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1 Crore is equal to 10.00 Million

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A crore is a unit in the Indian numbering system equal to 10 million. It means that one crore represents 10,000,000 numerically. When converting from crores to millions, the process is straightforward because both terms are used to express large quantities. To convert crores to millions, simply multiply the number of crores by 10. 

For example, if you want to convert 5 crores into millions, multiply 5 by 10 to get 50 million. This conversion is useful for comparing figures in Indian contexts with international financial terms, making it easier to understand large numbers across different financial systems.

This blog will help you understand the two terms and how to convert crores to millions with easy examples.

An Overview of Crore

A crore is a term used in India and other South Asian countries to represent a large number, 10 million. It’s a part of the Indian number system where large numbers are grouped differently than in the Western system. For example, while the Western system groups numbers in thousands, millions, and billions, the Indian system uses thousands, lakhs (1 lakh equals 100,000), and crores. So, when someone says one crore, they refer to 10 million units. This makes it a common term in financial and population statistics in these regions.

What is a Million? 

A million is a number that equals one thousand thousand, or 1,000,000. It’s a large number commonly used to count or measure the population in cities, money in bank accounts, or views on a YouTube video. In everyday life, talking about millions helps us understand quantities too large to imagine easily. For example, if a city has a population of 3 million people, it means there are 3,000,000 individuals living there. This unit of measurement is widely used worldwide and helps compare and analyse larger quantities.

How to Convert 1 Crore in Million

As we know, 1 Crore can be written as-

1 Crore = 1,00,00,000 and 1 Million = 1,000,000. 

So, the question is- how to convert 1 Crore in Million? Let us find that-

Since 1 Crore = 1,00,00,000 and 1 Million = 1,000,000 i.e. the number of zeroes in one Million is 6 while in a Crore, it is 7. Hence, it depicts that 1 Crore = 10 Million. 

Therefore, 1 Crore is equal to ten Million. 

If you want to convert Crores to Millions, then simply multiply the given value of Crore by ten Million.

The Formula for 1 Crore in Million Conversion

For the conversion of Crores to Millions, simply put the value of Crores in the formula given below:

Millions = Given values of Cr x 10 Million.

Let us now solve a few examples using this formula. 

Example 1: Convert 2 Crores in Million

Sol: As per the formula,

Crores to Million = Given values of Crores x 10 Million 

Therefore, 2 Cr in Million = 2 x 10 Million = 20 Million. 

2 Crores = 20 Million. 

Therefore, 2 Crores is equivalent to Twenty Million. 

Example 2: Convert 15 Crores in Million

Sol: Following the same formula as above, we can convert 15.5 Crores in Million.

Therefore, 15 Cr in Million = 15 x 10 Million 

So, 15 Cr = 15 Million

Therefore, 15 Crores is equivalent to Fifteen Million. 

How many Zeros are There in a Crore?

1 Crore = 1,00,00,000

From the above notation, we can conclude that there are a total of seven zeroes in a Crore. 

Crore in Million Conversion Table

Crores to Millions Crores to Millions Crores to Millions
1 Crore is equal to 10 Million 21 Crore is equal to 210 Million 41 Crore is equal to 410 Million
2 Crore is equal to 20 Million 22 Crore is equal to 220 Million 42 Crore is equal to 420 Million
3 Crore is equal to 30 0 Million 23 Crore is equal to 230 Million 43 Crore is equal to 430 Million
4 Crore is equal to 40 Million 24 Crore is equal to 240 Million 44 Crore is equal to 440 Million
5 Crore is equal to 50 Million 25 Crore is equal to 250 Million 45 Crore is equal to 450 Million
6 Crore is equal to 60 Million 26 Crore is equal to 260 Million 46 Crore is equal to 460 Million
7 Crore is equal to 70 Million 27 Crore is equal to 270 Million 47 Crore is equal to 470 Million
8 Crore is equal to 80 Million 28 Crore is equal to 280 Million 48 Crore is equal to 480 Million
9 Crore is equal to 90 Million 29 Crore is equal to 290 Million 49 Crore is equal to 490 Million
10 Crore is equal to 100 Million 30 Crore is equal to 300 Million 50 Crore is equal to 500 Million
11 Crore is equal to 110 Million 31 Crore is equal to 310 Million 52 Crore is equal to 520 Million
12 Crore is equal to 120 Million 32 Crore is equal to 320 Million 54 Crore is equal to 540 Million
13 Crore is equal to 130 Million 33 Crore is equal to 330 Million 55 Crore is equal to 550 Million
14 Crore is equal to 140 Million 34 Crore is equal to 340 Million 56 Crore is equal to 560 Million
15Crore is equal to 150 Million 35 Crore is equal to 350 Million 58 Crore is equal to 580 Million
16 Crore is equal to 160 Million 36 Crore is equal to 360 Million 60 Crore is equal to 600 Million
17 Crore is equal to 170 Million 37 Crore is equal to 370 Million 70 Crore is equal to 700 Million
18 Crore is equal to 180 Million 38 Crore is equal to 380 Million 80 Crore is equal to 800 Million
19 Crore is equal to 190 Million 39 Crore is equal to 390 Million 90 Crore is equal to 900 Million
20 Crore is equal to 200 Million 40 Crore is equal to 400 Million 100 Crore is equal to 1000 Million

Detailed Examples of 1 Crore in Million Conversion

To ensure that you have completely understood the process of conversion, we have covered a few more examples on how to convert Crore in Millions:

Example 1: Convert 15 Cr in Millions

Solution: Since 1 Crore is equal to 100 Million

So, the value of 15 Crore in Million will be calculated as follows:

15 Crores = 15 x 10 Millions

15 Crores = 150 Millions

Therefore, we can say that 15 Crores is equal to One Hundred Fifty Million.

Example 2: What is the value of 20 Crores in Millions?

Solution: As already mentioned above, 1 Crore = 10 Million

Thus, 20 Cr into Millions = 20 x 10 Millions = 200 Million

Hence, 20 Cr = 200 Million.

Example 3: Convert 18 Crores in Million

Solution: Following the same formula as above, we can convert 18 Cr in M. 

Thus, 18 Cr into Millions = 18 x 10 Millions = 180 Million.

Hence, 18 Crores is equivalent to One Hundred Eighty Million. 

Difference Between Crores and Millions

Both Crores and Millions are natural numbers. One is used in the Indian Numbering System while the other is used in the International Number System. Besides, they differ in value and are distinct from each other on various other grounds. Go through the table given below to explore more differences between Crores and Millions: 

Basis of Comparison Crores Millions
Definition A Crore is a natural number in an Indian Numbering System which is written as 1,00,00,000 and is equal to 10 Million. A Million is defined as a unit in the Indian Numbering System which is equal to 100,000, meaning one hundred thousand.
Symbol Cr Lac, L
Number of Zeroes 7 Zeroes 6 Zeroes
Use Crore is used as a unit in the Indian Number System.  A Million is used as a unit in the International Number System. 
Value 1 Cr is equal to 10 Million 1 Million is equal to 0.1 Cr
Origin The term “Crore” originates from Krodi, the Prakrit word, which is further derived from the Sanskrit word Koti. The term “Million” originates from the Italian word “Milione” and another word “mille” which is Latin, along with One- the augmentative suffix. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the value of 1 Million?

Ans: The value of 1 Million is equivalent to 0.1 Crores in the Indian Number System and one thousand thousand.

Q2. Which is bigger 1 Crore or 1 Million?

Ans: 1 Crore is bigger than 1 Million as it has more zeroes.

Q3. How many Crores are equal to 10 Million?

Ans: According to the definition and number of zeroes, 10 Million is equal to 1 Crore.

Q4. How many Crores are there in 15 Million?

Ans: As we know, 1 Crore = 10 Million. Hence, 1 Million = 0.1 Cr.
Therefore, 15 Million = 15 x 0.1 Cr = 1.5 Crores.
This implies that there are 1.5 Cr in 15 M.

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