BOB Share Price: Stock Analysis, History, and Forecast

bank of baroda share price

If you are an investor or a trader, you would understand that every stock in the market fights the game of volatility. One day or other, each of them has to lose and play again to win. The stock prices vary in a blink of an eye, and the Bank of Baroda Share Price is no exception. Currently, the price of this stock is swinging between ₹ 80 and ₹ 120. 

To know how this particular stock has been performing for the past few years, who all are included in the management team, whether you should invest it or not, or for other detailed insight into the Bank of Baroda share rate, keep scrolling!

Bank of Baroda (BOB) Share Price History

Before we delve into anything else, let us have a glance through the BoB share price history table for the past three months:

Date Price (₹) Open (₹) High (₹) Low (₹)
Mar-31 111.60 112.75 113.40 111.10
Mar-30 114.00 112.75 114.95 112.05
Mar-29 111.55 112.50 113.10 110.70
Mar-28 111.95 108.95 112.35 107.30
Mar-25 108.50 106.75 109.00 106.30
Mar-24 106.15 105.45 108.00 105.05
Mar-23 106.25 107.25 109.15 105.90
March-22 106.80 106.20 107.45 103.50
Mar-21 106.50 107.90 108.35 105.75
Mar-17 107.95 109.75 109.80 107.45
Mar-16 107.70 107.50 108.70 106.95
Mar-15 105.90 107.40 108.90 105.25
Mar-14 106.90 104.95 107.50 103.55
Mar-11 104.40 101.80 104.70 100.95
Mar-10 101.85 102.20 105.45 101.20
Mar-9 98.85 98.00 99.20 96.70
Mar-8 97.45 93.70 98.55 92.20
Mar-7 92.80 98.10 100.50 91.00
Mar-4 100.55 100.55 103.15 100.05
March-3 102.60 104.50 105.30 102.15
Mar-2 103.10 105.95 106.40 101.75
Feb-28 106.55 104.50 108.00 104.10
Feb-25 106.80 104.00 108.65 103.05
Feb-24 100.50 102.80 105.60 100.10
Feb 23, 2022 107.75 105 108.95 104.85
Feb 22, 2022 104.85 101.2 105.8 99.05
Feb 21, 2022 103.75 105.35 106.1 102.8
Feb 18, 2022 105.35 105.3 107.7 105
Feb 17, 2022 105.7 108.1 108.3 105.4
Feb 16, 2022 107 111.05 111.25 106.65
Feb 15, 2022 110.15 106.6 110.5 104.05
Feb 14, 2022 106.1 109 110.4 105.25
Feb 11, 2022 113.55 113.7 115.45 112.5
Feb 10, 2022 114.7 115.4 116.4 113.6
Feb 09, 2022 114.85 118.5 118.8 114.5
Feb 08, 2022 117.95 114 118.3 111.5
Feb 07, 2022 112.95 108.8 117.2 108.25
Feb 04, 2022 106.55 109.8 111.35 106.15
Feb 03, 2022 109.55 109.1 111.9 108.5
Feb 02, 2022 109.4 106.85 110.2 106.2
Feb 01, 2022 106.15 108.6 109.3 102.4
Jan 31, 2022 107.55 103.95 108.4 103.05
Jan 28, 2022 103.3 104.45 106.5 102.75
Jan 27, 2022 103.5 97 104 96.1
Jan 25, 2022 98.5 92 99.7 91.55
Jan 24, 2022 92.6 92.3 93.6 90.7
Jan 21, 2022 92.7 95.6 95.7 91.55
Jan 20, 2022 96.7 95.95 97.5 95.55
Jan 19, 2022 95.85 92.25 96.35 91.5
Jan 18, 2022 92.25 93.85 95.9 91.7
Jan 17, 2022 93.75 93.15 94.7 93.15
Jan 14, 2022 93.6 93.1 94.6 92.95
Jan 13, 2022 93.9 92.6 94.65 92.2
Jan 12, 2022 92.75 92.6 93.5 92.1
Jan 11, 2022 92.2 92.2 92.95 91.3
Jan 10, 2022 92.15 88.1 92.45 87.7
Jan 07, 2022 87.6 87.1 88.55 86.5
Jan 06, 2022 86.6 83.45 87.3 83.25
Jan 05, 2022 84.9 83.8 85.85 83.45
Jan 04, 2022 83.9 84.1 84.65 83.1
Jan 03, 2022 83.8 81.6 84.1 81.6

As you can notice, the stock of Bank of Baroda hit 52-week highs of ₹ 118.8 in February. However, it gradually went down and is currently trading at ₹ 111.65. 

While it may seem that the stock isn’t performing well, if you look at the beginning of the year, the stock price was ₹ 83.8. Comparatively, the stock is doing better now. 

Glance through the graph below to have a better insight into BOB’s historical stock prices:

bank of baroda stock chart

Source: Moneycontrol

As you can see the stock price of BoB was the lowest in September 2021. Gradually, it reached to hit the mark of over ₹ 105 in November and since then, it kept fluctuating to and fro. 

Bank of Baroda Share Price

At the time of writing this blog, i.e., on 1st April 2022, Bank of Baroda’s share price NSE stood at ₹ 116 at 15.59 Hours. While Bank of Baroda’s share price BSE stood at ₹ 115.95 at 16.01 Hours. 

Given below is the table representing BOB share price and details at the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE):

Particulars  NSE BSE
Previous Close ₹ 111.60 ₹ 111.60
Open ₹ 111.60 ₹ 112.70
High ₹ 116.40 ₹ 115.95
UC Limit ₹ 122.75 ₹ 127.50
LC Limit ₹ 100.45 ₹ 104.40
52-Week High ₹ 118.80 ₹ 118.85
52-Week Low ₹ 61.75 ₹ 61.80

Company Information

Bank of Baroda, also known as BoB or BOB, is India’s nationalised banking and financial services provider. The company is headquartered in the city of Vadodara, India. The company records an entire business of US$218 billion with a global presence of 100 overseas offices. 

Bank of Baroda is the fourth largest nationalised bank with a whopping 132 million customers. As per 2019 data, the bank was ranked 1145 on the Forbes Global 2000 list. 

It was founded by Sayajirao Gaekwad III, the Maharaja of Baroda, on 20 July 1908 in the Princely State of Baroda, Gujarat. The bank received the title of nationalised besides 13 other major commercial banks of India by the government of India in July 1969. The bank was appointed as a profit-making PSU (Public Sector Undertaking). 

History of Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda was founded more than a century ago by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III, the Maharaja of Baroda, on 20 July 1908. It was established with a paid-up capital of ₹ 1 million. The Bank opened its first branch in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in 1910. 

The bank burgeoned domestically until after World War II. Then, in 1953, it traversed the Indian Ocean to serve the Indian communities in Kenya and Uganda by setting up a branch each in Mombasa and Kampala. 

The bank established its second branch in Kenya, in Nairobi. In 1956, it opened its other branch in Tanzania at Dar-es-Salaam. A year later, BOB stepped its big foot forward by launching a branch in London in 1957. The next year, Bank of Baroda acquired Hindi Bank, its first domestic acquisition. 

Key Milestones Achieved by BOB

1908: The Bank was established at Mandvi, Baroda, by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad

1910: First branch at Ahmedabad, Gujarat

1919: First branch in Mumbai, Maharashtra

1937: First branch at Kolkata, West Bengal

1949: First branch in Delhi

1953: First overseas branch at Mombassa, Kenya

1957: Began its operations in the United Kingdom in London

1968: Established department of agriculture finance

1969: The bank was nationalised. The “Bank of Baroda Ltd.” changed to “Bank of Baroda.”

1976: Established the first of its 19 regional rural branches

1996: Became one of the first nationalised Banks to enter the capital market through the public issue of equity shares

2002: Relocated its corporate headquarters to the imposing Baroda Corporate Centre at Bandra-Kurla Complex in Mumbai

2003: Established Baroda Swarajgar Vikas Sansthan- An exclusive institution for rural youth training.

2004-06: Strategic tie-ups with life insurance companies for Bancassurance (National Insurance/HDFC Standard).

2005: Launched the new corporate identity- The Baroda Sun, signed a contract with HP as a technology partner and commissioned a state-of-the-art Global Data Centre. 

2006: Launched India’s first retail loan factory-build around the assembly line production principle- an innovative Sales & Delivery Model.

2006-09: Strategic tie-ups with Asset Management Companies

2007: Opened first Gen-Next branch in India, a unique integration of “Hi-Tech and High-Touch” Bank dedicated to youth, 

Interconnect 24 hours ATM network, 

Launched Baroda Grameen Paramarsh Kendra (BGPK) in quest of Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Association with India Infoline for offering an Online Trading Platform for Equity and Derivatives Trading.

Set up a Joint Venture for Mutual Funds, “Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company Ltd.” with Pioneer Investments of Italy.

2007-08: Celebrated completion of 100 years of establishment- 100 years “Young” Organisation. 

2009: Launch of Bank’s BPR project- “Project – Navnirmaan” encompassing BPR and organisational restructuring and modernisation of Branches

100% implementation of Core Banking Solution- An “Any Time Anywhere Banking” facility (Domestic)

Launched a joint venture for life insurance, “IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company Ltd.” with Legal & General of UK and Andhra Bank.

2010: Establishment of Brand Mascot ‘Stickman’ encouraging usage of alternate delivery channels.

2011: Launched “Baroda M-Connect”- The mobile banking facility for banking transactions via mobile phone, 

Established Signature Tune to improve brand value by adding a sonic edge to the Brand.

A global network of 3500+ branched and 1700+ networked ATMs rendering an all-inclusive “Any Time Any Where Banking.”

2013: Opened 100th Overseas Branch in Dubai, established Pilot Agri Loan Factory and launched E-Lobby concept of 24×7 banking comprising several banking facilities under one roof.

2014: Establishment of Baroda Adarsh Grameen Branch- An innovative rural branch concept of engaging villagers, launched Door Step Banking Services, named Brand Mascot as BOBMitra- Dost You Can Bank On, more than 25000 customer touchpoints (5000+ Branches, 6250+ ATMs, 25 Countries). 

2019: Merged erstwhile Vijaya Bank and erstwhile Dena Bank with Bank of Baroda, launched Baroda Kisan application and rolled out Startup Banking initiative.

2020: Inaugurated Bank of Baroda IIT Bombay Innovation Centre and launched BarodaINSTASmartTrade.

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Management of Bank of Baroda

The bank has been operational for more than 110 years now, and it’s an outcome of its impeccable management. It is infused with well-experienced members who hold extensive knowledge of banking and financial institutions and are experts. The names and designations of the talented management team of Bank of Baroda are enlisted below:

Name Designation
Sanjiv Chadha Managing Director & CEO
Shanti Lal Jain Executive Director
Sharma Rajneesh Chief General Manager
Ajay K Khurana Executive Director
Malhotra Rajesh Chief General Manager
Menon Venugopal Chief General Manager
N Venugopal General Manager
Srivastava Sunil Kumar Chief General Manager
Vikramaditya Singh Khichi Executive Director
Yadav Ramjass Chief General Manager
Ajay Kumar Nominee Director
Amit Agrawal Government Nominee Director
Das Tapan Kumar General Manager
Debadatta Chand Executive Director
Desouza Ian Gerard Chief Financial Officer
Devarakonda Ananda Kumar General Manager
Dudeja Vineet Kumar Chief General Manager
Grover Sanjay Kumar General Manager
Gupta Sarvesh Kumar General Manager
Hasmukh Adhia Non-Executive Chairman
Namdeo Dinesh Kumar General Manager
P K Agarwal Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Pandey Archana General Manager
Rathi Prakash Vir Chief General Manager
Roy Joydeep Dutta Chief General Manager
Singh Sudhanshu Kumar General Manager
Soundara Kumar Shareholder Director
Srinivasan Sridhar Shareholder Director

Bank of Baroda Limited Company Location

Bank of Baroda has about 8,214 branches in India and worldwide. However, its registered office is in the city of Vadodara. Given below is the complete address of the bank’s head offices:

Head Office

Bank of Baroda

General Manager (Principal Nodal Officer)

Baroda Bhawan

7th floor, R.C. Dutt Road, Vadodara – 390007

Corporate Centre

Bank of Baroda

Baroda Corporate Centre, 

Plot No. C-26, Block G, 

Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), 

Mumbai 400051

BOB Company/ Stock Performance

Bank of Baroda registered over a two-fold jump in its net gain at ₹ 2,197 Crores in the third quarter of December 2021. The profits were recorded on higher net interest income (NII) and lower provisions. A year ago, the bank’s net profit was ₹ 1,061 Crores. 

Additionally, the bank’s operating profit also grew, though by a modest 8%, to ₹ 5,483 Crores against ₹ 5,084 Crores. A 64% dip in treasury income at ₹ 499 Crores dented the growth in operating profit. 

In the past 17 years, trading sessions witnessed intraday dips higher than 5%. Over the past 4-years, the gross NPA% of the bank and its Net NPA% have fallen continuously to 8.87% and 3.09%, respectively. 

The company has made an investment of ₹ 471.39 Crores in different activities, which is a YoY growth of 239.14%. 

Let’s scroll further for insight on returns and stock prices in the last two years. 

Bank of Baroda Limited Stock Returns in 2020 and 2021

The company has had a low return on equity of 1.73% for the last three years. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the company was performing well; however, in 2020, the share prices of Bank of Baroda took a big dip, and prices went as low as about ₹ 35. 

Let’s have a look at the table for a clearer picture of Bank of Baroda share prices:

Date Price (₹) Open (₹) High (₹) Low (₹)
Dec-21 81.95 86.60 95.30 77.05
Nov-21 85.75 98.40 108.00 85.05
Oct-21 97.50 81.45 103.75 80.00
Sep-21 81.75 77.20 86.65 76.70
Aug-21 77.35 80.95 85.40 72.50
Jul-21 80.30 86.35 87.20 76.90
Jun-21 85.90 81.05 88.90 77.05
May-21 80.70 65.95 84.60 64.35
Apr-21 66.75 74.80 77.40 61.75
Mar-21 74.10 85.40 87.80 68.00
Feb-21 85.40 68.95 99.85 67.70
Jan-21 68.05 61.80 80.80 61.60
Dec-20 61.45 51.55 68.25 51.15
Nov-20 51.35 42.10 52.50 41.85
Oct-20 41.70 41.35 45.55 39.90
Sep-20 41.05 49.50 49.80 39.50
Aug-20 48.95 46.45 53.95 45.65
Jul-20 46.80 48.65 54.10 45.45
Jun-20 48.60 39.70 54.80 39.40
May-20 38.95 48.00 48.00 36.00
Apr-20 49.20 54.00 54.35 46.10
Mar-20 53.55 77.50 78.35 46.50
Feb-20 76.30 92.70 93.25 73.30
Jan-20 92.70 102.25 104.85 92.00

As you can see in the table, the stock price of BOB was ₹ 92.70 at the beginning of the year 2020. But in the mid-year, the bank suffered a lot and prices went down to the lowest at ₹ 36. 

However, at the year-end, the Bank ultimately touched the ₹ 61.45 mark. 2021 had a better start and the price increased, albeit slowly but at least approached the mark of ₹ 95.30 in the end. 

Bank of Baroda Limited Listings and Indices

Bank of Baroda is listed on 12 stock exchanges and is part of 26 indices. The details of the listing information and indices are as follows:

Bank of Baroda Listing Information
Incorporation Date 2 February 1911
BSE Code 532134
Face Value 2.0
BSE Group A
Public Issue Date 5 December 1996
Market Lot of Equity Shares 1

Part of Indices

Bank of Baroda is a part of 26 indices in total. The names of the same are listed in the table below:

MCX-SX Bank Index NIFTY 100
NIFTY100 Equal Weight NIFTY 200
S&P BSE 150 MidCap Index NIFTY 500 Multicap 50:25:25 Index
S&P BSE 200 NIFTY High Beta 50
S&P BSE 250 LargeMidCap Index NIFTY LargeMidcap 250
S&P BSE 400 MidSmallCap Index NIFTY Next 50
S&P BSE AllCap S&P BSE Dollex – 200
S&P BSE Bankex S&P BSE Enhanced Value
S&P BSE Bharat 22 Index S&P BSE Finance
S&P BSE Dollex – 100 S&P BSE LargeCap

Bank of Baroda Listing on Stock Exchanges

As aforementioned, Bank of Baroda is listed on 12 stock exchanges. Some exchanges have been closed out of these, while others operate actively. 

  • Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Ltd.
  • Bombay Stock Exchange
  • National Stock Exchange of India Limited
  • Cochin Stock Exchange Ltd.
  • Delhi Stock Exchange Assoc. Ltd.
  • MCX Stock Exchange
  • Over The Counter Exchange Of India Ltd.
  • Uttar Pradesh Exchange Assoc Ltd.
  • Hyderabad Stock Exchange Ltd
  • Jaipur Stock Exchange Ltd
  • Ludhiana Stock Exchange Assoc. Ltd.
  • Madras Stock Exchange Ltd.

Should You Invest in the Bank of Baroda?

The stock price of Bank of Baroda hasn’t still hit the highest as it was in 2018. Undeniably, the pandemic affected the stock so badly that it struggled to retain its all-time hit. 

However, if we ponder the company’s recent net profit, i.e. for the third quarter, the stock has offered over a two-fold net profit of ₹ 2,917 Crores. Additionally, a key profitability measure, net interest margin, was recorded at 3.13% for the December quarter against 2.77% over the same period last year.

Net Interest Income (NII) increased 14.4% to ₹ 8,552 Crores. NII is the difference between interest earned and interest expended. 

If you seek a long-term investment of about ten years, you can opt to buy Bank of Baroda’s shares. However, if you want to invest for a short period of time, that would be a big NO. 

Still, we suggest you research the stock thoroughly and know about its management, core members, and prospects before jumping to any conclusion.

FAQ’s about Bank of Baroda Share Price

Q1. Is Bank of Baroda a good share to buy?

If you plan for a long term investment in BOB, buying its share may prove good.

Q2.What is the market capitalisation of the Bank of Baroda?

The market capitalisation of the Bank of Baroda is ₹ 59,987.80 Crores.

Q3. When will the Bank of Baroda's share price increase?

The share price of BOB started to increase on 1st April 2022, i.e., today, and it’s counted as a positive sentiment because the entire day, the share price was bullish. Hopefully, it will increase in the upcoming days.

Q4. What is the 52-week high of Bank of Baroda?

The 52-week high of Bank of Baroda at NSE is ₹ 118.80, and at BSE, it is ₹ 118.85.

Q5. What is the 52-week low of Bank of Baroda?

At NSE, the 52-week low of the Bank of Baroda is ₹ 61.75, while at the BSE, it is ₹ 61.80. 

Q6. Who are the competitors of Bank of Baroda in the Bank sector?

Within the bank sector, Bank of Baroda is usually compared with its peers, namely, Canara Bank, IDBI Bank Ltd., Punjab National Bank, Bank of India, Central Bank of India, Indian Bank, Union of India, Indian Overseas Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, and UCO Bank, by investors for analysis.

Q7. How to buy shares of Bank of Baroda?

The shares of Bank of Baroda could be easily bought by creating a Demat Account on any of the stockbroking platforms such as Upstox, Zerodha, Groww, Kotak Securities, and more.

Q8. Does Bank of Baroda offer dividends to its shareholders?

Yes, Bank of Baroda holds a good dividend track record and has invariably declared dividends for five years.

Q9. What is the Bank of Baroda's target price in 2022?

Emkay Global has a buy call on Bank of Baroda with a target price of Rs 145.

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