Superwoman AKA Lilly Singh’s Eccentric Dreamy House

Lilly Singh House

From having quirky wall accents to showing her love for Bob Marley’s song with its lyrics painted on the walls, our very own Superwoman, aka Lilly Singh’s house in Los Angeles, is indeed a sweet spot and a true reflection of her optimistic and zippy personality.

A powerhouse of talent, Lilly Singh is the New Year Times best-selling author, highest-earning YouTuber star, comedian, actress and night talk show host; all the achievements and milestones are an added feather in her cap.

Lilly Singh revealed that moving to Los Angeles gave her a cultural shock but now that she is a self-made woman, it gives her the right to live life on her own terms while keeping her Indianness intact.

Lilly’s life journey, optimistic approach, and love for boldness are quite evident in her abode too. Sprawling over 6,361 square feet, Lilly Singh’s house incorporates five bedrooms and, oddly, six and a half bathrooms along with a swimming pool for taking a relaxing dip and an elevator for connecting all the floors. Singh never fails to mention her paw-friend Scarbro, who also happens to share the cosy place with her.

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Without further ado, let’s dig in to find what else Lilly Singh’s house has on the cards for her viewers and admirers.

Yellow, Yellow, Lilly’s Favourite Fellow!

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The first eye-catcher in her opulent abode is the living room wall which is coloured in bright hues of yellow. Adding to the charm is a plush grey couch with cushions showcasing some cheeky one-liners and quirky patterns and shapes. To complete the welcoming vibe of the bedroom space, she adds a white coffee table and geometrically patterned rug. Don’t forget to spot a superhero painting behind the sofa, which mirrors her belief that anyone can be their own superhero.

Lilly Singh’s Little ‘Unicorn Island’

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Not even a pandemic can stop Lilly Singh from reaching out to her followers and creating fun content for them. Scrolling through her Instagram profile, you will find the shutterbug in all corners of the place; nevertheless, there is a dedicated office space in her home too. The area welcomes you with a signboard of ‘Welcome Unicorn Island’, and the wall behind her desk showcases a superwoman logo light fixture.

Writing Corner Doubles Up as Shooting Corner

Source: Youtube

Moving ahead and climbing a few stairs, you will cross Lilly’s writing corner, which also has a tripod stand and camera, evidently making it her shooting corner too. This area has a major wall that is dedicated to her favourite movies and sitcoms. Singh shows her passion for them by placing the posters of shows like Friends, Mean Girls, Game of Thrones, The Simpsons, Edge of Seventeen, and a lot of others. Aren’t all these a perfect watch for that lazy afternoon?

Let’s Take You to Lilly’s Candy Shop

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The kitchen that opens up as a dining area leaves no stone unturned in keeping the optimistic vibe of the house intact. Huge white cabinets and an island centre table with bold yellow seating makes the place look nothing less than heaven. Beautiful pendant light fixtures hang from the wall above the dining table, and windows coupled with it keep the place well-lit. But, apart from these elements, one cannot skip noticing Singh’s refrigerator. Both the doors of her refrigerator have polaroids of celebrities that she has encountered throughout the years. We spotted Cardi B and Queen B. Whom did you spot?

Marley on Her Bedroom Wall

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Expecting a minimalistic vibe in the bedroom with a house that has a yellow living room and multi-coloured office space will not be the right choice. Lilly Singh’s house has some of the bold and out-of-the-box elements, and one such can be found in her bedroom as well. While the three walls are fuchsia coloured, one is left white, which has the lyrics of ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley written on it. The overall vibe of the bedroom is balanced with the bed that has a mustard headboard and maroon coloured carpet to complement the bedside tables.

A Zazzy All-White Bathroom

The only corner of Singh’s house that speaks minimalism is her bathroom. With pristine white marble walls that complement the grey flooring perfectly, the space is undoubtedly aesthetically appealing. A space that’s crystal clean and hints at muted space is inclusive of both a bathtub and a shower area. This area has also been the backdrop for some of her famous photoshoots.

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A new prospect has been added to Lilly Singh’s house, a swanky pad that is set up solely for the purpose of filming and the expenses of this swanky mansion are completely borne by NBC.

Wait, There’s More to Lilly Singh’s Home!

An abode featuring a treehouse, a swing, and a full bar!

This beautifully designed house serves as a set to shoot season two of “A Little Late with Lilly Singh”. Our superwoman is pepped-up to shoot in this epic setting.

Well, one cannot resist noticing the 2D-cloud installation that lit up the living room’s back wall. House pictures depict a corner with an indoor swing hanging from the ceiling, and she perfectly displays the artwork of Scarbro in the same living area. Not to forget a wooden bar that has ‘Chak De’ written on the back shelf, which in Punjabi means ‘Raise the Roof’ and isn’t she already raising it?


In her new abode, she boasts a huge wall of kicks because let us just agree, what is life without some major kicks? And the backyard is predominantly dominated by a lagoon-style pool and spa, but one feature that is eye-grabbing is the treehouse. Apparently, the writers of Singh’s show will be having their work time while being in that treehouse.

By shattering the glass ceiling, Lilly Singh raises her strong voice against patriarchal norms and educates youth about gender equality, sexuality and mental health. She has earned all the fandom solely with her talent and electric energy. Having a net-worth of $20 million, this mogul’s mansion is quite a sight to behold. Well, to take a look at the house, it is never a little late with Lilly Singh!

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