SBI Balance Enquiry

SBI Balance Enquiry

Checking your bank account balance by visiting a bank or using the traditional method is not an option anymore. Since the technology is advancing it is a good idea to use smart mobile phones and download the apps launched by banks. Anyone can do SBI Balance Check using the apps, SMS sending services, missed call serviced, ATM, and many others.

In this blog, we will make your balance inquiry hassle-free and save your time, and hard work. We have also defined different formats for sending SMS or to give missed calls, customers can use any format as per their requirement.

How Can I Check My SBI Bank Balance?

Any individual with an account in the State Bank of India can check their bank balance using the following methods:

  1. One can use an ATM.
  2. Account-holders can use Net banking.
  3. Customers can use SMS banking services
  4. Any individual can use the SBI Card Balance Enquiry
  5. Use the traditional method of using a passbook.
  6. Anyone can use the mobile banking apps launched by SBI:
  • SBI Yono
  • SBI Quick
  • SBI Anywhere Saral
  • SBI Online
  1. One can use the missed call banking services as well.

We have discussed all the above topics in detail below. You can read and learn more about the SBI banking services. Now, without further ado, let's get started.

SBI Balance Enquiry via Toll-free Number

The account holders can check their balance by giving a missed call on the SBI balance enquiry toll-free number. Here are the toll-free numbers you can use for enquiring details about the bank account.

Give a missed call on 09223766666 or you can send an SMS “BAL” to 09223766666

For mini-statement you can give a missed call on a toll-free number mentioned below:

Missed call on 09223866666 or send an SMS “MSTMT” to 09223866666

SBI Balance Enquiry through SBI ATM

Every customer of SBI bank can also use the ATM aka debit card allotted to them can also be used for SBI account balance. To check your balance, you must visit your nearest State Bank of India ATM and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The first step is to swipe the SBI ATM/debit card.
  • You have to enter your four-digit MPIN.
  • Select the option of balance enquiry.
  • Now, finish your transaction.

You can check the last ten transactions by selecting the mini statement option. The SBI ATM will print a receipt with all the information about your last ten transactions. In fact, SBI customers can also visit any non-SBI or other banks ATM services and check their account balance.

But the important noticeable fat is that the Reserve Bank of India has limited the number of free transactions per ATM card. Also, balance enquiry is considered a transaction. If you have already used all your free transactions then you will be charged for every further transaction you carry out in the month. Therefore, the number of transactions are counted from both SBI and non-SBI ATMs.

The above reason is a primary reason why all SBI account holders must opt for SBI Balance Enquiry Online. Therefore, it is advisable to use ATMs or debit cards only for cash withdrawal or other services.

SBI Balance Enquiry through Net Banking

All the customers of SBI with net banking facilities can easily access the services like - transfer of funds, mortgage loans, personal loans, home loans, balance information and much more. If the account holders are already registered with SBI net banking facility then they can use their login ID and password to use a net banking account. If they are not registered then they have to register themselves. Then only they can use the perks of the net banking services of SBI.

SBI Balance Enquiry through SMS Service

The customers of SB had to use their registered mobile phone number to use the SMS service. They just have to follow a proper format and number for sending any SMS enquiring about any information related to their bank account.

Here's the format:

You have to type - REG<space>Account Number and send it to the number - 09223488888

In just 5-10 seconds you will receive a confirmation message stating any of the information you asked for: SBI account balance, mini statements, cheque book requests, e-statements, loan interest certificates, and other loan interest certificates as well.

SBI Card Balance Enquiry

For SBI Card enquiry, one can send the SMS using SBI banks SMS sending services. An account holder can enjoy different perks by sending an SMS to the number 5676791. The format is different for every enquiry and is mentioned below:


SMS Format

Enquiring Balance


Latest payment status


Credit and cash limit availability


Subscribing to e-statement


For blocking lost/stolen card


Summary of reward point


Requesting for duplicate statement


(For a month Statement - MM)

SBI Balance Enquiry Through Passbook

The passbooks are issued by the SBI bank to all its customers whenever a bank account is open. All the customers of the State Bank of India can enquire about anything related to their account using their passbook.

  • It is important for customers to keep their passbook update all the time in order to maintain and regularly check up on their transaction information.
  • All the account holders can check their updated passbooks to see their current balance, a record of statements both deposited and withdrawal amount, debit and credit transactions, and so on.
  • To update the passbook customers have to visit their bank branch.

This method of enquiring about one's account is still valid and running because most people don't have smartphones, or don't know how to operate them, or they still believe it to be the most reliable method.

SBI Balance Enquiry through Mobile Banking

SBI offers several options to all its customers that include a range of mobile apps such as SBI Yono, SBI Online, and SBI Anywhere Saral. Any individual with an account in SBI can use any of these mobile banking services with their smart mobile phones.

  1. SBI Online
  • All the account holders of SBI can access the SBI Online portal on their android or iOs mobile phones for SBI balance enquiry, transferring funds, account statements, IMPS, NEFT, etc.
  • SBI Online works as an interface similar to the SBI website on the desktop.
  • You just have to enter the net banking details and in a few seconds account holders can access all the banking services immediately.
  • Customers of SBI can download the SBI Yono app from the play store or apple store on their respective mobile phones to enjoy the perks of mobile banking.
  • One just has to log in using the registered mobile phone number and banking credentials.
  • With SBI Yono, all customers can use several banking services including SBI balance check, statement check, transferring funds, etc.
  1. SBI Anywhere Saral
  • SBI customers who use corporate net banking can use SBI Anywhere Saral to use SBI services from anywhere to carry out transactions.
  • With SBI Anywhere Saral can transfer money, recharge mobile phones, enquire about their balance, check mini statements, and much more.
  • However, the SBI Anywhere Saral app cannot be used for Retail SBI customers.

Note: If someone wants to enquire about the SBI credit cards, then they have to use a different app - SBI Card. This mobile app is quite different from other SBI apps.

SBI Balance Enquiry through Missed Call Service

Missed call services allow an individual to perform various commands and check the status of different things related to their bank account. Account-holders can also use SMS services to send SMS to the bank and get accurate information.

With one missed call or SMS sending, one can avail of the SBI services such as SBI balance check, mini-statements, e-statements (of last six months), and the education loan, TM configuration, ATM PIN, various personal loans, social security schemes, etc. However, these services are facilitated by the Reserve Bank of India in many banks across the country.

Further, as per bank policies, there are some applicable charges on sending or receiving the SMSs on registered mobile numbers. But, calling on a toll-free number is free from some banks. Missed call services and SMDS services are most beneficial to those having multiple accounts in the same bank. As every time a message comes, it will contain all the information about all the accounts of an individual.

Missed Call Banking Registration

  • All the customers have to index their registered mobile phone number for using this service.
  • It is a one-time process and an individual has to send the SMS in a format - REG<SPACE>Account Number. And, send it to 09223488888.
  • Soon you will receive a verification and confirmation message from the SBI bank that will mention the name of the activated service.

SBI Balance Enquiry through USSD

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is a GSM technology used for communication and for transmitting information from one mobile phone to another application program in the network. This service can be used by SBI users who have current and savings bank accounts.


  • With this, any account holder can check their account balance.
  • You can always get the last five transactions (a mini statement)
  • You can transfer funds to the other accounts.
  • You can even charge your or someone else's mobile number.

How to Register for SBI Balance Enquiry through USSD

All the account holders of SBI who want to register for SBI Balance Enquiry using the USSD service. For this, the account holder has to send the SMS in the following format:

They have to type - <MBSREG> and send it to 9223440000 or 567676.

After some time, the SBIB account holder will receive a "User Id" and a default MPIN through SMS. Further, the account holder must change the MPIN before completing the registration process. Any account holder can change the MPIN from the nearest ATM or any SBI branch. Here are the steps, you must follow:

  • First, dial *595#
  • Now, press 4, and send
  • You have to accept all the terms and conditions displayed on your screen.
  • Again press Answer & Enter 1
  • Now, first, enter your old MPIN
  • Then enter a new MPIN and press send option.

In just a few seconds, the MPIN will change and the account holder will receive the verification SMS. To activate further, users have to visit the nearby ATM or their nearest bank branch.

Here are the steps for activation at ATM, follow them without skipping any point:

  • First, you have to swipe your debit card and select the mobile registration option.
  • You have to enter the ATM PIN and pick the option of mobile banking.
  • Now, select the registration to enter your mobile number.
  • Select the yes option and confirm it once.
  • You are now eligible to receive the transaction slip that displays the successful message for mobile number registration.

Final Closure!

By the time you reach the final closure we hope you have explored all the methods you can use as an account holder of the State Bank of India. You can not only check the balance but see mini-statements, transfer funds using net banking or apps launched by SBI, and much more. You can use any of the methods and get answers to all your queries.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

SBI account balance check is an easy process. You just have to give a call on a toll-free number 09223766666. All the account holders of SBI can also call on customer care numbers 1800112211 and 18004253800 for instant balance check.

All the SBI account holders can send SMS - “BAL” to 09223766666 from their registered mobile phone number for immediate resolution of their SBI Balance Enquiry. You can also SMS “MSTMT” to 09223866666 for checking your SBI mini statement.

SBI Quick is available only for specific accounts. The specific accounts are savings account, current account, overdraft account, and cash credit account.

SBI Quick is quite different from both State Bank Anywhere and State Bank Freedom. The major difference is that SBI Quick cannot be used for transferring money. It means that an individual cannot do a financial transaction with it. And the other big difference is that you don't need a login ID and password for using the service. The SBI Quick users just need their registered mobile number. Also, make sure that the number is active.

Yes, you have to link the same mobile number registered with your bank and with SBI Quick.

There is no such restriction. You can make several enquiries as per the requirement.

One customer can use his mobile phone number only once for registering at the bank.

No, SBI bank does not charge any price for offering their missed call services, however, if the customer listens to the IVR for three or more seconds, then he or she will be charged as per their respective plan.