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One of the best schemes under the Employeeโ€™s Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Act 1952, is the EPF and to avail its benefits you must be familiar with EPFO member portal login. Not every subscriber know how the EPFO member login works, thus, we have encapsulated essentials for EPFO login to avail EPF benefits with utmost ease. In this scheme both the employer as well as the employee put in 12% of the employeeโ€™s total salary into the PF account of the holder. EPFO as an organization assists the employees in saving money for their retirement and it is a non-constitutional body.

EPFO Member Portal Login for Employee

  • Every employee wishing to do an EPFO employee login should visit the official EPFO portal.
    EPFO portal For Employees
  • To go further with the pf employee login, on the website, the employees should look for the โ€˜Our Servicesโ€™ section and choose the option of โ€˜For Employees.โ€™
    EPFO portal For Employees step 2
  • After this choose the option of โ€˜Member UAN/Online Services (OCS/OTCP)โ€™ which can be found under the section of โ€˜Services.โ€™
    EPFO portal For Employees step 3
  • Proceeding this you should enter the password and UAN. Also, do not forget to enter the captcha and then click on โ€˜Sign In.โ€™EPFO portal For Employees step 4
  • Further, the employee will be redirected to the main portal. From there, the employee can access all the online services provided by the EPFO.

EPFO Member Portal Login for Employer

  • The first step for the EPFO employer login is to go to the EPFO employer login page.
  • After this, for pf employer login the employer needs to enter the right password and username for successful EPFO portal login.
    EPFO portal For Employers
  • Further, the employer will be redirected to the main EPFO portal because that is where the employer can approve the KYC detail updated by the employees.

Services Offered by EPFO

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) offers a wide array of services tailored to meet the needs of its members, ensuring their financial security and convenience. From managing provident fund contributions to facilitating easy access to funds, the EPFO’s services are designed to support the workforce in their journey towards a financially secure retirement.ย 

Whether it’s through online withdrawals, transferring PF accounts, or accessing your savings via the UMANG app, the EPFO is committed to providing seamless and user-friendly solutions. Let’s delve into the diverse services offered by EPFO that empower employees and employers alike to manage their provident fund accounts efficiently.

Here are some of the services that the portal offers:-

  • Support for the Dormant Accounts

In 2015, the EPFO introduced the Inoperative Accounts Online Helpdesk, a pivotal resource aimed at assisting members in reviving and managing their dormant accounts that no longer accrue interest. This innovative service enables employees to effortlessly withdraw funds, monitor account status, and transfer balances to their active EPF accounts, ensuring no savings are left behind. To take advantage of this feature, members are simply required to furnish a few basic details, facilitating the swift identification and management of their inoperative accounts.

  • Withdrawal of EPF Funds Online

With your Universal Account Number (UAN), withdrawing EPF funds online becomes a straightforward process. Employees who have been out of employment for over two months qualify to access the funds in their PF accounts. However, it’s crucial to ensure that your Aadhar and bank details are current on the portal to facilitate a smooth transaction.

  • Issuance of Online Coverage Certificates for International Employees

EPFO has rolled out a centralised platform specifically designed to issue Certificates of Coverage online for international workers covered under Social Security Agreements with India. This digital solution streamlines the process, making it more accessible for global employees to secure their documentation efficiently.

  • UMANG App

For all the EPF subscribers, the EPFO has launched an app called Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance. All it requires is the UAN and password of the employee to access the benefits of the UMANG app. Some of the services of the UMANG app include updating personal details, keeping a check on the passbook, etc.

  • Transfer of EPF Account Online

With the help of UAN, members can directly transfer their old member ID to their current ID. The process of doing this is quite easy and also paperless.

  • Payment of PF Amount Online

For every organization, every organization must pay the PF amount online. And, for collecting the dues, EPFO has an association with 10 banks.

  • Services of Missed Calls and SMS

All the members who have a UAN can send an SMS to 7738299899 to check the claim status, the status of KYC, or the PF balance. Also, the members can give a missed call to 011-22901406 to get this information.

  • Grievances Services

For all the queries and issues regarding the withdrawal of PF funds, transfer of PF, or settlement of claims, the members can file a complaint online. For EPFO, the EPF grievances are of utmost priority, and these are usually dealt with very quickly. It generally takes 15 days for 97% of the complaints to get resolved and 80% of the complaints are resolved within 7 days.

Some of the Benefits of EPFO

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) offers a myriad of benefits to enhance the financial well-being and security of its members. Here are some of the key advantages:-

  • Retirement Savings Growth

EPFO helps accumulate a substantial retirement corpus through regular contributions from both the employer and the employee, ensuring a financially secure retirement.

  • No Mandatory Investment Threshold

Members are not required to commit to a minimum investment amount, making it accessible for everyone to start saving for their future.

  • Emergency Fund Accessย 

The funds saved in the PF account can be a crucial financial lifeline in times of need, providing support during emergencies.

  • Enhanced Lifestyle Post-Retirement

The savings accumulated in the EPF account contribute towards maintaining a comfortable lifestyle after retirement, helping members to enjoy their golden years with peace of mind.

  • Online Services and Accessibility

With the EPFO’s digital initiatives, such as the UMANG app and online portal, members can easily manage their accounts, check balances, and perform transactions from anywhere at any time.

Wrapping Up:

Understanding the EPFO member portal is the key to effortlessly navigating the login process and accessing its wide range of benefits. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, familiarising yourself with the login steps can significantly streamline your interactions with the portal, allowing you to make the most of the EPFO’s services in no time. With this knowledge, you’re well-equipped to manage your provident fund account efficiently, ensuring a smoother journey towards financial security and a comfortable retirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):-

How to know the member ID for the UAN portal?

To find your member ID for the UAN portal, log in using your UAN and password and navigate to the ‘Services’ section. Here, you can view all member IDs linked to your PF account, ensuring easy management and tracking of your contributions.

How can one verify their PAN in EPFO?

You can do this by EPFO UAN login in the Member e-Seva portal.

How can one delete an existing bank detail in EPFO?

One needs to get the bank details verified by the employer and update them in EPFO. It will update the new bank details and the existing one will become inactive.

How can the birthdate be changed in EPFO?

Do an EPFO login on the portal and click on Modify Basic Details, enter your DOB and you will have an updated DOB on the portal.

What are the Main Aims of the Employeeโ€™s Provident Fund Organization?

  • To make sure that every employee has an EPF account.
  • To make the process of compliance easy for the workers.
  • Ensuring that every organization complies with the rules set up by the EPFO.
  • For facilitating the access of online services.
  • To make the access of EPF accounts easy for the employees.
  • For reducing the number of days for claim settlement from 20 to 3.
  • To promote voluntarily compliance.
  • Make sure that the EPFO employee login process is easy.

What are the Steps to Ensure a Successful EPFO Member Portal Login?

For a successful EPFO member portal login, ensure your UAN is activated, which can be done via the EPFO portal. Your UAN is typically found on salary slips, or you can obtain it from your employer. These steps are designed to simplify the login process for both employees and employers.

  • Super Quick & Easy
  • Stamped & E-Signed
  • Delivered Directly in Mailbox

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