How To Check ๐‘ท๐’‚๐’”๐’”๐’‘๐’๐’“๐’• ๐‘จ๐’‘๐’‘๐’๐’Š๐’„๐’‚๐’•๐’Š๐’๐’ ๐‘บ๐’•๐’‚๐’•๐’–๐’” Online In India?


Frequent travellers who move from one nation to another often find a passport as their prime need rather than their ready-to-go luggage. In this, the population who have yet not been a pro at accessing their travelling accessory- passport may be used to struggling while checking their passport status or its updates. Though, this comprehensive guide has everything that one could expect required to track passport status.ย 

Passport Seva Portal (PSP) is a government body that deals with the subjects to check passport status, passport application status, and even applying for passport online. With the digital accessibility offered to customers, the steps to check passport status online have become more convenient and flexible. It will reflect each reached step and the freedom to view it round-the-clock. Let us have a glance at each way to keep a check on passport application status effectively.

How to Check Passport Application Status?

One of the most important documents is a passport when we are required to board abroad and verify them when reached on international shores. This clearly emphasises the importance of it, and hence, online methods have empowered a quick acknowledgement of the same for the applicants.ย 

Two different credentials are required for any proceeding methods to track passport status online.ย 

  • Passport file number: It is a 15-digit code given by the authorities at the time of passport application.
  • Date of birth: This verified the applicant, considering their personal details for authentication.ย 

How to Track Passport Status Online & Offline?ย 

Tracking passport status after applying for it is not that tough anymore. The PSP has your back with two segregated ways of authentically checking passport status by being in your comfort zone. These are offline and online modes for applicants to be the doorways for their queries.ย 

Through Passport Seva Portal

The passport application status can be known via the PSP (Passport Seva Portal). This is the digital technique through which you can easily know the current status of your passport. Interestingly, the process is faster and more credible than the offline modes. Have a look to understand the steps for flawless functioning below:

  • Go to the passport Seva
  • Select the โ€œtrack the application statusโ€ option on the home page.
passport status check
  • This will route to another page that shows the applicant to select the type of application offered in the categories in the drop-down menu.
  • After this, the step proceeds to another where the authentic information, like the file number and DOB.ย 
  • For better information, these pieces of information have to match the details submitted while applying for a passport to track passport status.ย 
  • Finally, a notification will be sent to the applicant regarding the passport application status, where the status is displayed.

Through the mPassport Seva Applicationย 

For the purpose of passport application status checking, one may not hesitate to look for a mobile solution. The advancement has a great perk to checking a passport status via a mobile application. For user information, the app is available on the play store for android users and the apple store for iPhone users. And if wondering about what are the inside steps you need to perform? The below link will guide you with the same.ย 

  • To download the passport Seva app, the user must go to the Google Playstore/Apple Store.
  • Then, the customer must only log in to the mobile app by the registered mobile number. In this case, a registered email id will also work.
  • After this, the applicant will get an OTP on their given credential, which will be filled into the given column in the open window.ย 
  • The next step is the selection round, where the applicant has to choose one of the given options to track the passport status directly from the home page.
  • The user needs to submit the information required, such as their file number and their DOB, to name a few.
  • It is mandated for pieces of information given to match for authentication procedure provided during applying for the passport.
  • Carefully acknowledging all the details, the customer can move to know the passport application status on the screen.

Through the Official Toll-free Number of Passport Seva Centre

Another easy method is quick and simpler for people who find internet solutions harder to access. The Passport Seva Centre has an official toll-free number with working hours available. The applicant only has to call on this number, which is operational in pan India. Letโ€™s get started now:

  • To track passport status, one has to contact the National Call Centre with their toll-free number: 1800 258 1800.
  • The facility is offered at working hours between 8 am-10 pm when the customer can be connected to the executive to resolve the issue.

Note: Jammu, Kashmir, and the North-East States of India can call on 040-66720567 and 040-66720581 to resolve any passport status-related issue, which is a paid facility for the citizens.ย 

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Through SMS for Track Passport Status

The final way for introverts who want no-talking solutions to check passport status time-to-time is via SMS. The task an applicant needs to do is send an SMS in an appropriate format such as โ€œSTATUS FILE NUMBERโ€ on 9704 100 100. However, this is not a toll-free service but needs a registered mobile number which is the sole requirement to check passport status. This also needs to be acquired while applying for the passport application.ย 

  • This mobile application can also track the delivery status of the passports that have already been dispatched.

Track the Passport Dispatch and Delivery Status

Tracking of passport status online is the instant way to know when and where your passport has been reached. Regarding the dispatch and delivery status of the document, one may avail of any of the above-given solutions such as Passport Seva Portal, mPassport Seva App and calling the official toll-free number.ย 

End Thoughts

We have discussed almost all possible grounds for Passport status checking methods. The applicant has learned lately to access real-time updates regarding such crucial documents. Due to the digital era, success can be witnessed easily in how people can often access anything and everything from their end without executive interference. Thereby, the applicants can raise their complaints regarding their passport to be issued on the promised time or even the mistakes if found from their home.

FAQ’s about Passport Status

Q1. How can I check to see the status of my passport?

The applicant can easily check passport status through various methods offered in an offline or online mode such as via Passport Seva Portal, mPassport app, or even call and SMS at the official number provided to the customers.

Q2. How can you track when you get your passport?

Through the Passport Seva Portal and mPassport app, an applicant can instantly discover when their passport will be delivered in real-time.

Q3. How many days will it take to get a passport?

A passport hardly takes 30 working days to get delivered to the applicant which is freshly issued.

Q4. How do I complain about a delayed passport?

One may talk to the executive at the toll-free number about the delay in delivery of the passport. They may also raise a ticket on Passport Seva Portal easily to claim their earliest delivery to be made.

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