PUC Pollution Certificate: How To Apply, Cost, Criteria & Status

Pollution Certificate

Pollution has been the worst environmental issue that has taken the earth down. Where else does an issue arise with the emissions from the vehicles? Henceforth, we ought to know how to cooperate with the government to keep our pollution certificate updated. Here are some tips and tricks about how to go about the whole process.

About Pollution Certificate

Pollution Under Control is referred to as PUC. Your car’s carbon emissions and whether or not they fall within allowable limits are indicated by a PUC certificate. You must visit any authorised PUC testing centre or a gas pump to obtain a new pollution control certificate. After the old pollution control certificate expires, you have up to seven days to renew it. Before your current PUC certificate expires, you can also reinstate it. Suppose your vehicle does not pass the PUC test. In that case, it indicates that your four-wheel drive vehicle is making a larger than usual macro-environmental contribution to the planet’s problems.

Pollution Certificate Application

There are two methods to apply and update your pollution certificate. Here are enlisted both ways for your pollution certificate application:

Offline Method

  • Find a Testing Centre: Locate an authorised emission testing centre near you. Find using government websites, online directories, or simply asking around.
  • Prepare your Documents: Keep your vehicle registration document and identification proof handy. Some centres could require insurance papers as well.
  • Get Tested: Drive your vehicle to the centre and wait for the technician to test its emissions using a special probe inserted into the exhaust pipe. They will analyse the gases emitted and compare them to set standards.
  • Pay the Fee: Once the test is complete, pay the required fee, which usually varies depending on your location and vehicle type.
  • Receive your Certificate: If your vehicle passes the test, you will receive your PUC certificate. If it fails, you must get the issue addressed and retested before obtaining the certificate.

Online Method

  • Check online Availability: Some regions offer online applications for PUC certificates. Check your local government’s website or transport department portal for online options.
  • Enter Vehicle Details: Provide your vehicle registration number, chassis number (last few digits), and other required information on the online platform.
  • Pay the Fee: Make the payment through the secure online portal using your preferred method.
  • Download or Print the Certificate: Once the payment is confirmed, you might be able to download or print your PUC certificate directly from the platform.

Where Can You Find RTO-Approved PUCs?

There are a few places where you can find RTO-approved PUCs. These include – 

Online Platforms

  • Parivahan Sewa: The official government portal for RTO-related services lets you locate approved PUC centres across India. Simply visit https://puc[dot]parivahan[dot]gov[dot]in/puc/views/PucCertificate.xhtml, choose your state and office, and voila! A list of authorised centres with addresses and contact details pops up.
  • State RTO Websites: Many state RTOs also maintain their online portals with similar PUC centre search functions. Search for your state RTO website and navigate to the “PUC” section to find the search feature.

Mobile Apps

  • mParivahan App: This official app by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways lets you access RTO services on the go. Download the app, select your state, and find approved PUC centres near you.
  • Other State RTO Apps: Some state RTOs have their apps with PUC centre search functionalities. Check your state RTO website or app store for options.

Offline Alternatives

  • Ask Local Mechanics or Petrol Pumps: Mechanics and petrol pump personnel are usually familiar with nearby RTO-approved PUC centres. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations.
  • Look for RTO Signage: Keep an eye out for the official RTO logo and signage displayed at authorised PUC centres.

How to Check the Status of PUC Pollution Certificate?

Are you wondering if your Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate is still valid? Don’t sweat it, checking its status is easier than navigating rush hour traffic! Here are a few ways to get on it.

  • Parivahan Sewa: This official government portal is your go-to detective tool. Just head to https://puc[dot]parivahan[dot]gov[dot]in/ and enter your vehicle’s registration number and the last five digits of its chassis number. Your certificate’s validity and details will appear on the  screen.
  • State RTO Websites: Many state RTOs have their websites with similar online verification options. Find your state RTO website, navigate to the “PUC” section, and unleash your inner digital sleuth.
  • mParivahan: This handy app by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways lets you access your PUC details on the go. Download it, choose your state, and enter your vehicle information. Your certificate’s status will be revealed in a flash!
  • State RTO Apps: Check if your state RTO has its app with PUC verification features. These apps can be your pocket-sized detectives, ready to uncover your certificate’s secrets anytime, anywhere.
  • RTO Helpline: Most states have dedicated RTO helplines to assist with vehicle-related queries. Dial the helpline number, provide your vehicle details, and let the friendly operators unravel the mystery of your PUC status.

How to Download PUC Pollution Certificate?

You can download your pollution certificate from the following applications and websites:

  • mParivahan App – Download this app from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for quick access to your vehicle details. Choose your state and enter your vehicle information to access your PUC certificate.
  • Parivahan Sewa – This is an official government portal which is another one-stop shop for all vehicle-related information in India. Head to the website https://puc[dot]parivahan[dot]gov[dot]in/ and the certificate will be in your hands.
  • RTO State Websites – You can get a downloading option from various RTO websites if you search for it over the net. 

How to Renew the Pollution Certificate?

If your PUC is expiring soon or has expired, don’t wait until the last minute! Renew your certificate well before the expiry to avoid fines and hassle. Gather all the necessary documents. These include your valid PUC certificate, vehicle registration document, and driver’s license. Some centres might ask for insurance papers too.

Several ways are available for the renewal of a pollution certificate. These include – 

  • Authorised PUC Centres: Look for centres displaying the official RTO authorization sign. You can find them online through Parivahan Sewa (https://puc[dot]parivahan[dot]gov[dot]in/) or your state RTO website. Mobile apps like mParivahan can also help locate nearby centres.
  • Authorised Petrol Pumps: Many petrol pumps now offer PUC renewal services. Check your preferred pump or ask around – convenience awaits!
  • Drive your vehicle to the chosen centre.
  • Present your Documents: The staff will verify them and confirm your vehicle’s eligibility for renewal.
  • Relax and Recharge: The technicians will perform an emission test using specialized equipment. This usually takes just a few minutes.
  • Pay the Fees: Fees may vary based on your vehicle type and location. Payment options are usually available at the centre.

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Validity of Pollution Certificate

The validity of the pollution certificate is 6 months. You need to renew your pollution certificate after every six months to avoid challans imposed by the government.

Charges for Pollution Certificate

Some charges have to be paid at the time of getting the test done which depends on the date on which you are resolving the updates to your pollution certificate. Rupees 60 have to be paid if you are updating your pollution certificate within the stipulated time, while rupees 100 will have to be paid if you are delayed on your renewal.

Penalties Associated with Absence of the Latest Pollution Certificate

Every individual who is the owner of a vehicle is required by the Motor Vehicles Act of India to obtain a PUC certificate and to update it before its expiration date. Section 190(2) of the Motor Vehicles Act stipulates that breaking the pollution control board’s rules and regulations can result in penalties of Rs. 1000 for a first offence and Rs. 2000 for subsequent violations. However, the exact amount of the fine varies depending on the state.

How to Add Pollution Certificate in the Digilocker App?

In case you wish to add your pollution certificate to your Digilocker, here are some steps that you can follow to go ahead with the procedure:

  • Visit the Digilocker website.
  • Log in to your account for the initial access. There is also a provision for you in case you wish to create a brand new account for yourself. 
  • Click on the section labelled “Issues Documents.”
  • The “Check Partners” option needs to be selected from the menu.
  • Choose “Emission Certificate” from the field labelled “Document Type.”
  • Select “Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, All States” from the drop-down menu located next to the labelled option “Partner Name.”
  • Then choose “Emission Certificate” from “Document Type.”
  • Fill in your vehicle number to incorporate the pollution certificate into the Digilocker.

You can have access to the pollution certificate anywhere and anytime on Digilocker once you have added to it. Just download the certificate and you are ready to go.


To sum up, we now know how essential it is for all of us to keep our pollution certificate updated and renewed within a certain time limit. Here, you will find almost all the information regarding the process of application, renewal, updation, penalties and charges, etc. The most interesting part is that you can have the renewal and updation both online and offline. Certain charges have to be paid by you at the time of renewal or if by any chance you have missed it, the penalty will apply. Thus, keep caution, and help the environment breathe.

FAQ’s about PUC Certificate

Q1. How can I get a pollution certificate in India?

You have to apply for it at any pollution testing centre. Once applied you can get it there and then after some time or else you can download it from the Parivahan Application.

Q2. How long is the pollution certificate valid in India?

In India, the Pollution Certificate is valid for up to 6 months from the date of issue.

Q3. What is the fine for a no-pollution certificate in India?

There is a fine of Rs.1,000 for the first time and Rs.2,000 for the subsequent times of not having the certificate.

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