JSW Share Price: Stock Analysis, History, and Forecast


The constantly fluctuating stock market is one of the major reasons why people are afraid to set foot in investing. The key, however, is to choose the right stocks and know your risk tolerance. A stock that has been getting a lot of attention lately is the JSW Steel share price. The prices are literally soaring in this month, i.e., April 2022.

If you’re curious about what led to this increase, this blog is for you. We’ve covered everything from the JSW share price history and financial performance to its stock returns and listings. Let’s dive into the details.

JSW Steel Share Price BSE and NSE

The JSW Steel share price today, i.e., on 14th April 2022 opened at ₹760 on NSE and ₹756.20 on the BSE stock exchange.

The table below reveals additional details on JSW Steel’s share prices for 14th April 2022.

Share Prices NSE BSE
Open ₹760 ₹756.20
Previous Close ₹755.90 ₹755.75
High ₹781.10 ₹781.25
Low ₹760.00 ₹756.20
52 Week High ₹781.10 ₹781.25
52 Week Low ₹363.20 ₹781.25

JSW Steel Share Price History: Data and Current Situation

The share price of JSW Steel has remained consistent between the range of ₹660 and ₹770 in the past month. Take a look at the table below to get a clear idea about the stock performance.

13th April, 2022 ₹760.00 ₹781.10 ₹760.00 ₹766.35
12th April, 2022 ₹769.40 ₹773.75 ₹738.15 ₹755.90
11th April, 2022 ₹756.00 ₹775.00 ₹756.00 ₹767.40
8th April, 2022 ₹734.45 ₹762.05 ₹731.20 ₹756.60
7th April, 2022 ₹735.00 ₹742.75 ₹725.75 ₹728.05
6th April, 2022 ₹730.50 ₹746.50 ₹729.80 ₹737.40
5th April, 2022 ₹737.90 ₹746.00 ₹730.15 ₹733.45
4th April, 2022 ₹732.50 ₹738.00 ₹726.80 ₹732.70
1st April, 2022 ₹735.00 ₹749.95 ₹728.50 ₹732.20
31st March, 2022 ₹724.00 ₹737.50 ₹720.55 ₹732.65
30th March, 2022 ₹750.00 ₹750.70 ₹714.95 ₹717.55
29th March, 2022 ₹731.50 ₹764.75 ₹726.65 ₹753.90
28th March, 2022 ₹722.00 ₹731.45 ₹718.15 ₹730.10
25th March, 2022 ₹718.00 ₹726.50 ₹710.25 ₹721.35
24th March, 2022 ₹704.50 ₹719.50 ₹704.20 ₹715.10
23rd March, 2022 ₹702.90 ₹710.00 ₹692.25 ₹704.40
22nd March, 2022 ₹678.85 ₹699.90 ₹677.45 ₹696.50
21st March, 2022 ₹689.70 ₹699.00 ₹679.00 ₹681.30
17th March, 2022 ₹662.00 ₹692.95 ₹660.35 ₹685.10
16th March, 2022 ₹648.65 ₹662.75 ₹647.50 ₹655.25
15th March, 2022 ₹659.00 ₹660.80 ₹635.00 ₹641.15
14th March, 2022 ₹667.00 ₹673.00 ₹658.60 ₹664.85

The graph below depicts that the JSW Steel Limited share price dropped badly towards the end of February 2022. It is, however, soaring like never before since the onset of April.

jsw share price

Source: MoneyControl

JSW Steel Company Information

JSW Steel is a flagship company of the JSW Group. It is one of the most well-known integrated steel manufacturers in India with an 18 MTPA capacity. Popular for its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and high quality, the JSW Group is a rapidly growing company with a presence in over 100 nations.

JSW provides a spectacular range of steel products, including Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled, TMT Rebars, Special Steel, Wire Rods, Pre-painted Galvanised and Galvalume. The company is consistently working towards enhancing its capabilities to fit the changing needs of the global market

They intend to stay a step ahead of their competitors in all the fields, especially technical advancement. Keeping this in mind, they have even collaborated with JFE Steel Corporation in Japan for manufacturing advanced high strength steel products for the automotive industry.

Furthermore, the company has struck up a joint venture with Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. in Tokyo, for setting up advanced steel processing centres. To further strengthen its international network, JSW Steel has also acquired a steel mill in Texas, USA for Pipe and Plate making. In the next 10 years, JSW Steel plans to produce 40 million tons of steel yearly.

History of JSW Steel

Jindal Vijaynagar Steel (JSVL) was established in 1994. The company set up its plant in Toranagallu, Karnataka, spread across 10,000 acres. It also set up a plant in Salem with an annual production capacity of 1 million tonnes.

For procuring slabs, the company signed an agreement with SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) in 1999. The same year, JSW Steel also acquired a 60% stake in Chemicon, a city-based joint venture agency.

JSVL became India’s 1st steel company in 2000 to implement an overall integrated resource planning solution. The company also signed an MoU (memorandum of understanding) with the Thyssen promoted-Indo German International Pvt. Ltd. to securitise HR (Hot-Rolled) coil steel.

Amidst varied developments and achievements, JSW Steel Limited entered into a joint venture with JFE Steel Corporation in 2009. After this, the company planned for big investments in Indian projects and went on to become the biggest steel maker in India. As years passed by, JSW Steel acquired a steel mill in the US and a service centre in the UK. This helped it establish a solid presence in the world value-added steel sector.

The company entered a joint venture to set up a steel plant in Georgia further acquiring iron ore mines in Chile and coal mines in USA and Mozambique.

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Management of JSW Steel

A company’s management team is responsible for energising, directing and controlling organisational activities. They work towards improving productivity ultimately contributing to business growth and financial benefits. JSW Steel also has a solid management team comprising talented members in each department. Here’s a list of all the key members.

Name Designation
Savitri Devi Jindal Chairperson Emeritus
M V S Seshagiri Rao Jt. Managing Director and Group CFO
Jayant Acharya Director – Commercial and Marketing
Punita Kumar Sinha Ind. Non-Executive Director
Harsh Charandas Mariwala Ind. Non-Executive Director
Malay Mukherjee Ind. Non-Executive Director
V Ram Prasath Manohar Nominee Director
Sajjan Jindal Chairman and Managing Director
Vinod Nowal Deputy Managing Director
Seturaman Mahalingam Ind. Non-Executive Director
Haigreve Khaitan Ind. Non-Executive Director
Nirupama Rao Ind. Non-Executive Director
Hiroyuki Ogawa Nominee Director

JSW Steel Company Performance

The table below exhibits JSW Steel’s company performance from 2017 to 2021. Compared to previous years, the company witnessed significant growth in terms of revenue, profit and earnings per share.

ANNUAL (in crores) FY 2021 FY 2020 FY 2019 FY 2018 FY 2017
Total Revenue (₹) 80,431.00 73,872.00 84,961.00 70,392.00 55,756.00
Total Revenue Growth (%) 8.88 -13.05 20.70 26.25 33.62
Total Expenses (₹) 68,334.00 69,964.00 73,763.00 62,519.00 50,628.00
Total Expenses Growth (%) -2.33 -5.15 17.98 23.49 20.35
Profit after Tax (PAT) (₹) 7,911.00 4,030.00 7,639.00 6,214.00 3,523.00
PAT Growth (%) 96.30 -47.24 22.93 76.38
Operating Profit Margin (%) 20.10 11.14 17.83 16.48 15.99
Net Profit Margin (%) 9.90 5.49 9.01 8.84 6.33
Basic EPS (₹) 32.91 16.78 31.77 25.85 14.66

JSW Steel Stock Returns in 2020 and 2021

As of 14th April 2022, JSW Steel stock returns performance is as follows:

  • 1 Week: JSW Steel stock price moved up by 3.93%
  • 1 Month: JSW Steel stock price moved up by 14.42%
  • 3 Months: JSW Steel stock price moved up by 11.41%
  • 1 Year: JSW Steel stock price moved up by 21.58%
  • 3 Years: JSW Steel stock price moved up by 167.16%
  • 5 Years: JSW Steel stock price moved up by 301.67%

JSW Steel Company Location

A leading integrated steel company in India, JSW Steel has 14 locations in the country. They also have a powerful global presence in Europe and the USA. The headquarters of the company is located in Mumbai, India.

Corporate Office

JSW Centre

Bandra Kurla Complex

Near MMRDA Grounds, Bandra East

Mumbai 400 051

Phone Number: 91 22 4286 1000

Website: https://www[dot]jsw[dot]in

Should You Invest in JSW Steel?

JSW Steel is currently ahead in terms of high operating profit margin compared to its number one competitor, Tata Steel. This indicates JSW Steel’s operating efficiency. Compared to Tata Steel, JSW Steel is also ahead in terms of net profit margin. It is thus safe to say that JSW Steel is a better stock if you are looking for longer-term returns. However, deciding when to invest is something you will have to research on your own.

Timing can make or break your investment plan. To ensure you’re not making any mistakes, get in touch with an expert. You can also reach out to your friends or acquaintances who have been investing in stocks for a long time and seek their advice. Once you decide to invest, don’t forget to keep an eye on JSW Steel’s latest news, revenue trends, net income growth and other such factors. All of this will help you determine whether or not the stock is worth holding for the long term.

FQA’s about JSW Steel Share Price

Q1. Is JSW Steel a good buy today?

Yes, JSW Steel is a good company to invest in, especially, if you are looking for long-term gains.

Q2. What is the future of JSW Steel shares?

Going by expert forecasts, the future of JSW Steel shares looks bright. As per a recent forecast, a long-term increase in the share price is expected.

Q3. Which is better, JSW Steel or Tata Steel?

As of last month, JSW Steel is leading in terms of high operating profit margin and net profit margin. This indicates that JSW Steel is a better choice to invest in.

Q4. Should I sell my JSW Steel share?

Whether or not you sell your JSW Steel share depends on the current market scenario and your future investment plans. Conduct a thorough analysis of the share before deciding to sell it.

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