

Elephant Ride

Elephant Ride is one of the two ways to reach Amer Fort. The feeling of being on an elephant seems quite similar to those times when the kings used the same method to reach Amber Fort. 

In light of the congestion and high tourist interest in Elephant rides, there is a road built for convenient reachability that links the lower path to the Fort. But absolutely, the elephant ride is not just an option but the real essence of the Amer Fort. 

Important Info for Tourists 

● It is advisable for all the tourists to not underestimate the elephant ride. The ride takes at least half a day. 

● Another attractive activity is the 4×4 drive tour to & from Amer Fort. The ride costs around Rs. 300 and is the most popular thing that one must not miss at Amer Fort. 

● Another fun thing at Amer Fort is the night light show. It intensifies and highlights the beauty of Amer Fort.  

● View of the Amer Palace at night from the lowest storey to the highest one.

● Excellent Museum stuff and a garden of saffron are the two perks inside Amer palace. 

● Astonishing view from the Char Garden where the ‘Pink city’ Jaipur can be seen.

● The Sukh Mahal Dance programs are inspired by Rajasthani folk.

● Delicious cuisine of Rajasthan at Surabhi restaurant inside the Amer fort.

● Puppet shows and folk songs at dinner time are something that adds cherry to the cake.

● Pay a visit to the Turban Museum, which is completely free and offers a glimpse into the different styles of Turban. 

Amer Fort Entry Fees

Amer Fort Ticket Price differs for domestic and foreign tourists. 

● For Indian Visitors: Rs 50/each

● For Foreign Tourists: Rs. 550/each

● For Foriegn Students: Rs. 100/each


The Fort remains open every day from 7: the morning to 9: P.M. in the evening. 

Ways to Reach Amer ka Fort or Amer ka Kila

Amer Fort is located just 11 kilometres from the Pink City, Jaipur.

● To reach the destination, you can either book a cab or take your private vehicle as per your preference. 

● You may also take an elephant ride to reach the locality.

● You can also opt for the Jeep, which is always available and would directly take you to the Fort. 

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End Thoughts

The Pink City, Jaipur, is popular for many reasons, but the blend of beauty, culture, and essence of powerful royal history is irreplaceable when it comes to the Amer Fort. Even now, Amer is genuine, organic, and as simple as it is described in history. Amer Fort and its history play a vital role in attracting tourists on a large scale to Rajasthan. And if you are one of those who love to feel the aura of royalty at its best, you must explore “The Amer Fort” in Rajasthan, India.


Why is Amer Fort famous?

Amer Palace or Amber Palace is popular for its unique artistic elements from the early Rajasthani architecture and culture. There are several gateways and a large island garden within Maota Lake that makes the Fort one of a kind.

Who built the Chittorgarh fort?

Chittorgarh Fort was built by Maharana Kumbha, who wanted to immortalise his win over Mohammed Khilji in the fifteen century. It is stated as the capital of Sisodia and Gehlot rulers, who were back then under Mewar.

Who is the king of Amer Fort?

Amer fort was established by Raja Alan Singh, who was the ruler of the Chanda Clan of Meena, in 967 CE. Many modifications took place to the original structure, but the major construction was built by Raja Man Singh, Kachwaha ruler of Amer Rajasthan.

Who lived in Amer fort?

Starting from King Man Singh, Amer Palace had been home to many Rajput rulers. It is now turned into a museum and a tourist destination by the Indian Government.

Is Amer Fort open these days?

Yes, after the relaxations in the guidelines of COVID-19, Amer Fort is all set again to welcome visitors from around the world.

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