Johnny Depp’s Homes: An Erudite Collection of Mansions, Islands and a Village

Johnny Depp's House

‘People cry not because they are weak, but because they have been strong for too long. ‘

Johnny Depp is a well-known face in the Hollywood industry and is always in demand because of his extraordinary performances. Some may know him as Captain Jack Sparrow, and some may know him as Sweeny Todd. The actor became a notable face in the industry after his outstanding performance in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. With a net worth of $ 100 million, Johnny Depp’s houses represent his lavish lifestyle.

An actor who is, he is as experimental with his craft as with his properties. To Johnny Depp, the definition of a house does not limit to just mansions or apartments but extends to luxury paradise islands, gothic architecture, and villages.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the various properties of Mr Jack Sparrow in this article.

Johnny Depp’s House in Hollywood Hills

Johnny Depp’s house in Hollywood is an abstract amalgamation of five mansions. This is where the actor mostly spends his days. The actor has spent about $19 million on all of these homes.

Reports also suggested that Johnny was willing to form a tunnel under the surface that would connect all the houses with his main house, where he mostly resides. These houses in total cover an area of around 7,430 sq. feet.

Source: Google Maps

The house has 8 bedrooms along with 10 bathrooms. The interior of the house is designed as per signature gothic. The house has a big swimming pool along with a huge yard and parking areas.

Interesting Fact: It is assumed that all these 5 houses collectively have about 35 to 40 bedrooms and somewhere around 40 to 50 bathrooms.

Kentucky Ranch

Source: Vocal

Kentucky Ranch is located in Lexington in Kentucky, which is just two miles away from the Keeneland Racecourse. This ranch is made on a total land area of 41 acres.

This apartment is said to have 3 barns along with 15 stalls and 10 water paddocks. Apart from this, the property also consists of a guest house and a manager quarter.

On the other hand, the main property has 6 bedrooms along with 7 bathrooms, a dining room, a bar, and a huge hall-like area where the family gathers for some fun time. This area is further connected to the sunroom.

Additionally, the house also has a pool, a separate entertainment room, and a garage that occupies 4 cars at a time.

To enjoy his weekends with his friends, Depp also has a separate compound that consists of a guest cabin housing a 1 bedroom-bathroom cabin, along with living and kitchen space.

But later, it was reported that the actor had sold his property.

A Count of 5 Penthouse


By now, it is understandable that when buying a property, Depp does not compromise on personal space and prefers to have almost the entire area or floor under his name. And the same goes for when he bought his penthouse.

Like in Hollywood Hills, Johnny Depp’s house in Los Angeles is not just one penthouse but a collection of five with a breathtaking roof and a swimming pool. These penthouses were bought between 2007 and 2008, which cost him $ 7.2 million, but when counted together, the total worth for these penthouses comes out to be $ 12.78 million.

The penthouses are situated in the ‘Art Deco-Style Eastern Columbia Building’ in LA. He thought of joining these penthouses for a long time to make it into one superstructure. The penthouse covers an area of 11,500 sq. feet that collectively has 9 bedrooms and 14-bathrooms (which has a zebra wallpaper attached to it). 

One of the rooms in these penthouses has also been transformed into an art studio, and the other has been assigned as a guest room. Apart from this, the collection of penthouses also incorporates 5 kitchens in total.

Somerset Mansion: Johnny Depp’s House in England

Source: Vocal

Another of Johnny Depp’s mansions is located in England, near Quantock Hills in Kingston St. Mary. It is known as the Somerset Mansion. 

The 150-year-old mansion is made on 850 acres of land. Although this Johnny Depp house was worth $2.5million when purchased, the actor had to spend an extra $5 million on its renovation. The Somerset Mansion consists of 12-bedrooms along with 8-bathrooms.

Johnny Depp’s Island

In the eccentric collection of Johnny Depp’s homes, next in line is the very beautiful Little Halls Pond Cay Island in the Bahamas. It is located in Exuma Land and Sea Park, which is also known to be the 1st protected reserve in the entire world.

Source: Vocal

Reports suggest that Depp bought this island in 2004 for about $ 3.6 million. He spotted this paradise while shooting for Pirates of the Caribbean. Now, that’s definitely what Jack Sparrow would have done.

With a 360 degrees panoramic view of the sapphire Caribbean and azure sky, every sight of this island is to die for! Depp also owns another neighbouring island in this location, known as the Osprey Bird Rock Island.  

The other beautiful aspect of this island is its pure, white sandy beaches, clean water, palm trees, and the luxurious solar-powered accommodation of the star himself. All the 6 beaches on the island were named after the names of his children. He even got married on this island and held multiple gatherings with close friends and family.

Johnny Depp’s House in France

Image : Gibson Sotheby’s

When you think of a house, you might imagine a property with several rooms with a roof or a garden, maybe. To Johnny Depp, a house can also be an entire village. Johnny Depp’s house in France is neither a ranch nor a mansion but a village.

This village is located in ‘Plan De La Tour’, 10 miles away from the yacht harbour in Saint Tropez, in the south of France. Depp bought this property in 2016. The purchasing cost of this village is not known, but he invested about $10 million in renovating the place as it originally was during the 1800s.

Key Features of Johnny Depp’s Village

  • The village includes all the 19th century small Provençal houses along with 12 structures that cover 10,000 sq. feet.
  • It consists of 15 bedrooms along with 14 bathrooms.
  • The main house in the village is made on an area of 4,300 sq. feet. It includes 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.
  • On the other hand, the guest room consists of a bathroom and a kitchen.
  • The main house also has a big swimming pool on the rooftop.
  • One of the main house rooms has also been transformed into an art studio.
  • Johnny Depp also has a private restaurant known as Café Marcheline in the village.

Interesting Facts About Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s homes are not just bizarre but extravagant and definitely alluring. While his delightfully charming persona is reflected through his “humble” abodes, there is more to the man than meets the eye. So, let’s look at some of the rare facts about Johnny Depp that we did not know about before.   

  • Nicolas Cage was the person who actually convinced Johnny Depp to become an actor.
  • Johnny Depp also likes to play the guitar for Hollywood Vampire movies.
  • The Viper Room was co-owned by Johnny Depp.
  • Johnny Depp donated his entire earning of Doctor Parnassus to Ledger’s daughter.
  • The actor keeps his ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ costume with him.
  • Reports suggest that Johnny Depp has spent $ 5 million in Thompson’s ashes from Cannon.

Johnny Depp’s Networth

Instagram:- Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp being one of the highest-paid artists in the entire world holds a net worth of US $75 Million per year. To date, the actor’s film has managed to earn over $ 3.4 billion (in America) and around $ 8.7 billion at the box office all over the world

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many houses does Johnny Depp have?

Johnny Depp has 5 mansions that are located in Hollywood Hills. Apart from that, Johnny Depp owns various properties over the coast.

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Did Johnny Depp buy a house in Nashville?

Yes. The worth of Johnny Depp’s house in Nashville was $ 17.5 million when bought.

Where does Johnny Depp live now?

Johnny Depp is mostly seen spending his time in the Hollywood Hills mansion.

What island does Johnny Depp own?

Johnny Depp owns an island named Little Hall Pond Cay Island, located in the Bahamas. Apart from that, he also owns Osprey Bird Rock Island.

Is Johnny Depp married?

Currently, Johnny Deep is not married.

Where does Johnny Depp belong?

Johnny Depp belonged to Owensboro, Kentucky.

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